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@Janetter or How I Started to Enjoy Twitter Once Again


There used to be a time when I was very much in love with Twitter. It was my favourite social networking tool by far. It was quite an exhilarating experience being constantly exposed to some of the most amazing conversations and informal learning at its best. To me, it was *the* place to provoke plenty of facilitated serendipity to take place and keep in the know with all of that stuff one gets passionate about over the course of time. But then, after a short while, I started hating Twitter. Perhaps a bit too harsh of a word, maybe loathe could do.

Over the course of just a few weeks Twitter managed to destroy, in a very pernicious manner, not only the overall user experience, but the entire ecosystem as well that made it a success in the first place: Third party apps. And it totally hit me when I saw my all time favourite Twitter client (Nambu) disappear into thin air just because of that series of misbehaviours. Fast forward to the end of 2011 and I am back in love with Twitter again, not because of all of the various different new features and capabilities they have been putting together, but because I have finally found The Best Twitter Client On The Net: Janetter.

Yes, that’s right! It surely looks like Twitter continues to be keen on destroying not just the Third Part Apps ecosystem that made it incredibly popular in the first place, but also some of its own desktop clients like Twitter for Mac or TweetDeck, where the latest upgrades have deteriorated the user experience for both of them tremendously altogether! Or so I am told. The thing is though that ever since I started making use of Janetter my overall user experience has seen quite a profound transformation.

It was through my good friend Rachel Happe that I first heard (Of course, on Twitter!) about this very special Twitter client that works both in Windows and on the Mac. She liked the experience and right away I thought about giving it a try myself, after having been actively searching for a good substitute for Nambu throughout all of this time playing with a bunch of other Twitter clients whether on the Mac or on iOS devices. And right off, within the first few hours I knew that Janetter would be my new, much preferred, default Twitter client on the Mac. What a beautiful experience, indeed!

I realise most of you folks would notice how I hardly ever get to talk about (Productivity) Tools and such on this blog, since I have always thought that they usually come and go and it’s very hard to get attached to any of them over the course of time, because you never know when they will go ahead and disappear. But since a bunch of people have been asking me what I like so much about this particular Twitter client why not put together this blog post and share some of the most compelling reasons why I have been enjoying it since day one that I installed it. At the same time, there have been a few other folks who have tried it out themselves, after I mentioned on Twitter myself how much I enjoyed it, and they didn’t like it at all. They actually thought it was a horrendous experience, so perhaps this article would help me share across some of the main reasons why Janetter is, to me, as good as it gets with regards to Twitter clients on whatever the platform. Hopefully, with that input it would give you a pretty good idea on whether you may want to give it a try or not.

So here are some of the most compelling reasons why I heart Janetter as my all time favourite Twitter client, even way above than Nambu, from back in the day:

