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The Great Flickr Tools Collection

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Not long ago I shared a superb weblog post from Quick Online Tips about Absolutely Del.icio.us – Complete Tool Collection and I found it so interesting that I have been browsing around and subscribed to their feed already for a couple of days. They have got tons of great stuff that would be of general interest for most folks keen on learning some more about Technology stuff and so forth.

But there was one other particular weblog post that I found quite entertaining, since it is going to give me something to play with this weekend and it is this one: The Great Flickr Tools Collection. Indeed, a weblog post that covers all the different tools available for one of my favourite web offerings out there: Flickr. And wow ! Are there lots of tools and options out there or what ? If you check it out you will find some of the most popular Flickr tools already available like the ‘Send to Flickr’ Bookmarklet, the Flickr Organizr or the “Send To Flickr” Windows XP Explorer Wizard.

All of those and a whole bunch more are official tools from Flickr. However, the interesting part of the weblog post is the following section since it just lists a number of different tools created by Flickr users as opposed to the official tools. So that is where you will find Flidget (That I am currently using with Konfabulator), Geobloggers (I may weblog about it some time in the near future), a FireFox extension (Flickrfox), the Flickr badge plugin for WordPress (Although it is not currently used in Blogsome) and the list goes on and on and on.

I cannot wait for the weekend to get started, really. Having been a Flick fan all along I just cannot help thinking that this weekend I will be spending some time going through each of the different tools and see which ones I would want to keep and work further with them. Once I am done with that filtering of these tools I may be sharing how it all went and what my experience has been so far. So stay tuned for some more ! But for the time being go and check out The Great Flickr Tools Collection as I am sure there will be something for you out there.

Have a good one !

Oh, before I finish the weblog post… Did you get a chance to look into some of the pictures I have been sharing in my Flickr account this week? I hope you did because otherwise you may have been missing pictures like these three:

Of my favourite of the week:

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Absolutely Del.icio.us – Complete Tool Collection

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Anybody who has been showing a growing interest in social software, like groupware, social bookmarking or social networking tools, for instance, would probably already know by now about one of the most popular social bookmarking tools out there: del.icio.us.

Del.icio.us is one of those services that allows you to store your favourite bookmarks on the web so, regardless where you are or what computer you are using, you always have got quick access to your favourite links. And even more when you can also search and look for other people’s bookmarks. This social bookmarking tool has been around for quite some time and although my bookmarks are only starting to grow as we speak I still love the service for what it does: storing and sharing with others your favourite links.

What you may not know is that there seems to be out there a huge collection of Del.icio.us hacks that you could use to improve your own Del.icio.us experience. And over at Quick Online Tips they seem to have been doing an incredible piece of work. And if you do not believe me check out Absolutely Del.icio.us – Complete Tool Collection where you can find one of the most extensive listing of Del.icio.us hacks that you can find out there on the Web.

I am sure that there will be something in that weblog post for everyone. It would just be a matter of time and a little effort to just go through it and see which ones you would want to make use of. I am already in the process of choosing my favourites and although I am already using some of them that I have found elsewhere it is great to see what other interesting things you can get done with your own bookmarks. So go and have a look and see which one would be your favourite hack. I am sure there would be more than one but since we have got to start somewhere we might as well get going right away and dig in further. This promises to be some really good fun !

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Widget Gallery – Can It Get Better Than This?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

A couple of days ago I weblogged about the recent acquisition of Konfabulator by Yahoo! and right then I mentioned that I would be using it again since the only one issue I had with it was no longer there. The fact that it is now Freeware since the acquisition.

Well, I have been playing around with it for a couple of days now and I just loved it ! Its ease of use is almost unbeatable. Very easy to install and to work with, specially for newbies where there is this option as well where it would put together in your desktop some of the most popular widgets already so that you can see what they look like. And through a very intuitive set of instructions before you know it you are up and running with quite a few of them.

But you may be wondering where actually you could get more widgets to customise your desktop to your own liking, right? And the answer is the Konfabulator web site, of course, from where you can enter the Widget Gallery. If you go into the gallery itself you will notice that right now there are 646 widgets available. Yes, 646 ! And counting… So that will certainly get you going for a few days.

Yesterday evening I finished going through all of them and installed the ones I decided to go ahead and try out for some time. See how it goes And so far the ones which have made it are the ones showing in the attached screen shot:

So there you go. 16 widgets loaded at the moment. I know it may look like I do not have too many installed but then again I decided to start small and grow further. So I suspect that over the next few weeks I will be adding some more and enjoying the Konfabulator experience even more than what I am currently doing. So stay tuned for some future updates where I will be mentioning which new widgets I have installed and most importantly I will also be watching for all those other ones that may come out from now onwards and let you know which ones I think are worth while installing. In the mean time let me ask you, which one is your favourite widget of all time ? And why? Is there any other widget from the Gallery that you think would be worth while for me to explore further ?

