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Time to Revisit Meetro Again! – Top 5 Features I Enjoy

As I have mentioned earlier on, here you have got the second weblog post around the subject of Meetro, a relatively new beta in the Instant Messaging space and which I mentioned I would be weblogging about it to indicate what are my Top 5 favourite features from this client.[…]

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Time to Revisit Meetro Again!

Back in October, and in quite a few posts, I weblogged about the huge potential that a recently started company around the world of Instant Messaging would be having as soon as it would get busy moving away from just being a fun tool to try out and progress into[…]

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Meetro – It Really Breaks The Ice

(Migrated weblog post from LSR) In another weblog post, Scabadone pointed me out to a similar offering to Plazes that would be worth while checking and back then I mentioned that I would be giving it a try and then see how it would go. Well, I have now been[…]

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How Knowledge Workers Would Like to Work

Last week Steven Tedjamulia created a weblog post that I feel should be a good reference to every single knowledge worker out there. Indeed, in How Knowledge Workers Would Like to Work Steven just mentions some of the details and key findings from a set of recent interviews he has[…]

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