  • Cross-Platform: Indeed, no matter whether you may be using Windows, or Mac, it would work in both just beautifully! Time and time again I kept finding it a challenge recommending a Windows client that would not be TweetDeck, which is, I guess, what most folks tend to use at the moment. And now we have got a pretty good and rather impressive rival: Janetter. (Yes, I do realise there isn’t a version for Linux users at the moment, so those folks may need to continue using whatever tool they may have at the moment)
  • Scalability: You could probably say that I’m a power user of Twitter, and perhaps of several other social networking sites, too, and one of my favourite features from Janetter itself is how scalable it is! It’s amazing! I have been using it rather heavily over the course of a few weeks now, with large networks and rather complex searches, and not a single glitch to be observed with the overall performance of the application or the machine altogether, which is not the same I could say about a bunch of other Twitter clients or even other social networking sites’ Apps. That’s a winner for me, specially, if you are a heavy user of Twitter yourself. Worth while a try just for that!
  • Reliability: Another one of my favourite features from this Twitter App. Like I said, I use it daily rather heavily and, probably, in the most extreme of circumstances hacking different behaviours and I have yet to see, and experience!, the first crash on the Mac! And that’s been weeks of long and lasting use already! Like I said, not a single one!! Not sure what you would think about it, but that’s what reliability is all about in my books, don’t you think?
  • The Look & Feel: This may well just apply to Mac Fanboys, but one of the things you would very much like from this Twitter App is that it behaves and works in pretty much the same way than any other native Mac App, which is a lot to be said for an application that’s developed to work cross-platforms. The time dedicated to make it look and feel like a native Mac App is just priceless. It doesn’t give you the impression, at all!, that you may be using a Windows copy! No way! A big Yes!!
  • Customisation: This is an area that I know most folks would not care much about it, but I love it. Being capable of customising my own user experience of what I see and play with is just a tremendous bonus! The wide range of Skins with multiple colours, displays, fonts, etc. etc. and the extensive User Preferences to tame the experience to your own likes and dislikes, needs and requirements surely is quite a treat! And something that you hardly ever see on Twitter Apps at all these days.
  • Like TweetDeck: But … without the hassle. That’s pretty much how I basically describe Janetter when people ask me about it. It’s like TweetDeck but without all of those issues that keep crumbling the overall experience of Adobe AIR Apps (I had enough of the Kernel Panics, so I no longer use AIR on my MacBook Air and everything running smooth again!). Any kind of problem or issue you can find in TweetDeck it’s fixed in this Twitter App, for real! Seriously, if you are looking for a pretty impressive alternatively to TweetDeck on the Mac, or on Windows, take it for a spin and see how it would work out for you. I can probably guarantee you won’t be back ever since…
  • The Timeline: I guess at some point I should probably go ahead and put together a short screencast of how I use the Twitter Timeline to quickly scan through tweets and pause through those I would really want to digest and muse further about and when to speed up and move on. But if you try out Janetter youself you will see what that experience looks like to me at the moment. As easy as it can get and using something so relatively simple, yet so powerful as keyboard strokes to advance on reading tweets, as well as natural scrolling (Up or down or both!) without seeing the application come to a hault! No matter how fast you go! Just brilliant!

  • The Groups: This is probably the one single feature that most folks who use TweetDeck today, or any other Twitter client that allows you to gather twitterers by groups, would enjoy very much and by far! Creating groups in Janetter is just such a breeze! Groups as in Twitter Lists, obviously; if you have created them already, it’s just as simple as displaying them and they will stick around pulling a bunch of initial updates to let you know how things are going, and then move from there. You can mark them all as read, if you would wish to as well, and you can have a whole bunch of columns without a single glitch on the overall performance itself. Very powerful and strongly recommended for power users, for sure! 

  • The Mentions: If you have been following me on Twitter for a while, over at @elsua, you would probably know how Twitter Mentions is my most simple, and long standing, grieving of my overall Twitter use. I have been complaining about how poor the accuracy of the Mentions is overall and time and time again we have seen how Twitter itself seems to be not very keen on wanting to address the issues and fix them. Well, no longer needed. Janetter did just that for me, allowing me again to catch up properly with those Mentions by not missing any of them! Pretty consistent and rather reliable! Not sure how they do it, but it just works! And thanks much for that!!
  • The Searching Capabilities: Whether you are searching for specific terms, whatever those may well be, even with complex searches, or following a particular hashtag (Like I am about to do with #ls12 and #connect12 when I get back to work – More on that soon!) Janetter’s searching capabilities and real-time searches are just superb! Not matter how busy the Search timeline may well be, it will keep up with it and provide you with all you need. Just like that. No need to figure why this or that search doesn’t work, or why it doesn’t pull off updates. It just does it and beautifully! And in columns, too!! Which means that’s rather easy to keep up with them in a single view without having to go click, click, click.
  • Following Conversations in Context: For those of us who have always considered Twitter one of the hottest places out there in the social networking sites realm for holding conversations on a wide range of topics, this Twitter client would be incredibly helpful and very powerful, because as you engage in conversations with other twitterers you would have an opportunity to catch up with them without having to go elsewhere. They are right there, embedded as part of the tweet stream, and in a rather beautiful and elegant manner, which is certainly everything, but disruptive, and that is what it should all be about! No longer will you be missing out on conversations in context while you are tweeting away! Fantastic and very much needed altogether!
  • An ecosystem on its own: Where viewing and displaying Twitter related data from other Twitterers, like their profiles, their latest tweets, the following, etc. etc. or the pictures and videos they keep sharing along works like a charm; embedded right there within the same window and with an opportunity of, once again, not having to go anywhere else, which means you can keep tweeting along without having to worry as to which window you were at at that very moment. Love how it takes tweeting in context into a new level altogether!
  • Muting Options: Yes, I know, I know, plenty of times I have been enjoying some serious rounds of twitterrhea myself, specially, when I am live tweeting conference events, and time and time again folks keep wondering how to mute me for a (long) while. Well, Janetter offers that opportunity, right there, in the Application itself and with a good number of options. So if you ever need to mute any of your social networks it will do the job just beautifully, which means you can keep your focus where you would want it to be, instead of getting distracted unnecessarily. Priceless, don’t you think?
  • Support of Multiple Accounts: Ohhh, and if you have multiple Twitter accounts, this App would help you manage each of them rather elegantly as well. Now, I now longer need to worry about that one myself, but if I were, I would surely make use of it, instead of having to go for more costly options to try to achieve the very same thing. Very nicely done altogether!
  • Local Cache: This is perhaps my all time favourite feature from any of the Twitter clients I have used over the course of the years. From what I know it’s not even available for the vast majority of them, but, to me, it’s become an essential key feature I cannot longer live without. We all know that it’s almost impossible to keep up with the Twitter streams, so we eventually get to dive in every so often to see what’s happening. Well, Janetter takes that into a new level. It allows you to cache all of the tweets, so you can catch up with them, if you would want to!, at your own pace and rhythm. If you have got a special group of twitterers that you would always want to read all of their tweets this client would allow you to do that easily!

