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elsua’s Second Anniversary

I cannot believe that another year has gone by just like that! Yes, that is right, folks. Today it is elsua.net‘s second anniversary!! A day like today in October 2005 elsua.net was going live on the Internet. After 2.5 years of blogging internally behind the firewall, I finally decided, back then, to dive into the Internet blogosphere and join the crowds. Now, two years later, it still feels as if it was yesterday! Yet a few things have changed and quite a bit!

668 blog posts (This one included) and 1.148 comments (A ratio of 2.2% if you would be interested) later, I guess things are going pretty all right. I am still enjoying the experience as if it was my very first week of blogging! I know that most of you are not into statistics and everything, but I thought I would share a couple of comments to compare some of those details with the first anniversary.

I am now up to 714 RSS / Atom readers. Yes, that is right! That’s you folks out there faithfully reading some of the stuff I have been blogging over here over the last couple of years. Thanks ever so much for sticking around all along! Also just yesterday I reached the 60.000 page hits (Currently 60.225), which, for a Knowledge Management blog, I guess it’s not too bad. As you all may well know, the primary reason why I get to blog in all of my blogs is not to get some massive readership dropping by once or twice and then moving on. I would rather prefer to have a smart readership that sticks around for a while. So thanks a lot as well for dropping by every now and then!

I know that there are plenty of highlights I could mention over here of some of the really cool things that have happened over the course of the last year (Most of which you have already witnessed all along), but perhaps the one that will stick with me for a long while is the fact that starting Nov 1st I will be going into my dream job and part of that huge career move is due to elsua.net. At least, that is what people keep telling me. So if you still think that social computing does not have any kind of impact within your own career and the business you work for, you may need to think again 😉

Because if it has worked out for me, there is no reason why it could as well work out for you! I am sure of that!

Here is to another 2 years of blogging! And hope you will be sticking around as well! I’ll see you all around!

(Oh, you may have noticed as well how, in the last few days, I have now tweaked the blog template and removed most of the different widgets that were slowing down the Web site itself and have moved most of those to my Facebook profile, but I will elaborate some more on this shortly, too!

Also according to Emezeta Rank, a new and rather interesting Spanish Web 2.0 offering, elsua.net could help me earn 850$/month. Isn’t that enticing or what? 😉 )

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Luciano Pavarotti R.I.P. – Thanks for All Those Precious Moments of Passion, Full Emotions and Infinite Talent!

Once more, you will have to excuse me for going off topic over here, but this time around I just couldn’t help it. I am sure that by now you may have heard, read or watched the sad news about Luciano Pavarotti leaving us for a better place at age 71 due to pancreatic cancer. Whether you care for opera or not, whether you have attended an opera live or not, whether you may have listened to any performance of such fine art, or not, Pavarotti was one of those very special characters that transcended his immense talent and reached out to everyone out there!

There are lots and lots of things that I could say about him, about how special he was, about how gifted his voice was, about how such a natural he would ever be in all of our hearts. However, I am not going to do that. I am just going to let you all go to YouTube, and start witnessing what is going on in there! Lots and lots of video clips with his various performances are going up sky rocket in the last few hours with thousands of people watching them through. Quite a remarkable tribute to someone who we all know was rather unique on his own.

As I said, you may be a very big fan of Opera (In which case I know that most of these words will just be obvious to you), or not. The thing is that Pavarotti has been one of those incredibly inspirational folks who can give you goose bumps any given time of the day by listening to him, and in most cases it will make you cry with tears of passion, full emotion and remarkable natural talent.

So here is a small and humble tribute to someone who has made me cried with tears of joy and content by witnessing some of his best performances ever. Now you tell me, after watching the links I have shared below, who cannot sit back, relax, and enjoy such a wonderful experience.

Luciano, wherever you may well be now, you shall never be forgotten. Ever. Thanks much for those little precious moments that certainly made us as human as we could be. We are all more than grateful to you for sharing your talent with us and for helping us partake from these emotions:

Nessun Dorma

Ave Maria



(Like I said, goose bumps, tears of full joy and intense feelings)

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In Search for the Crown of Europe

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You would remember how a couple of weeks back I mentioned that this coming Wednesday I was planning to take some vacation and head over to Barcelona, hoping to be able to meet up with a few folks who I have met in real life or on line in the past. Alas, I am afraid that I will have to wait for another opportunity, because over the course of last week a personal emergency has kicked in and shifted around all of the different plans and priorities. So much so, that earlier on this morning I cancelled the hotel reservations and had to postpone the holidays for a later time. Yes, I know. A bummer.

I cannot talk much about that particular personal emergency, other than mentioning that things are going all right, although with a slow recovery process (Don’t worry, it is not me), but I am hoping that once it is all over I may be able to share something over here on the kind of impact this experience has been having on all of us over here. Stay tuned for some more.

I am not sure when I would be able to make it to Barcelona again, but I am hoping that perhaps some time in October or thereabouts I would have the opportunity, so if you would still be around by that time I will let you know, just in case. For those folks who contacted me to get together, I have been twittering the main cause of it and know you would understand why I had to cancel it. I am hoping though we would be able to meet up at some other point in time and catch up. Thanks for sticking in and for all of your understanding 🙂

So, I am not going to go to Barcelona after all, and I surely was looking forward to it. What can I do in the mean time to console myself? Well, I may have just found it. I do know that this is completely off topic, like it was exactly a year ago, but I just couldn’t help mention, even if it is just briefly, how over the next few days I shall be enjoying one of my other passions in life: basketball (Or like a well known wise man would say — BA – LON – CES – TO!!!).

And all of it because of this particular event that got started today and, of course, because of these guys:

Pictures courtesy of Kaplan DF

Our warriors!

