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Some Things Were Never Meant to Happen

Remember the amazing story that Michael Arrington, from TechCrunch and Crunchnotes, shared over at his weblog about his recent adventure while travelling and staying in Spain? Remember his incredible experience about the ordeal he had to go through ? Interesting one, right? Well, folks, I got one of my own but this time the other way around: me, living in Spain, travelling to the U.S.A. Hummm, travelling actually may be an understatement, because here I am, at home, writing this weblog post feeling quite disappointed that I didn’t make it in the end to the States to present at the IBM Collaboration Best Practices conference, just because something, somewhere, went wrong, awfully wrong ! But too disappointed, and perhaps too upset, right now to tell you all about it.

Thus whenever I feel I am ready to weblog about it all I shall certainly do so, for the time being I am going to enjoy the weekend. So to all folks out there who wanted to hook up with me while being there I can only say that I am so sorry that in the end I will not be able to make it this time around. Then the rest of the story you will get it afterwards; when things have quieted down a bit.


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Knowledge Is a Thing

Today is a sad day, folks. A very sad day. At least, to me. Over at Green Chameleon Patrick has just shared one particular weblog post that made me feel very sad and equally sorry. Appalling! In Knowledge Is a Thing he has embedded a YouTube video clip of how a teacher treats his students when they have got whatever questions / comments. That folks is NOT the way you treat your students. Not now, not ever! Students are supposed to be learning stuff. Lots of it. But never ever be exposed to such behaviour, specially coming from your own teacher!

Being a teacher myself, I can only feel very sorry for all of the good teachers out there because attitudes like that one are not helping us a great deal. We are in the 21st century and it is a real pity that there are still people out there who behave like this. I just run out of nice words for that particular individual so I am going to stop here and let you watch the video clip. See what you think about it yourselves. One thing for sure is that whoever is responsible for that teacher in whatever the school I hope they could take some good measures not to allow him to teach again. Not now! Not ever!

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