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Dogear – A Unique Tool for Organizing and Sharing Information

If you have been following elsua for quite some time now you probably have read the couple of different weblog posts that I have created around the subject of Dogear, IBM‘s internal offering for social bookmarking. I know that there seems to be lots of interest out there about what IBM is doing regarding Web 2.0 and social software related technologies, Dogear amongst them, so I just thought I would let you know about a new IBM site that talks about this very same subject and although it is still in the making, you will see some sections that may not have been completed yet (That is yet to come), you can already see where it is heading.

Check Lotus Greenhouse and, in particular the section dedicated to Dogear. Over there you would be able to get some additional information details about how Dogear works and how it is being used over at IBM

You will also be able to find, under the Community section, some Discussion Forums and a Dogear wiki where you can get additional information from the Dogear end-user community on how they are getting the most out of the application itself. Along, of course, with a section dedicated entirely to Features

Pretty impressive, I know. But as I mentioned earlier on, you may want to revisit it over the next few weeks because as you can see there are a number of sections that still need to be put together and completed. For instance, you would be able to see how the main homepage does not have much significant content. That will come. And along those lines you can also see how there are two other different IBM offerings in there that have not been started yet, but that I am sure they will in its due time. One of them is IBM Lotus Sametime 7.5 (A new revolutionary Instant Messaging client that I will talk about at some other time) and the other one is Activities (A new IBM application still in the making and that I will also be weblogging about it at a later point in time)

Thus as you can see it looks like little by little we will be having some more information available out there about what is happening in IBM regarding all of these emerging technologies around the world of social software and Web 2.0. Stay tuned for more updates to come because as they become available I will be sharing some further thoughts on them over here. The fun continues …

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(Update): As kindly noted by my colleague Andy (Thanks for the pingback and for the headsup, Andy!) it looks like the site is currently down at the moment. My guess is that perhaps they are getting some more content on it before they will open it up again. Thus stay tuned. As soon as I find out more details about it I will share them over here.

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Susan’s The Artsy Asylum – Blogging Did It Again!

Like every Wednesday, here I go with the weekly exercise from the LinkedIn Bloggers’ blog boost. As you may have been able to read all along since I got started with this, every week a randomly chosen weblog gets to be promoted by the entire group of LinkedIn Bloggers in order to bring some further visibility and also as a way to help further on the community building aspects of the group by learning a bit more from other community members through their own weblogs. And this week’s winner has just actually allowed me to do that. Help me get to know other community members that I never thought I would be able to. And even better when this week’s pick hasn’t got anything to do with Knowledge Management, Communities of Practice, Collaboration or Social Networking per se: i.e. the main themes from elsua. But certainly has got a lot to do with another subject that I haven’t touched based with in some time now: Work / Life Balance.

This week’s blog boost goes to Susan ReynoldsThe Artsy Asylum. As you will be able to read Susan is an artist, a writer and a consultant and while spending some time reading off her weblog I found it quite inspiring and interesting some of the topics that she covers regarding the arts in general. You may think that her weblog may be a bit too crowded but it is certainly very easy on the eyes and quite a pleasant read. At least, that is the impression you will get after you navigate through it for some time. All those pale shades, the lovely colours put together and the like do certainly have a soothing effect. And then you bump into little gems like the video clip she has shared as part of her weblog template and created over at One True Media.

And from there onwards you realise what you will be busy with during the course of this Easter vacation. Indeed, One True Media sounds like a worth while option to give it a try and create some montages or photo books based on the different pictures that I have been sharing all along in the Photography category. So thanks to Susan and her weblog I will be able to play around with this new to me offering and see how well it would produce those montages or photo books. And in the process I will continue with my everlasting learning process of shooting some great shots from the place I live.

Thus it turns out that instead of a blog boost, which I am hoping it will happen as well anyway, I found some really nice tips from Susan that I never expected would happen this way. This certainly clearly indicates to me the real power of weblogging as a learning tool. There is always something out there that you would be able to learn and get busy with and Susan just gave me that perfect opportunity to give a try to One True Media. And, of course, don’t worry. Once I am done with it, during the course of the weekend, I will share with you folks my experiences on this wonderful and exciting, yet widely unknown to me, multimedia world. Thanks, Susan !