    I love it particularly when I’m travelling, or away from the computer for an extended period of time, and would come back wanting to learn what’s happened on my Twitter streams and there it goes… all of them (In the hundreds, or the thousands!) available with a single scroll! Yes, I know you are not supposed to read them all, but sometimes, whenever time allows you to, you do, and it’s just such a treat having an App that fully supports it that overtime it’s become the one single main reason why I couldn’t live now without Janetter to keep up with those folks I’m keen on following up with. 

    Really powerful altogether to give you, the end-user, the ability to decide how much you would want to dive into your tweet streams without going crazy, but having a good grasp of what’s happening. Can you imagine Twitter allowing you to do that natively on their Apps or the Web interface? No, indeed, not a single chance! Massive kudos to Janetter in this regard, for sure!!

And, finally, perhaps the one single key favourite feature of them all. After all of what I have mentioned above, all of the reasons, features, capabilities and huge potential it offers to us heavy twitterers, I still find it quite amazing that Janetter is made free, as in FREE!!, for all of us. No doubt, even if they would ask us for money I think it’d be the best money spent on any Twitter client out there by far, I would buy a copy of it in a split second and without thinking too much about it!, but the folks behind it have made it available to us all free of charge, which is just probably as good as it gets!

That’s about it, folks, here you have got in a single blog post the various many reasons why I’m now back in love with Twitter, not because of Twitter itself, or the technology behind it, but because thanks to the absolutely delightful user experience of Janetter I’m capable of doing something that in the last few months I kept struggling with time and time again: following, digesting, and learning plenty more in good context from the tweet streams of my favourite social networks, which, eventually, is the main reason of why Twitter exists for most of us and I am happy to see how this Twitter App is making that possible. At least, for me. Hope for you, too! If you have found this blog entry useful enough to take it for a spin, let me know in the comments what you think and whether it’s helping you transform the way you interact with Twitter, like it has done with me so far and big time …


Ohhh, and in case you may be wondering what would be my favourite iOS clients for both iPad and iPhone, for when I am on the road, away from my MacBook Air, that would be Osfoora HD for the iPad and the native Twitter for iPhone client. But, once again, they are not the same as the real thing, which is why I do seriously hope that some day we would be able to see Janetter entering the iOS world helping us redefine that mobile Twitter user experience once again! I very much look forward to that!

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Reflections from 2011 – The Year of Mobile, Again

Tenerife - Mount Teide in the WinterIt’s rather interesting to see the kinds of conversations that one gets to embark on in the offline social networking world while on a couple of week vacation break (By the way, hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas time, as well as a Happy, rather Prosperous and very Healthy New Year 2012!!). It’s even more interesting when some of those conversations have been going on around what we have done and learned in 2011 and right off it all turns into personal reflections for what’s happened throughout the year. Just like in the virtual world, I guess, like I am doing with this series of blog posts. So continuing further with that set, just the other day one of my offline good friends asked me what I thought was a rather interesting twist, which would be a good intro for this article as well. He asked me what was the biggest disappointment I experienced in the past year that I could have done without. My short answer: Technology. The long answer: here is why.

