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Frappr – Mapping Your Web Community Space

Ok, folks, here we go with another social networking application that may become very helpful for communities, specially for those who are disperse throughout different time zones, countries, regions, etc. A number of different webloggers have already commented about it (Downloadsquad, Lifehacker, Full Circle Online Interaction Blog, Micro Persuasion, even[…]

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Social Networks – Knowledge Management Done Right

A few days back you would remember how I was providing in a few lines some more information about what IBM is doing in the areas of Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communities. And while that particular weblog post would provide you with some good details, I thought I would also point[…]

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Tagalag – Tagging Taken to the Extreme

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) For those people familiar with tagging and folksonomy, from where del.icio.us may be the most representative example, what I am about to post may no come as a surprise but for those folks who may not be familiar with those terms or who may not[…]

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New Search Engines Help Users Find Weblogs

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) Over at Micro Persuasion Steve Rubel talks about how as of late there have been a number of different new search engines that are starting to focus more on searching contents in weblogs than everything else. And he references a particular news article by the[…]

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Narrative Techniques for Leaders – October 7 2005 – UK

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) This is the first weblog post from a new category I created just a few minutes ago and which will try to capture something that I have always found very interesting at the same time that enlightening. And that is the attendance to different conference[…]

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