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APQC – The Conference on Knowledge Management and Innovation – May 2007 – Houston, TX, US

Tags: APQC, Knowledge Management, KM, KM Events, Innovation, Dave Snowden, Jimmy Wales, Carla O’Dell, Alice Dunlap-Kraft, Mary Ellen Sullivan, KM Training, KM Learning, Communities, ThinkPlace, Social Computing, Social Software, Social Networking, Wikis, Weblogs, Social Bookmarking, Podcasting, Tagging, Syndication, Collaboration, Knowledge Sharing First day back after the long Easter break and[…]

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10 Reasons Why Twitter Will Help Improve Your Already Existing Social Networks

Tags: Twitter, Social Computing, Social Networking, Social Software, Social Networks, Knowledge Management, KM, Knowledge Sharing, Collaboration, Remote Collaboration, Communities, SMS, Google Talk, Twitteroo, Twitterific, RSS, Syndication, Micro-blogging, Metablogging, Q&A, Web Presence, Serendipity, Knowledge Discovery, Informal Learning, Social Capital, Anecdotes, Clippings, Sticky Notes, Quick Links, Twittering Incredibly massive the impact that[…]

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Snap Preview Anywhere – Now Available in elsua

Tags: Snap, Snap Preview Anywhere, Metablogging, Widgets, WordPress, WordPress.com, Thumbnails Yesterday I mentioned how over the course of the next few days I am actually going to introduce a number of different changes here in elsua in order to try to help improve the user experience not only for myself[…]

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Shortcuts Podcast – How to Use Social Bookmarks

Some time ago you would remember how I created a weblog post announcing the new and incredibly useful podcasting initiative from IBM, available externally, called Shortcuts, where over the course of a couple of minutes you actually get to find out some really good hints and tips about different aspects[…]

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