Technology is a wonderful thing, don’t get me wrong, there is no doubt about it. I am sure we all agree with that statement. It’s helping shape up and change radically all aspects of our society as well as the corporate world. It’s helping us understand how we can keep striving successfully for the ultimate goal for every knowledge worker out there: work smarter, not necessarily harder. It’s essentially helping change who we are and what we do. Yet, some times it’s utterly disappointing to see how far we are from what we all know we could have at this age in 2011.

This year we are about to finish has been an incredibly hectic and exciting year with plenty of amazing happenings and unforgettable events altogether. For me, it’s been one of the busiest and most fruitful, too! With plenty of business travelling and frenzy at work one learns to build a certain level of expectations that you would want to see met, so you can keep up being rather productive and effective, which is what matters at the end of the day. Specially, nowadays: effectiveness continues to beat efficiency any and every time. But it looks like we are another year onwards and we are not there just yet. Let’s see it with the most crippling example I can think of, based on my own first hand experiences …

If anything, 2011 has been the Year of Mobile. And, finally, if I may add that, too, myself! But has it really been that way? Well, in my experience, it hasn’t. Another year gone by and another big disappointment, because we keep suffering from the very same problem we have been having for the last 5 years, when we were first commenting on the huge opportunity for the mobile world to disrupt everything around us. We keep seeing a good amount of tremendously powerful reports and insights on why every year we seem to be experiencing the year of mobile and yet, it just doesn’t happen. At least, in 2011 with yours truly.

Yes, I do have a smartphone (An iPhone 4S which I love to bits, too!); yes, I do have an iPad (My favourite tablet by far and for a great number of reasons that I have recently picked up, once again, on my Google Plus profile, but more on that shortly…); and yes, I do have a MacBook Air, which is as light as you probably could get nowadays with heavy computing tasks. Yes, in short, you could say that I’m a fully empowered mobile worker. I work from home most of my time; I travel quite a bit to conference events, summits, customer meetings, workshops, seminars, etc. etc. I work quite often at airports, at hotels and various other locations. Work is me, I’m work. I am a road warrior, too, I suppose, with a clear mission: work happens around me. It’s no longer a physical location, but more of a state of mind. So my expectations have become rather high when I want technology to work just like I want it to. Alas, it just doesn’t happen. It keeps failing time and time again, which is rather disappointing, to say the least, if not too frustrating altogether most of the time.

Over the course of the year, and as I keep living “A World Without Email“, I have had a growing and continued need to stay connected for as long as I possibly could. Living on the Social Web does that to you; you need to be constantly connected. Social networking tools do not understand the concept of working offline, apparently, or so it seems, so you expect that technology will come up to the rescue, yet, it keeps failing. Why?, you may be wondering, right?, since we are just about to finish another “Year of Mobile“? Well, hardware wise I would probably venture we are there and pretty nicely: with smartphones and tablets taking the enterprise by storm it’s no surprise how keen and very much willing knowledge workers are to even bring in their own devices at work. Yet, we keep failing to deliver at one key issue that most people keep ignoring time and time again and not even sure why: Connectivity. Or, better said, lack of reliable, scalable and sustainable connectivity. The telcos. The (mobile) carriers.

I am not sure about you, folks, but that has been *THE* major challenge for me for 2011. Trying to stay connected, while on the road, to keep being productive with the Social Web. Time and time again, while attending & presenting at conference events, for instance, access to the Social Web has been rather patchy, whether through free wi-fi hotspots, or even paying for the connection it hasn’t worked the way I would have wanted it to. In fact, while I’m writing this blog entry I am realising one of the various reasons why there have been long periods of silence on this blog, and various other social networking sites, was just, basically, because I was not connected to the Web or because it was just so slow that it was rather unbearable to try to get anything done. Ever tried connecting to the Web from your hotel room, whether on a free wi-fi or paying up to 22€ per day to just reach out to the Web? Yes, exactly!, that is what I mean! A complete waste of time, energy and effort just increasing the levels of frustration more and more by the day. I still find it quite amazing what a huge business opportunity there is out there and yet no-one seems to want to pick it up accordingly.