(Good luck to everyone and let’s play!!)

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Friendships in the Connected Age: High Quantity AND Higher Quality – It’s All about Trust!

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I am sure that by now a whole bunch of people out there in the blogosphere have been commenting around one fine weblog post put together by Steve Rubel under the title The Web Changes How We Define Friendship. I am not going to link to each and everyone of those different entries. Not to worry. However, I am certainly going to link to a few of the folks that I have been reading for a long while now, as they are all adding some really good insights that I think you would find interesting and worth while a read. So here they are: Stowe Boyd, Anne Truitt Zelenka, Matt Hodgson and Stephen Collins.

I know that after you have gone through all of that reading you may be wondering what my take is, right? Well, what can I say? Something that I have been saying all along and which I am hoping that social computing will give it much more importance that what it has been given thus far. For instance, in none of the links I shared above have I seen it mentioned. Not even in Steve’s original blog post. It is all about trust!

Yes, that is right. No matter whether we are talking about real life or virtual relationships, or friendships, the main key thing that will make them all work is nothing else but trust, and, as we all know, trust is not something that you build up overnight. It takes time, effort, commitment, lots of energy and dedication, and just a split second to destroy it all, specially in a virtually distributed world, where we are lacking that physical contact that allows us to build and enhance our trust skills on something so important as our body language.

So, to me, it is not much about the quantity nor the quality of those different relationships or friendships, but more how much trust you have been able to build up into those over a period of time. Trust is the glue that makes friendships work and, as a result of that, trust is the glue that makes a social network successful. Or not. And the key thing from this, in my opinion, is that it is down to the individual, that knowledge worker, to figure out how they would want to work out their way in their social networks, and help build those trust levels to the point where you can treasure those virtual connections just as much as they ones you have in real life.

If anyone out there is expecting that trust will work its magic on its own, you may want to think about it twice. It won’t. Trust is all about what you would want to do with those relationships in the long term, whether you would want to keep them healthy, nurture them, or work hard on them to make them meaningful to you. Or not. Only then would you be able to call some of those relationships, if not most of them, friendships. Just like in real life.

(Oh, and if you would want some more additional reading on how influential trust is for the successful virtual interactions you are exposed to on a daily basis, check out the superb weblog post that Anne put together just recently: Trust: The Secret Sauce for Virtual Teams. I just couldn’t have used better words for describe it and, like I said, bit surprised she didn’t make the connection between both blog posts. They would have been a perfect match!)

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What It Once Was … Presa de Soria (Soria’s Dam)

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Continuing further with the weekly series on What It Once Was here I am again at it. This week sharing with you folks some pictures from one place in Gran Canaria that I have always found very very special. Not just because it is the largest reservoir dam there is in the island of Gran Canaria, with a capacity of 40.288.625 cubic meter (m³) of water, but also because some of its surroundings are just spectacular. Truly spectacular!

It may take a while before the area would recover from the fires, but it would certainly be one place that I will keep coming back and see how little by little it would recover. It is going to be a slow process, I know, but precious gems like this one do leave a mark and always make you come back. Yes, indeed, I am talking about Presa de Soria or Soria’s Dam. One of those magical places that will show you nature at its best in a magnificent and breath-taking surrounding.

I have taken lots and lots of long walks over there over the course of time, and time and time again I keep having that strong feeling I need to come back again. Yes, I know, one of those special places. Thus here I go sharing some more pictures I took not long ago, and before the recent fires created havoc all around the area, so that you get a chance to admire such incredible place while it slowly comes back into shape.

It kind of makes you wonder what people were thinking about when provoking those fires. After seeing some of these pictures, and the whole lot more I have shared over at my Flickr account, I still cannot find the words. Seriously. Still can’t … And here is why:

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Gran Canaria Is Burning! … Again!

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And while we are still recovering from some of the fatal consequences from the recent fires developed in Gran Canaria, that wiped out in a matter of days thousands and thousands of years of nature doing what she knows best, here we go again. Canarias7, as usual, is doing a superb job in keeping us updated by reporting some news from earlier on this evening on a new fire that got started around 8.30pm local time in Ingenio, Gran Canaria, around the area of Pasadilla, close to Guayadeque (Guayadeque being one of the most emblematic and charismatic spaces from the entire island!) and which by the time I am writing this down it looks like the fire is under control and has not been progressing for several hours already.

However, it has not been extinguished just yet as the firefighters are still doing their magic in helping keep it under control. A couple of bloggers, Miguel, from Canarias Bruta, Reena and Esther, from Atarecos, have already been commenting on the situation, but it looks like not much more has been mentioned thus far. Something that could be taken as good news, in the sense that the fire may not be as serious as the one that took place a couple of weeks back.

The number of hectares potentially affected has not been mentioned just yet, as they are probably still evaluating the reach of the fire and ensuring it is extinguished as soon as possible, but you can already have a look into this thread of opinions from people all over the island sharing their thoughts about what is happening. Link is in Spanish, I know, but you would be able to see some of what is going on with 9 pages of commentary and growing!

I just hope that we may have learned something from our previous grievous experience(s) and, like it is mentioned in this particular editorial, we need to ensure everyone gets the message that it is the task of us all (Administrations, firefighters, special units, etc. and us, the common people) to take care of what was given to us without asking for anything in return. And the least we could all do is just that, take care of it to be able to pass it on generation after generation:

Ahora, solo cabe esperar que las administraciones tomen buena nota de la sabiduría popular para restablecer el orden ambiental y social en la isla, porque ellos, los campesinos y los habitantes de la reserva de la biosfera saben mejor que nadie cómo preparar la tierra para el futuro.

Like I said it back then, my dearest paradise is burning again and it hurts. It truly hurts…

(Picture courtesy from Canarias7)

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