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Goodbye Qumana, Hello Windows Live Writer?!?

James Governor, a.k.a. monkchips, mentioned to me, not long ago, how I should have another look into Windows Live Writer as another powerful offline client, next to Qumana, which is my current default, for the time being. At the time I was not really very sure about it, so I[…]

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Qumana – Still My Default Offline Weblogging Tool

I am sure that by now most of you out there who are in the know of popular offline weblogging tools would probably know that there is a new beta release, v. b5, of Qumana ready for download. In case you haven’t seen it just yet, Jon Husband also created[…]

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New Qumana Beta Release – It Surely Is Easier then Ever

Folks who may have been reading from  elsua for some time now would probably remember how fond I have been all along about one of my favourite offline weblogging tools available out there: Qumana. I have weblogged a few times already about it under the name of QumanaXP, specially since[…]

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QumanaXP – My New Default Weblogging Tool

You would remember how in the past I have been weblogging a number of different times about what my experience with QumanaXP has been all along ever since it went into a public beta. Initially there were some issues that were addressed and fixed in the second beta release, but[…]

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QumanaXP – Fixing Up Some Issues but Not There Just Yet

If you would remember, in the past I have been weblogging a couple of times about the beta release from Qumana that would allow you to post content in multiple weblogs in a seamless and very user friendly manner. Indeed, QumanaXP has done some really great work so far by[…]

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