But you may be wondering, hang on for a minute. Both your iPhone 4S and iPad are 3G enabled; and you also have got a 3G modem you can use for the MacBook Air; doesn’t that help out a bit? Well, not really. Yes, I do have that extra kind of connectivity, but, once again, it hasn’t delivered really much. As a starting point, as soon as I leave Spain, which is when most of my business travelling kicks in, I’m out of 3G coverage, as well as good use of the 3G modem, since I don’t want to incur in the ridiculously high costs of international roaming, which, to a certain point, are starting to become a joke, on all of us, poor end-users (even on the literal sense, too!).

So that leaves me out to use the 3G and the 3G Modem while in Spain, right? Yes, but the results are equally disastrous. Every month I’m paying about 120€ to 130€ (Yes, I know, very pricey!) just to stay connected and while one expects to be able to make it, the reality is that 3G coverage and broadband penetration in this country has got a lot to be desired for. For many times I have been travelling to mainland Spain, to rather big cities, right in the city center, and yet the 3G connection is incredibly poor. Knowing that the Social Web is just out there, waiting for you, and yet you can no longer reach it as you would have liked can surely be a rather disappointing experience and what a complete turnoff!

Yet, it looks like no-one is doing much to try to improve things where I feel should be much improved. Stop us, end-users, to keep being ripped off time and time again by telcos and whatever other mobile carriers, for very poor connectivity, while paying huge costs for it. No wonder I have been rather frustrated throughout the year with regards to how little I have remained hooked up to the Social Web over the course of time. I keep wondering when will the European Union start coming along to protect our rights to information and staying connected without having to pay through our noses and fight the good fight. It’s starting to become a far too frustrating experience altogether, so when I bump into rather interesting and enlightening short video clips like “Mobile Year in Review 2011” one cannot but have a chuckle or two thinking how, unless things change drastically with our current telcos and their abusive policies, we will keep longing for that “Year of Mobile” to kick in at some point in time in the next 5 to 10 years. Right now, it’s not even there, by far!

Ohhh, and that’s not all of it, on my next blog post I will share with you folks Part II of why technology has been the biggest disappointment for yours truly for 2011. And this time around social technologies themselves. Then there will be a final follow-up article where I will share further insights on what I plan to do in 2012 and beyond to try to tame that frustration and attempt to get the most of what it is still a rather poor experience of interacting with technology and the Social Web. It’s going to be a revolution, for sure, but one where I am no longer willing to pay through my nose for it, even if that means changing radically what the Social Web experience has been like for yours truly in the last 10 years … I think it’s a good time now to make a stand and take back what has always belonged to us. The Web and the use we make of it.

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My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2

Gran Canaria in the WinterIf you have been following me on Twitter for a little while now, you would probably know by now how much in love I am with my new shiny iPad 2 that I bought in Madrid almost a month ago, after having tried in multiple places. I guess that’s one of the perks of travelling on a regular basis, that you keep trying to get your hands on it at multiple venues, till it eventually happens heh Anyway, I am sure you may still remember the blog post I put together over here, almost a year ago, when I bought my iPad v1 under the title “My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad 2“. Well, since a few folks have asked me what that experience has been like with v2, I thought I would venture today into putting together this particular blog entry, as a nice follow-up, where I can share with you folks my “My Top 10 Reasons Why I Bought an iPad v2“.

Now, apart from all of the reasons that I mentioned on that other previous article, and which would still very much apply over here, since I, too, feel the iPad v2 is an evolution, more than a revolution, from v1, there are still a bunch of reasons why, like I said, almost a month ago, I decided to take the plunge and get my hands on it and so far I haven’t regretted it a single time, which is why, after all of those weeks, I thought it would be a good time for me now to put some of them down over here and share them across with you all, so that you would have an opportunity to judge whether it would also be worth while a purchase for yourself or not, whether you already have v1 or not. So let’s get things started with those reasons as to why I am sold, big time, on v2:

