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[KMers] Training Community Managers and Facilitators

In the recent past I have actually been blogging a couple of times already about a special TweetChat event that takes place every Tuesday at noon EDT, called #KMers, where a bunch of Knowledge Managers, and other folks who may be potentially interested in knowledge sharing, collaboration and learning, amongst[…]

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How IBM Uses Social Media to Spur Employee Innovation

I have mentioned already a couple of times how my first contact with social software tools inside IBM, my current employer, was around the year 2000, when one of the communities I still belong to (And still one of my favourite ones, too!) decided to put together a wiki where[…]

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Validating Social Computing by Living an Historic Moment at IBM

If yesterday’s blog post was probably one of *the* most important articles I have written in my 12th year old Internet life anywhere (Although the initial outcome doesn’t seem to be that positive, at least, initially), here I am today again putting together another entry where I will share another[…]

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Sweettt – We’re Going Enterprise 2.0

If yesterday I referenced a podcasting episode I participated in with the Dogear-Nation folks, Michael Rowe & Michael Martine, you would remember how I mentioned as well I had another little surprise for you folks that I would be talking about today. And here I am, with that same spirit[…]

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