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Changes, Changes, Changes – Part II

Gran Canaria - Presa de AyagauresOh the excitement! It looks like the new upgrade of the blog template over at http://www.elsua.net has been a total hit! Plenty of folks have dropped by the launch entry, as well as through Twitter, to comment on how much better the new design is, compared to the old one, and although I am sure the other two blogs I maintain will keep the same flavour they have been having I can surely guarantee you it is quite a rush receiving all of the positive commentary and quite motivating to keep things going with some more regular blogging. And since we are starting another year, why not, right?

Well, here I am again then, putting together a follow up blog post to the one from yesterday where I will be commenting further on some of the various different changes that will be taking place over at elsua.net and which, in a way, will also affect to some extent how I will keep things going with all of the blogs I currently look after.

Thus without much further ado, here is a short list of the new things you will be able to find at my main person / business blog:

  • About: This is where folks can find a recent photo of what I look like (Ideal when meeting up face to face!), but also a description of who I am, what I do, what I like and what people can expect from the blog. And, finally the opportunity now to leave comments with whatever you may have in mind that you feel would need / require my attention. Whenever people may not be able to reach out to me through IM, Twitter, Facebook or whatever other social networking site, this would be the area to drop by and leave a comment. You see? I didn’t mention email 😉
  • Archives: One of the sections I am most excited about and which I was really looking forward to finally have it as part of the blog. A lovely, and nifty, index of the over 866 blog posts I have put together in elsua.net, so if you are looking for something I may have blogged about in the past you will be able to find it through there much easier! Oh, and the Search function now works, too!
  • Links: For a good number of months I was using a blogroll injected directly from BlogLines, where folks could check out some of the current reading I was doing. But then things got messy and I eventually had to take it down. However, since plenty of folks have been asking me about it again in the recent weeks I thought it would be nice to recover it and that’s why under Links you will find my current blogroll of over 270 feeds, because, yes, indeed, I still read feeds (As well as Twitter!). Don’t you?
  • Photos: Definitely, this was one of the sections I was really looking forward to, but never thought I would have a chance of implementing it. But, again, thanks to the lovely piece of work from Laura Whitehead, under Photos you would now be able to get a glimpse of all of the photos that I get to share in my Flickr account, without you having to go anywhere else. Over there you will be able to find pictures from all of my travelling (Getting started with 2009’s in just a few days from now, by the way!) as well as from the place where I have lived for the last five years: Gran Canaria.

    You may have noticed how I haven’t been sharing as many photos as I once used to and all along there has been a reason for it: not having a good enough photo editing / processing software on the Mac. But now that Picasa for the Mac is there (Which, along with Camtasia, was the only piece of software I really missed from Windows. Now, not anymore!), be certain that I will start sharing plenty more of the pictures I have taken during the course of 2008 and beyond! 😀

  • Lifestream: Finally, another section which I was really looking forward to implementing in elsua.net, was the one called Lifestream, which happens to be a super nifty WordPress plugin, put together by David Cramer, and which is going to prove incredibly useful as I start to diversify my online presence in more and more social spaces. Yes, that’s right, I won’t say much about it for now, but things are going to change slightly with my own blogging style and how I get to use other social software tools and Lifestream is the one that is going to put them all together in a single place. Thus stay tuned for more to come…

And that would be it, folks! Some of the most striking, and new, changes that you would be able to notice on my main personal / business blog on the Internet. The rest you would notice how it is much cleaner, a lot less clutter, plenty less widgets (I have only kept there MyBlogLog, since I still make use of it to a certain degree) as I was fully aware how much noise they added to the template as well as slowing down the overall Web site itself. So I decided to take them all down!

Finally, you would also see how for each of the blog posts I will be putting together you will have an opportunity to weigh in your thoughts not just with comments, but also with ratings (Thanks to the GD Star Rating WordPress plugin put together by Milan Petrovic), as well as share across that specific article in various social bookmarking and social networking sites, thanks to another really nice WordPress plugin called Sociable, put together by Joost de Valk.

Like I said, quite a thrill having gone through such a massive upgrade of the blog template, which in reality has also managed to introduce a few new things which I am hoping you would get to enjoy them quite a bit more, but, most importantly, a much more significant change, which is going to be detailed in Part III of this series and which will relate to describe some more the new blogging style I will be adopting (Adapting to) from here onwards. But that would be another day…

(For now, if you are reading this article directly from elsua.net, hope you will be enjoying this new ride, and remember if you find something is broken or whatever other issue or bug, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will be more than happy to amend things right away!)

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Changes, Changes, Changes …

elsua.net Going through a Major Design ChangeIf you are reading this blog post from the syndicated feed, or from my other external blog over at ITtoolbox, or even from my IBM internal blog, you may want to stop right there and head over to my main blog site http://www.elsua.net, as I am really excited to announce the first of a good bunch of changes that I will be going through in my fourth year blogging out there on the Internet. Yes, that’s right, back in October 2008 I made already my third bloggiversary and although I couldn’t blog about it at the time with all of the travelling I was involved with, for a good number of weeks I have been thinking about going through a major change of my main Web site, elsua.net, and it is with great pleasure that I am now ready to share with you a new massive change taking place right as we speak!

