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How To Write A Successful Blog: Top Ten Tips

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

As I mentioned earlier on in another weblog post I have been weblogging already for some time now and throughout all this time I have been fascinated by the weblogging phenomenon. I have always believed that it is actually one of the most powerful ways to democratising the Internet and share information with other people who may have similar interests. At the same time I have always said that everybody should have their own weblog, regardless of whatever flavour they would like to give it.

Thing is that despite the millions of weblogs out there already, there may be still folks out there who may not know how to get started with weblogging. And this is the time when weblog posts like Robin Good‘s How To Write A Successful Blog: Top Ten Tips would become really handy.

As the title of the weblog post indicates there you have got listed a Top 10 Tips on how you can get started with weblogging. The list is not meant to be the one and only list of tips. Just basically a list with some good suggestions for those new to weblogs. However, the interesting part is that the list of tips has been put together by somebody, Sharon Housley, who hasn’t got a weblog by choice but that has researched this phenomenon for some time now, amongst others.

And for those folks who may not have a chance to go through the entire post here you have, as an excerpt, those tips put together. I would say they would be quite self explanatory on their own but if you would want to read some more about it check out the original post. So here it goes:

  • Stay on topic.
  • Be informative.
  • Old news is not news.
  • Adhere to a schedule.
  • Clarity and simplicity.
  • Keyword-rich.
  • Quantity matters.
  • Frequency.
  • Spell checking and proof-reading.
  • RSS.
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    Weblog Content Migration Is about to Get Started

    That is right, folks. The weblog contents migration from LSR into elsua is just about to get started. If you remember correctly, last week I mentioned how I was looking into the possibilities of getting all of the contents from my old weblog into the new one and how I talked about the fact that it may be a bit more difficult than what I thought it would be. Well, that is actually not going to be the case.

    Late last week I got contacted by the folks over at Blogsome and they have sent out to me a zipped file with the entire contents from LSR.. Yes, indeed, all of it ! (Thanks a lot for that, by the way !). Then right after that I decided to talk to the folks where I am hosting my weblog and shared with them the zipped file and they agree to have a look and see if they could grab all the content into elsua. And by the looks of it they have managed to do so because I just got an e-mail from one of the Admins telling me that they have managed to place all the different weblog posts as drafts so that I can review them and repost them or just delete them if I am not too keen on keeping them in the new weblog.

    That was actually something I asked them to do, to be able to leave all the weblog posts in draft mode so that I can redit the ones I want to keep and go further with that. So, for the next few days you will have to bear with me while I go through those updates as they will be showing up once again from the previous weblog into the new one. It shouldn’t take too long since I am not planning to keep everything. Thus we shall see how that goes.

    I will also include a reference indicating that is not an original post but part of the overall migrated content. Let’s get started then !

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    Research on Internal Corporate Weblogging

    One of my colleagues inside of IBM, Lindsay, has been busy the last few weeks conducting a research around the topic of Internal Corporate Weblogging, so that she can finish off her thesis for her master’s degree in Management Communications and in order to complete the study she just launched a web survey, hosted at the always fine service SurveyMonkey, where she is asking for input from other people whether they are having a weblog or not, and whether they are having an Intranet or an Internet weblog. In short, she needs input based on the topic of corporate weblogging and she has asked a whole bunch of us to actually spread the message around so that she can get as much input as possible.

    Thus here you have got the e-mail she has just sent out to us a little while ago:

    Hello and Happy Friday!  Before you head out to enjoy the weekend, I’d like to ask for your help.  As you may know, I am just about to complete my master’s degree in Management Communications with a thesis on the topic of corporate blogging as an internal communications tool.
    To supplement the research I’ve read so far, I’m conducting my own survey.  I’ve included a link to my online survey below.  At your earliest convenience, please complete the survey (which includes a brief description of my thesis and the definition of blogging – just in case you are new to the topic).  I would also like to ask you to forward this survey to as many people as you can.
    Please note, this survey is NOT restricted to only those whose employers offer internal blogging – so please share it with everyone you know – inside and outside of IBM.  The more I can learn about companies outside of our own, that are or are not blogging internally, the better!  Also – those who complete the survey will be entered into a drawing for a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com.
    Thank you, in advance, for your input and time — and have a great weekend!
    Link to Survey: 

    There you go. If you can spare 10 minutes of your time, it would be great if you could add some further input into the survey so that the more data there is the better and the much more accurate the study would be. I have been advised as well that the results would be available as well afterwards and as such it may be a good chance to show how important you think weblogging is, specially in the business world.