  • Speed: By far one of the most noticeable new features from the iPad v2 is the speed of execution, not only from an iOS perspective while flipping through pages of Apps, but also when opening them up to do whatever the task; even the most complex and resource intensive ones are handled in a matter of one or two seconds. Even when switching up between Apps, a la multitasking, is now a complete breeze, resembling pretty close what you could get from your personal computer. Ohhh, and if you like playing fancy games, like I do, on the iPad with some heavy graphics, that overall experience has been improved tremendously with these new speeds! Totally recommended if you are a heavy gamer!
  • Quality: What can I say about quality that hasn’t been said already about Apple’s products? I am not sure why, but when I first got my hands on an iPad v2, I, like plenty of other people, I am sure, started drooling all over the place. Somehow it felt like I was holding excelling quality right there in my hands and felt pretty much like a labour of love, even beauty, to the point where I still get that feeling some times despite the novelty having worn out a bit already. Yes, good quality products would do that to you. They would also even help you talk about them openly like I am doing over here, so for those vendors out there wanting to delight their clients with their products, start with bringing top quality to them. The rest will come!
  • Design: Yes, good, … oh wait!, great design still sells big time! At least, it does for me, to the point where for a good week I have both v1 and v2 sitting next to one another, side by side, and the difference in the perception of a great design has been very noticeable all along, making v1 feel old. v2 is much slicker, rounded, feels lighter, rather elegant, smart even (Bought the white model, which probably add up a bit of glamour to it altogether, who knows!) to the point where v1 felt like a brick during the time that both of them lived next to each other. Pretty much the very same feeling when I moved from my old MacBook Pro 15” to the MacBook Air 13”. Yes, great design still makes a huge difference! And surely wish other vendors would notice, too! 

    So there you have it! What makes a good product enchant your customers? Well, I am sure many many things, but excelling quality and great design surely look good to me already! Can you imagine that for Enterprise Social Software? Will we ever reach that stage? … I surely hope so!

  • Cameras: As you well know, this was one of the features that everyone was missing on v1, but that we all knew it was going to become a reality sooner or later. And while for most folks it’s been a bit of a disappointment, since the quality doesn’t seem to be that good (Specially the front camera), I am actually enjoying it quite a bit. Now, I do realise I can’t take good quality pictures with it, and I’m happy with it, that’s what my iPhone 4 and my real camera do and rather nicely anyway, but the cameras on the iPad 2 surely make for a superb add-on when doing videoconferencing, a la Facetime. It works and the quality, so far, at least, with me, has been rather good! Almost like being there!

  • Games: I travel quite a bit, which means that I get to spend plenty of time offline and totally disconnected (Last day and a half has been that way thanks to patchy wi-fi connectivity at the hotel I am staying at and a non-working 3G Modem card that wasn’t activated in the first place, back when I was provided with it! Oh well … ); and while there are a whole bunch of iPad Apps that I use on a rather regular basis, there are times when one is confronted with long hours of business travelling and prefers to spend some time exercising the mind, and several other talents, playing games, as Jane McGonigal mentioned a little while ago on a recent TED Talk under the title “Gaming can make a better world“, and which I have blogged about it over here in the recent past). Well, playing games on the iPad 2 has been taken into a new level, specially, when more and more of the v1 games start adapting to the new capabilities from v2, specially in terms of speed of execution, improved graphics, and overall look and feel. Again, if you are a serious gamer, the iPad v2 surely is worth while the money!
  • Friends: Yes, that’s right! I totally wasn’t expecting this one, but the moment I shared with my close friends the fact I was going to buy the iPad v2, that very moment that my v1 had already a new owner! In a split second something magic happened: a common shared experience amongst friends with a passion for that same shiny object. It was no longer a matter of me talking about the wonders of such device and so forth, but now it was a shared experience; we can exchange hints and tips, Apps, tricks to get the most out of it, we can both enjoy each other’s experience with it, making those relationships even so much more engaging, to the point that when having coffee, and talking about things, they are both on the table ready to extend that shared experience even more! Priceless!