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Writing Great Ezines and Blogs – How to Improve Your Web Writing Experience

Now that I have recovered from the recent outage of elsua, it is that date of the week again, folks, where all of the community members from the LinkedIn webloggers will be creating a new weblog post over at their own weblogs in order to help promote the weblog from other community members. If you would remember, last week I talked about Conversationblog and this time around I will be talking about about one other weblog that I have been enjoying for a few weeks already as it provides lots of different hints and tips around the metablogging topic of good and effect web writing: Writing Great Ezines and Blogs from Patsi Krakoff.

Indeed, in this particular weblog you will see how Patsi Krakoff gets to share some very interesting articles on how to get the most out of the web writing experience, whether you are thinking about your weblog(s), or whatever other methods of sharing knowledge and information on the Web, like newsletters, Ezines, articles, etc. In her weblog you will find an entire section on How to … Tips and Promoting your Ezine +/or Blog which will fit in quite nicely with the different weblog posts I have shared already on tips on how you can get more traffic for your weblog. So those folks interested in getting some more exposure for their web writings, specially weblog(s), they would have a good chance to learn a whole lot more from Patsi’s weblog Writing Great Ezines and Blogs from Patsi Krakoff.

Take, for example, the last weblog post she has shared on the subject Google School Starts Tomorrow, where she is just detailing the teleseminar Dave Taylor and Steven Van Yoder will be hosting over the next three months “[…] on everything you need to know about Google to grow your business”. Oh, by the way, if you think your business could benefit from such tip I would suggest that you go ahead and sign up at http://www.howtogrowyourbiz.com/ in order to attend the seminar.

Thus as you will be able to read further on Patsi has got lots of different tips on how you can make sharing knowledge and information on the Web a lot easier than whatever you may have thought about in the past. I know that with the hype around weblogging going on at the moment, where everyone seems to know how to weblog, sometimes you may want to go the extra mile and certainly Writing Great Ezines and Blogs from Patsi Krakoff would be a good start to improve things further a bit. Pretty much the same thing as what you could get if you are subscribed already to ProBlogger, How to Blog or even Building a Better Blog, where Patsi is one of the co-authors next to Denise Wakeman. Small world, indeed !

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Conversationblog – Talk Is Cheap, Free Speech Isn’t

For a few weeks now I have been a member of a Yahoo group based on LinkedIn webloggers. For a few weeks now I have been lurking around checking out what they were up to. Till yesterday when I decided it was about time to jump in and get involved with the group. I am sure that you all know LinkedIn by now (Perhaps one of these days I will weblog about my experience with it but here is my profile just in case you may want to check it out) as perhaps one of the most interesting social networking tools out there for business professionals to be able to tap into each others’ knowledge and expertise through a number of different online collaboration tools and get to create some more virtual connections to help them in their professional careers.

So, as I said I decided to become more active in the LinkedIn webloggers group since they are doing some really good stuff out there in helping people understand what all these new tools related to Web 2.0 are all about, specially weblogging. One of the very interesting activities they are doing, and actually registering the results (As can be seen in the LinkedIn webloggers Yahoo group), is the fact that they have established a process by which every week they are promoting one weblog from the members who have volunteered to get that exposure out there in the Blogosphere. Yes, that is right, every week one weblog gets to be selected voluntarily and everyone else from the group who may want to get involved actually gets to write a weblog post in their own weblog linking back, or talking about, that weblog of the week.

The idea itself is that of getting a bit more awareness of the LinkedIn webloggers out there and get them to experiment further with what weblogging is all about: getting into different conversations from multiple angles and get people to connect with one another. So this week’s featured weblog is that of one of my fellow coworkers and IBMer Philippe Borremans’ Conversationblog. Philippe is a colleague of mine who works in Belgium and who has done a tremendous piece of work promoting weblogging both internally and externally. Perhaps every single event that has been organised in Europe about weblogging he has been there. Amazing ! He specialises in the Communications area and he is actually using his weblog for folks to understand how this new media could be made use of in order to help spread the message.

As you will be able to see he is also one of those folks who wants people to show what weblogging is all about by doing and learning on the fly, which is why when you go over to his weblog you will be able to find all sorts of different snippets and widgets that he has been making use of while subscribing to his weblog in order to show everyone the possibilities, even though Dave Taylor feels that it is perhaps a bit too many examples. And he might be right on that, although I still like what Philippe does demoing the possibilities of what people could do with their weblogs in order to get involved further.

