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Fringe Contacts – People-Tagging for the Enteprise

Last Friday you would remember how I created a weblog post around the Collaborative Web Tagging Workshop taking place this week in Edinburgh. Right then I mentioned that I would be sharing some of my thoughts on some of the different sessions that will be taking place and which I[…]

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More Tagging Articles – Enterprise Tagging

A few days ago Bill Ives was actually asking folks to chime into his weblog post on More Tagging Articles and share some additional articles or whatever resources that people may have found interesting and worth while mentioning around the world of tagging and, specially, enterprise tagging for an upcoming[…]

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Tagalag – Tagging Taken to the Extreme

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) For those people familiar with tagging and folksonomy, from where del.icio.us may be the most representative example, what I am about to post may no come as a surprise but for those folks who may not be familiar with those terms or who may not[…]

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Hybrid Worlds

Over the course of the last six years, since I went independent, I have had the opportunity (and still do!) of unlearning a few things in the space of knowledge sharing and collaboration tools. One of the most significant and impactful ones has been acknowledging the fact what once used to[…]

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