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All New Plazes, Still Beta

As I am starting to get ready (Leaving tomorrow morning) for the US trip to attend IBM’s Collaboration Best Practices, to be held in Somers, I just noticed over at Andy Piper’s weblog that there is a new version of Plazes, although the Plazer seems to be the same still[…]

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Trip to Hamburg to Present at Next08 – May 15th

If someone would have told me, some time last year, that things were going to be this busy at this time of the year, I would have told them they would be crazy! Alas, it is me the one who is going crazy! Wonderfully crazy, if I may say so![…]

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elsua’s New Look

I am finally back home, folks, after a fantastic week in Cincinnati that I would be fully detailing in an upcoming weblog post shortly, thus expect weblogging to resume as usual over the next couple of days, after the usual catchup I would need to go through now. Yes, I[…]

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How Knowledge Workers Would Like to Work

Last week Steven Tedjamulia created a weblog post that I feel should be a good reference to every single knowledge worker out there. Indeed, in How Knowledge Workers Would Like to Work Steven just mentions some of the details and key findings from a set of recent interviews he has[…]

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