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Launching the New actKM Web Site

Over at Anecdote Mark (Hi Sean!) has been sharing a worrying and troublesome post dealing with how some Knowledge Management Yahoo Groups have been disappearing lately and for no good reason. And how one of them, one of my favourites dealing with the world of KM and from which I[…]

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Communities of Practice and Their Business Value

Over the last couple of days I have been exchanging a number of different e-mails with one of the folks over at actKM that I have been following for quite some time now, and who is currently running KM Institute: Douglas Weidner. He just recently ventured into creating his own[…]

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Social Network Analysis (SNA) Resources

In the past I have been talking several times about one of my favourite topics related to Knowledge Management and social networks and that is the one about Social Network Analysis. As fascinating and enlightening as it is, lots of people seem to confuse it with Social Networking so after[…]

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The Essence of Knowledge Management

I am not sure if you folks would be subscribed to the mailing list from the superb Knowledge Management community over at actKM but just in case you may not be I strongly suggest you sign up and join that community because for the last few months there have been[…]

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