Anyway, if you are interested in the world of PR and weblogging, specially from a corporate perspective, although with an interesting and personal touch from a European citizen like Philippe, I would strongly suggest you subscribe to his weblog and watch his space. I am sure we are bound to keep on learning a whole lot more from it. Also if you feel you would want to know about what corporate weblogging is all about Philippe would also be a good candidate to chime in with and get all the insights from him on how a large corporation like IBM gets involved with weblogging all over the place. Way to go, Philippe !

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Welcome to elsua over at ITtoolbox!

As you may have been able to see over at the archives I have been weblogging externally in elsua for a bit over four months and so far the experience has been very good and very enlightening. I have been able to make a whole bunch of different new connections in the KM world and engage in some very interesting conversations that have made it all worth while. By the way, now that I mention that, expect some changes on my blogroll since it has changed substantially since last time I updated it so you will be able to see what are my favourite reads at the moment.

Anyway, the main reason why I wanted to share this particular weblog post is the fact that although I did not anticipate it this particular weblog seems to be having a life of its own, because during the holiday period I got approached by Tim Ribich over at ITtoolbox who provided me with the opportunity to join the ITtoolbox community of webloggers in the area of Knowledge Management.

Of course, I just couldn’t help but accept the invitation and join such a powerful resource as ITtoolbox. I guess that if I would have had other Internet weblogs out there I may have thought about it twice since I would need to see how the timing and all would go, but since that would be my second weblog on the Internet I thought I would give it a try and see if I would be able to manage it. Thus over the last couple of days I have been doing some initial setup on the new weblog space and I am now glad to present to you my second Internet weblog adventure: elsua @ ITtoolbox.

So, right now I have got two different weblogs:

(Yes, you could say I have tried to keep things relatively simple)

I think it is going to be an interesting and exciting experience as this will be the first time that I will be weblogging on the Internet outside of my own environment, like my own hosted server and favourite weblog engine and so forth, and it is kind of intriguing how it is all going to work out. For the time being I will be exposed to, yet again, another weblogging engine. In this case, Movable Type. I have never been exposed to it so I will just have to wait and see if I can get my favourite weblogging tools (w.bloggar, Qumana, Performancing For FireFox and Flock’s weblog component) to work with it. But that will be something that you will be reading further in my new weblog: elsua: The Knowledge Management Blog.

One other thing that I wanted to mention about this announcement itself, before I will let you go, is the fact that I am still going to share some further content on elsua with the same frequency as before, if not more. Yes, indeed, just because I have got a second weblog up and running it does not mean that my personal weblog would have to suffer in the attempt of working with both. Besides, there are plenty of webloggers out there who are weblogging in multiple weblogs, so why can’t I give it a try and see how it would go, eh? Thus let’s get things started and let me welcome you to elsua at ITtoolbox where I have already started to share some content and much more that will be coming out of it as well. Yes, Knowledge Management, Collaboration, Communities of Practice and Social Networking are very extensive topics so I am sure this would be a great opportunity to expand some more further !

Oh, and just in case you miss out on this particular notice or that you may not remember after a little while I have updated the weblog template to include a link to the new weblog. So it is always easily accessible to everyone. Along with an upcoming update of my blogroll. Thus stay tuned !

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Light Weblogging – Where Was I ?

Over the last few days you may have noticed how my weblogging here at elsua has gone down a bit, in fact, I haven’t been able to weblog about anything at all during that time, but don’t worry as there has been a good reason for it. I have been away travelling back to my hometown in León to visit my family and some friends and although I initially thought I would have some time and a live Internet connection to do some further weblogging, you can see that I was not very successful at it. Indeed, too many things to do, too many places to visit and, most importantly, too many people to catch up with !

I did take a few pictures from the city though which you will be able to enjoy over at my Flickr account over the next couple of weeks or so, but for the time being I am just sharing this weblog post to mention that I am back and regular weblogging posts will resume shortly. As soon as I am done with catching up with everything else. I know that a few people have made a number of different comments in other weblog posts so I will probably reply to those first before I continue creating new posts.

Thanks again for sticking out there and let the weblogging at elsua continue !

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