I guess it is now time to enjoy a new desktop experience using some state of the art piece of software like Konfabulator with some incredible neat features that can certainly keep you glued to your desktop for hours to come ! So if you haven’t installed it yet, what are you waiting for ?

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Adding Persistent Searches to GMail

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

Not long ago I talked how one of the most power extensions for FireFox was actually taking the Internet by storm and bringing together a whole new experience for all those of us who would want to get so much more while surfing the web: GreaseMonkey.

Well, it looks like I am certainly going to enjoy this, because apart from that weblog post where I shared the link about an extensive list of scripts I just bumped, through another weblog post, into one of those scripts that I would certainly find useful and which has also been included in the original list: Adding Persistent Searches to GMail. Over at persistent.info there is an interesting tip weblog post that shows you how you can use a script that would allow you to perform persistent searches in GMail that you could reuse over and over again using GreaseMonkey.

I just tried it out and followed all the instructions and all I can say is that it works. And very well, actually. I am impressed with the ease of use and how nicely it integrates itself with the overall look of GMail itself and although I am currently using GM2ail and I am quite happy with it as there are times where I would be needing to go directly into GMail using something else than Opera’s M2 and it is great to see that there is this new script that will do the trick to save my searches when searching for e-mails, so that I can keep coming back and find them all again. Although you should not forget reading about the caveats of using such script, that is, the use of cookies. But overall pretty neat, indeed ! I shall get to use it some more as time goes along and my GMail capacity increases.

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GreaseMonkey User Scripts vs. Opera Javascripts

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

I am sure everybody would agree with the fact that one of the most powerful features from FireFox is the fact that you can customise it to your own liking using what they call FF extensions. And from all of the great extensions that are out there maybe one of the most powerful ones, more than anything else because it brings the power back to the end-user when surfing the web, is GreaseMonkey.

Everybody has heard about it and everybody has learnt to love this extension. Even more when you bumped into wikis like this one: GreaseMonkeyUserScripts – An Unnamed MoinMoin Wiki. There you will find a huge amount of different scripts ready for you to install them and start playing around with them. And believe me, I have been an Opera fan for quite some time, there are some really good ones out there ! But all of that depending on what your needs are.

So what is Opera doing in this respect? I mean, what is Opera doing with regards to give back that power to end-users to customise the web to their own liking and benefit from it without whatever the hassles, which is what Greasemonkey does for you very nicely? I guess the quick answer is Opera’s User Javascripts.

Lots of people may think that Opera users do not have many chances to come and improve their web browsing experience using such a high level of customisation and to all of them I would suggest to check out the following web sites where you will be able to find a whole bunch of information on User Javacripts and also how you can even customise Greasemonkey scripts you may like and adapt them to your favourite browser, Opera, that is. So here you go with them:

  • UserJS.org: A superb collection web site just getting started putting together some really good User Javascripts already. Highly recommended to get you started.
  • Opera Browser Wiki :: User Specified Javascript: A superb Wiki page by Nontroppo that provides some good guidance on how it actually works with some good examples as well.
  • User JavaScript for Opera 8: Maintained by Rijk, so don’t think I would need to say much more on that one.
  • And, finally, Virtuelvis: Probably one of the most helpful weblogs out there from where you can grab all sorts of info on User Javascripts and other related topics. An interesting read every time.

    So, you see, Opera users are not alone in this space where end-users are improving their web experiences. It is just a matter of getting organised and ready, and in this case Opera users have not let this opportunity slip over and miss it. So go and grab your favourite scripts while they are hot ! Improve your web surfing experience ! You will not be back any longer !

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    How-to: Backup Del.icio.us to Gmail

    (Migrated weblog post from LSR)

    If you are one of those people who have come to depend on social networking tools like del.icio.us then I am sure you are going to enjoy this particular tip: How-to: Backup Del.icio.us to Gmail. Indeed, following the instructions from that tip you will be able to back the entire contents from your del.icio.us account bookmarks in your GMail.

    It is just only six somewhat easy steps so if you think you would want to back up your bookmarks do not hesitate to go through and ensure they are all stored into your GMail account. Then, not only will they be backed up but you will also be able to use the extended searching capabilities of GMail to find those bookmarks you thought you may have lost in the way.

    A big thanks to Dan for putting this together and for sharing it at his weblog ! Way to go, Dan! Thanks much !

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