  • Price: Yes, indeed, that’s another one of the perks of getting your hands on v2. The price is still good, in my opinion, for what you are offered. I got myself the 64GB 3G white model and, once again, just like I did for v1, I haven’t regretted it yet. In fact, this time around it feels even a lot cheaper. Like nearly half the price! See next reason for more details on what I mean …

  • Early Adopter: Like any bleeding edge early adopter, I just couldn’t help it myself, I had to buy it. You know us all. There is a new shiny object out there and we need to have it. We must have it. Well, another advantage of doing that, and very much tied in with the Friends reason, mentioned above already, is the fact that I am helping covert others and become early adopters themselves by passing it on. And just like v1, v2 has already gotten a new owner waiting for that transfer, once I make the jump into v3, whenever that happens. There is nothing more gratifying that seeing you stopping from being the HelpDesk service for everyone, because everyone now would be at the same level you are already: an tablet, a computer, whether v1 or v2, that works! No longer HelpDesk skills required and supported from yours truly! Yes, I know! It feels great!! And, again, like I have mentioned under “Price”, at half the price from here onwards!
  • The Apps: Indeed, still the Apps! The main single reason why I went to the v2 versus trying other alternatives that few other folks have been talking about already like XOOM, PlayBook, etc. etc., with not so many very good prospects, judging by the reviews coming along so far, indicating exactly the main reason why the iPad is the killer device: the several thousands of iPad Apps that one has got instant access to in a matter of seconds to do almost everything! That, to me, is still priceless and an ecosystem that, as an customer, I enjoy quite a bit realising fully that it would probably be far too difficult to leave behind over time, and somehow that thought hasn’t bothered me at all so far. And I doubt it would ever will, to be honest. Getting plenty of benefits already from the several dozens of really nifty, powerful, beautiful, immersing experience that lots of these Apps have been providing us all along.
  • Mobility: Indeed, with the iPad v2, the dream of the mobile world is now, more than ever, at our fingertips. Once again, I keep travelling lighter, or, at least, as much as I can, and there isn’t a single time that I don’t take it with me, wherever I may go. For business use, for quick reference, for annotations, quick recordings of thoughts to pick up and revisit at a later time, for reading books, PDFs, whitepapers and other articles, for playing games on the go, for being able to do some of the most amazing things by just downloading an App on the go and start using it instantly and without having to worry too much about it. It just works! No matter even how fast paced you may well be, it will still catch up and big time! Something that I cannot say for some other advanced high-tech devices. 

And that’s it! Oh, wait… I almost forgot, there is another good reason why I eventually got my hands on it that can be explained, very easily, with a single word and a very very short video clip in order to understand how I feel about it overall and why I am certainly going to have a blast with it for the next few months, till v3 comes along… The word, magic, the video clip, this one:

Regrets? Do I have any, you may be wondering, right? Well, so far, only one of them. Funny enough it doesn’t even have anything to do whatsoever with the iPad itself, but with the accessories, specially the iPad cases. That has been, probably, my only regret. The fact that I made some investment on having multiple cases for v1, to help accommodate multiple needs, and now I’m finding out, the hard way, that none of them would fit in nicely for the v2. Which means I am on the hunt, once again, for a good solid iPad v2 case, since I am not too convinced about the Smart Cover just yet. I have seen a couple of rather interesting cases already (like this one or this other one), but I still haven’t decided. Perhaps I would go out to you folks and ask you kindly to drop by a comment with your favourite and maybe one or two reasons as to why that iPad case is your favourite. Any takers?

And that’s it (Again)! Those are some of the main reasons why I decided to get my hands on an iPad v2 and so far I don’t regret it a single bit. It’s been totally a complete blast so far! It’s been an absolutely wonderful experience and highly recommended, whether you own a v1 one or whether you are thinking about purchasing one for the first time; and, best thing of it all for me though, is that it would also give me a great opportunity to pick things back again and keep it rolling for “My Top 5 iPad Apps of the Week – Week #N“. It’s been a long while and over the last few months I have acquired a whole bunch of new iPad Apps that I am sure you, too, would enjoy quite a bit! Thus stay tuned for more to come, since I am going to resume that series shortly as well!

For now, that would be it for me. How about you though? What are your main reasons as to why you decided to jump in and get yourself v2 of that shiny new object that seems to be inside everyone’s head at the moment? Care to share a thought or two in the comments as well? That would be just wonderful, and very much appreciated, as it would help provide some further insights to other folks who may want to dive in, but may not be that sure just yet. At least, for now. Perhaps we can all help influence that change. What do you think? Want to share them across?

Ok! Let’s do it!

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