    If you take the time to fill in the survey thanks a lot for that, and if you do not have the time to participate just forward it to all those folks who you think would be willing to participate. As I said, the more, the better.

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    Updates to Weblog Template Are Now Completed

    As you may have been able to see already, I have just finished updating the template for elsua and by the looks of it I doubt I would be making some other major changes for the time being. There are a couple of different things I would want to add but they seem to be down at the moment, so we will have to wait on those and see what happens.

    However, everything else is working just fine. Thanks to the help from a good friend (And work colleague) of mine, Aneel, I have managed to include the final touches fixing the archives along with the Blogroll. Thus we are up and running, folks ! Everything should be working just fine, but if you find that there is a broken link or something that is giving you unexpected results just drop a comment or contact me offline and will look into it right away.

    I must say that I thought updating the template would be a little bit painful since I got started with an almost empty template, but over time I was finding out that except for a hack or two it was not too difficult overall. And I am glad that is the case, because from now on I can concentrate on sharing some further content in my weblog and get engaged on the conversations.

    Thus to everyone out there who has been reading off my weblog during the course of the last few days thanks a bunch for the patience and for sticking around ! Let’s now have some more fun !  


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    Work in Progress …

    Yes, indeed, folks. Still working on the template from elsua tailoring it a bit. And I think I have made some good progress as I feel I am almost done. There are a few tweaks here and there I would still need to complete and then I would be off to a good start.

    As you can see I have been adding a number of different items into both columns from elsua. I have added the calendar option; the Weatherpixie code to let you know a little bit of the weather we have got over here where I live;  I have added as well a counter with Miarroba; and, of course, a selection from my collection of photos over at Flickr.

    Then on the left column you will find a disclaimer for this weblog; a subscription into Feedburner to grab your feeds, amongst others; I have also added another option to subscribe to elsua via e-mail for those folks who may want to get notified via e-mail whenever there is new content at my weblog; I have also added my Technorati profile, my Plazes profile; a nice little offering called Buzztracker; my Skype profile; and, finally, the possibility to tag my e-mail address through Tagalag.

    Lots of items in my weblog template indeed, you are right. But there is a reason for it. Over the next few weeks you will actually see me weblogging about the different items I have got added in my weblog template as a way of sharing with you how each of these tools can be used in the context of Knowledge Management, Learning, Collaboration and Communities, in short, some of the major subjects from my weblog. Thus stay tuned for each of those weblog posts on each of these applications because they will show you how you can work with each of them and get the best out of all of them.

    For the rest I would think that would be it for the time being. I think I still have got a couple of things to add here and there but they will get added in their due time. The ride is about to get started, folks ! Hang on tight !

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    Weblog Migration Is a Painful Process or Is It Not?

    As I am continuing to work on elsua further, at the moment I am having a look at the template customisation where I will be adding a number of different features, thus stay tuned !, there was one single item that got me wondering what I would be doing with it now that the weblog is up and running and I am not longer posting content into LSR. Yes, indeed, that is the migration of the contents from one weblog to the other. Both weblogs are running WordPress and although I know I could probably get the data from one to the other I am not sure it would be an easy task.
    I think that this is due to the fact that LSR is hosted over at Blogsome and I am not sure I would be able to get all the contents from them in one single go. I know I may be able to use FTP to grab those contents if I would have access to it, but since that FTP access is not possible within Blogsome I think it is going to be a painful and slow process. So that is why I have decided to take a bit more of a radical approach and just move those weblog posts over here that I find still relevant and that I would want to keep.
    Then for all the others I will just leave them for the time being in my Blogsome weblog and if I ever would want to get them back I know where they are. One step at a time. Thus you will have to bear with me while all this migration and template tweaking takes place. I am going to make sure that there will be some updated content as well during the course of the day so that you can also check out and read some of the stuff of what is going on in elsua and which may not have been include in my other weblog.
    You may be actually wondering how I am planning to make that migration from one weblog to the other, right ? Well, I though about using Qumana for this same purpose. I am sure that you know already about this, right? The latest version of Qumana actually allows you to get former posts from your weblog and bring them back to edit mode and then with a single change of the weblogging platform I can re-post the weblog content but in my new weblog: elsua. So what I thought would probably have been a painful process it may not be so any longer. It may take some time as I am also planning to add some more information details on each of the weblog posts if applicable, but I hope to eventually get there over the next few days.
    However, if you know of a way about how to migrate easily content from Blogsome into a WordPress based weblog please do post a comment with the info or contact me offline. Let’s see how it all goes, folks. More to come later on.
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