Yes, that is right, if you head over to my main blog you will be able to see a massive change in the design of the site, still using WordPress.org though (Currently upgraded to v2.7), but with plenty of major updates all over the place. A lot cleaner, a lot easier in the eye, a lot less cluttered with widgets, gizmos, scripts and whatever else, and, hopefully, much easier to read and digest its content. Finally, friendly to those folks still on Internet Explorer or using whatever the mobile device (On the iPhone / iPod it looks fantastic! – must confess).

Overall, not as busy as what it used to be, which means that it would probably help folks navigate through the content much easier. The interesting thing is that if you stop over the site and browse through the changes you will also get to notice a good number of updates that will be happening to the overall content itself. Yes, indeed, this update of the template will provoke as well a good number of changes of my own blogging style on all of the three blogs and I am hoping that over the next couple of blog posts I would be able to share some further insights on where I will be taking next my own blogging style.

For now, just wanted to give folks out there reading elsua.net the heads up that the change has now been completed! You are more than welcome to click and check every single aspect of the site and if you find that something is broken or is giving you unexpected results please do get in touch and let me know, through a comment on this blog post itself, or through Twitter itself. I will be collecting all of that feedback and amend bugs, issues, etc. accordingly.

Finally, I would want to let everyone know that this whole facelift of my main blogging site wouldn’t have taken place if it weren’t for the superb piece of work put together by Laura Whitehead (@LittleLaura in Twitter) who over the course of time has managed to put together a wonderful job and has been incredibly patient listening to my needs and wants and what you see right in front of you is all her work! Well done, Laura! Thanks ever so much for that fresh change! … Very much needed 🙂

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Tragic Wednesday

Given today’s tragic events occurred in Madrid, Spain, which I am sure most of you have heard or read about already, there will not be, over here, the corresponding daily blog post. Our prayers, deepest condolences and further comforting thoughts go to all of the victims and their families …


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“Grow Your Wiki” Grows into Specialist Consultancy

Big, big news today! Specially for those folks out there interested in wikis and adopting wikis within the enterprise. I am sure that by now you may have read about them, since a couple of folks have already blogged about the massive announcement, but, nevertheless, just in case you may have missed it, I will share a couple of lines on it over here. Stewart Mader, author of the superb Grow Your Wiki, is going solo & starting his own consultancy business around organizational wiki adoption. Wooo-hooo!

Congratulations, Stewart!!! Way to go!!

In case you don’t know much about Stewart, which I doubt, since he is a very prolific blogger, incredibly engaging speaker, writer of one of the most essential books on wikis and corporate wiki adoption: Wikipatterns, active twitterer, too (On top of various other social networking sites!), I can honestly say that you are missing out on one of the smartest talents within the Enterprise 2.0 space we have nowadays.

I had the great opportunity of finally meeting him up in person in Varese, while presenting at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Italy, after a couple of years of interacting all over the place in various Social Computing spaces. And it surely was one of my highlights from the event! He is even much smarter in person & we enjoyed quite a few conversations for a couple of days, specially a very very interesting and enlightening one over a beer at the airport waiting for our flights back after two and a half days of being disconnected from the world. Yes, we survived the temptation, till the last minute, at least, of getting connected and kept talking! 🙂

Either way, if you haven’t subscribed to his blog, I can certainly recommend you do so, more than anything else because otherwise you are missing plenty of good quality materials like 21 Days of Wiki Adoption that I have blogged about over here a little while ago.

I am sure that Stewart will be doing just fine going solo with his wiki consultancy and I am very excited for him and for all of us, because we would be getting even much more exposure into some of the really good stuff that he would be doing much more often from now onwards, like the ESSENTIAL presentation itself that he did over at the Enterprise 2.0 Forum in Italy and which is just one of many where you can see what Stewart is up to: Grow Your Wiki. I tell you, if there would be a single presentation that you would want to watch around the topics and the kind of impact they are having within the corporate world, this would be it:

CONGRATULATIONS, once again, Stewart! Well done! 😀

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And … the King of Clay Won!

Yes, I know what I am about to post hasn’t got anything to do with the main topics discussed over here, in this blog, but I just can’t help myself and hope you can understand my excitement. After watching one of the most incredible tennis matches in history; one of those matches where both opponents raise to the occasion of becoming a fight of titans; one of those matches that surely dignifies tennis as a great sport of rivalry, sacrifice, endurance, talent, hard work & an everlasting fighting spirit, and where only one gets to rule them all, it looks like this year, this time around, The Kind of Clay, Rafa Nadal, made it through the battle with the King of Grass, Roger Federer, at the ever classic of classics tournament of Wimbledon

Well done, Rafa!!! And very much well deserved, too! Perhaps only one thing to say would be a special thanks to these two titans for making a Sunday afternoon, 6th of July 2008, an unforgettable one!

(Sublime Spaniard stretches the imagination < I just couldn’t have agreed more with that headline! Just superb!)

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Football – Made in Spain – June 2008 (Never Forget!)

After a superb and rather relaxing weekend back at home, now that I am done with most of the travelling and having finished catching up my breath with multiple things, both in my personal and work lives, there isn’t probably a better way of finishing the weekend than putting together this blog post celebrating a single event that hasn’t got anything to do with the topics I normally get to talk about over here, but which has kept me busy for most of the day today, and specially most of the evening, too! And still going on with the celebrations!!!

With all of that said, and almost ready for another great and eventful week, where regular blogging will resume once again, I can only think of one single sentence:

Football – Made in Spain!

Well done, boys!!! That’s just how you play super fine football throughout the entire championships! … Very proud! 😀

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