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Frappr – Mapping Your Web Community Space

Ok, folks, here we go with another social networking application that may become very helpful for communities, specially for those who are disperse throughout different time zones, countries, regions, etc. A number of different webloggers have already commented about it (Downloadsquad, Lifehacker, Full Circle Online Interaction Blog, Micro Persuasion, even[…]

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Killer Buzz Flocks to New Browser

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) I have meant to create a weblog post back when I was first exposed to a Wired news article, but I thought I would delay it a little bit hoping that it would be in perfect timing with the release of a new web browser.[…]

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The Role of Instant Messaging in Communities

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) While I was writing the previous weblog post on Wanting to Manage Tacit Knowledge? I popped over to Shawn’s weblog to check out if the links would still be active or not and right there I bumped into the following weblog entry: The role of[…]

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Meetro – It Really Breaks The Ice

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) In another weblog post, Scabadone pointed me out to a similar offering to Plazes that would be worth while checking and back then I mentioned that I would be giving it a try and then see how it would go. Well, I have now been[…]

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