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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 42

Just like I have mentioned last week for the first time, here I am once again sharing a brief weblog post highlighting some of the most popular posts I have created over at my other Internet weblog elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog last week. Pretty much like last time, you would be able to find a direct link to that particular weblog entry and a short description of what the article would be about, which is actually taken from the RSS feed itself or my two cents worth of comments if the feed is not readily available. It seems that a few people have been enjoying that exposure to some of the other ideas I have been pondering about over at my ITtoolbox space so here are the top five most popular weblog posts from last week. Hope you enjoy some further reading:

1. 5 Reasons Why RSS Feeds Are not Popular – Avoiding Comparing Pears with Apples: Here is a weblog post where I am sharing my two cents worth of comments on a recent article at Hiveminds that clearly indicates why RSS feeds are not very popular. And my reaction to that is, are they really ? Well, we may need to stop comparing pears with apples, if you ask me…
2. Ed Yourdon – Web 2.0 Mind-Map Updated !: Here is a weblog post that talks about the latest updates that have gone through into the superb piece of work that Ed Yourdon has done in the web 2.0 mind-map: a must-read PDF file that clearly shows what Web 2.0 is all about and, much more importantly, what is actually implication for the business world and how it is changing it for good. Highly recommended download, to say the least.
Coincidentally, and in between that weblog post and today, Ed has just been updating the Web 2.0 mind-map and it is now going up to version 025. Excellent stuff !
3. 5 Key Steps towards Adopting Web 2.0 within the Enterprise: It looks like this particular weblog post keeps coming up as a popular one and I guess it is all due to the fact that perhaps people out there would want to find out some more about how IBM is making use of social software within the enterprise to encourage knowledge sharing and collaboration.
4. Delivering Real Knowledge Management Value – Where Learning and Knowledge Get Together: Here is a weblog post that shows how Knowledge Management has always been having a very close relationship with Learning and how through Lessons Learned both disciplines may be closer to one another than whatever anticipated. And if you think Lessons Learned are not valuable resources for helping boost knowledge sharing and collaboration read on …
5. The Web 2.0 Toolbar – The Best of Web 2.0 Right in Your Browser: This is also another popular weblog post from last week. It seems like people interested in the subject of Web 2.0 are finding their way into it, although I just wished that it would be able to work with Flock, just as good as it is working with FireFox. It seems like the social bookmarking feature is broken. We shall see what happens but I certainly looking forward to the day where it would be compatible with my favourite web browser!

And that was it, folks, for this week. Next week, I will be back with some more of this week’s popular posts from elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog. In the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts on either of them rather over here or at the original weblog posts.

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A Weekly Glimpse of elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog – Week 41

You would remember how back in January this year I created a weblog post over here announcing my involvement with ITtoolbox by having a second weblog hosted over there talking about the same kind of topics that I get to talk about here in elsua.net. Mainly Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Communities and Social Networking. Thus elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog was born. I have been sharing daily updates in that weblog ever since and throughout all this time I have been finding out, through some weekly statistics I am receiving, that both audiences for both Internet weblogs seem to be rather different. So in an attempt to bring both audiences together I have decided from now on to share a weekly post over here with some of the different highlights from the previous week of my other Internet weblog in ITtoolbox. That basically means the Top 3 to Top 5 most frequently visited weblog posts of the previous week so that you, folks, get to see a little bit of what I have been talking on the other side.

Thus without any further delay, here you have got the top five links of the previous week with a brief description (Directly from the RSS feed) of the most frequently read weblog posts over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog:

1. Introducing Collaboration Technologies to the Enterprise Is a Challenge and How a Critical Mass of Early Adopters Can Help: The following weblog post touches base on some of the different issues that most large enterprises have been facing in the adoption of collaboration tools. Right after detailing some of those different issues I ventured into providing a potential solution to help with the further adoption of those tools and that is through the creation of a Technology Adoption Program with a bunch of early adopters that would help in the adoption of those tools in the first place. And I use IBM’s as an example of how it could work

2. Business Embraces Web 2.0 – Some More Examples: Here are some examples from a recent ITtoolbox news article published not long ago and that will actually show how more and more businesses are just chiming in and join the ongoing enterprise social software adoption that is allowing knowledge workers to be able to collaborate and share knowledge in a much more powerful environment than ever before. A news article worth while sharing with those who may still be a bit skeptic

3. Taming the Ping: Office Etiquette for Instant Messages: Here you have a weblog post where I have expanded further a bit on a very good news article dealing with Instant Messaging etiquette. Sometimes it is easier to follow a number of guidelines than having to face a number of issues. So here is my take on those tips shared over at MassHighTech’s news article: Taming the Ping: Office Etiquette for Instant Messages

4. The Web 2.0 Toolbar – The Best of Web 2.0 Right in Your Browser: There are times when you know that all of what is going on with Web 2.0 or the so-called social software is just too much for you to handle, right? Too many web sites to check, too many applications and offerings to test out, too many goodies out there that you just do not know where to start and at some point in time you may even give up on all of it. Yes, plain information overload. So what can you do about it ? Can you keep everything under control ? Perhaps …

5. 5 Key Steps towards Adopting Web 2.0 within the Enterprise: Find out some more about five different steps that would help you further in the adoption of social software within the Enterprise, whether you are already up and running or just getting started. Here is my take on such adoption and why your business should be busy with it.

And that would be it. Those have been the most popular weblog posts over at elsua – The Knowledge Management Blog from last week. Next week I shall be sharing some more. Notice as well that if you would want to check further on other different entries or follow up the commentary from the above links you can do so by subscribing to the RSS feed. Or, alternatively, you can head over to elsua.net and as part of the weblog template you would be able to see the last five weblog posts in chronological order so that you know what is going on in my head on a daily basis.

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Web Links and Thoughts To Revisit

Someone once said that weblogging was just all about sharing one’s thoughts in a timely manner on a web space to then be able to come back to them at a certain point in time and revisit them to see if they would still be worth while pursuing further or not. And during all this time that I have been reading weblogs I have seen this same thing with people sharing some of their own favourite links they may have been exposed to while using del.icio.us, Furl, Spurl, BlinkList, Simpy, populicio.us, Yoono or whatever other social bookmarking service, you name it, but I have never ventured to follow that same pattern of sharing links in either of my weblogs.

Well, now that we are getting started with the new year I thought I would jump in and start sharing a number of different links and a couple of thoughts here and there about each of them so that in its due time, and whenever I feel I would want to spend some more time on them, I would know exactly where to turn to to pick them up again and continue with the conversation(s).

So I have decided that from now on, I still have to figure out the frequency, I will be sharing here in elsua a number of different web links that I feel are worth while saving and coming back to in its due time. What you will be able to see during the course of the next few months is myself sharing both web links and links to weblog posts that I would consider relevant to myself and the purpose of this weblog and comment with a line or two why I would think it would be worth while revisiting those links at a later time.

I know that most people use their favourite web links from del.icio.us but since I have a tendency to use several of the above social bookmarking offerings I will just share the links with those additional thoughts. Then if things go all right and if I manage to find the time for some more extensive weblogging about them you will eventually see their own posts as part of this same weblog.

Thus stay tuned for some more because starting this week I shall be sharing the first round of links that have been in my mind for some time now. Some of them going back a few months as well ! So it would be interesting to see how they will turn out to be in the end. We shall see. I may think as well about creating a dynamic section as part of the weblog template but I think that this time around I will just kick things off with a new category: Links and Thoughts that would be easily accessible to everyone, including myself.

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