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Walking Like a Minister – Innovation at IBM

Over the last three months a few folks have been contacting me, through various different methods, including e-mail, of course, to ask whether I am getting into any kind of trouble with my management line for the blunt move I have made on moving away from work related e-mail and[…]

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Trip to Hamburg to Present at Next08 – May 15th

If someone would have told me, some time last year, that things were going to be this busy at this time of the year, I would have told them they would be crazy! Alas, it is me the one who is going crazy! Wonderfully crazy, if I may say so![…]

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Leading with Insight by Matthew Milan, Critical Mass

I certainly realise about yesterday’s lengthy blog post on last week’s progress report on my fighting work related e-mail, and since I am trying to cut them short, much shorter, actually, I really am trying, believe me, but it is proving to be quite a challenge (As you may have[…]

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Social Networking – The Twitterverse Debates

TwitDir says that it is currently tracking 951,235 Twitter users. Yes, I know that for many other Web 2.0 applications available out there this sounds like peanuts, zero, nothing, zip, nada! However, if you come to think about it, having nearly one million end-users is way many more than what[…]

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