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Follow up!: Social Network Tools and Their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis – London – September 2006

If you would remember, a few weeks back I created a weblog post over here where I was mentioning a very interesting conference event that would be taking place later on this year in September in London around the subject of Social Network Tools and Their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis. Back then I mentioned how that event would be something that I would be really looking forward to and will try to see if I can make it although I still cannot confirm if I would be there or not. Either way, earlier on today I receive an e-mail from Julie, one of the organisers of the event, where she pointed me to the actual agenda they have put together for the two days conference. And I must say that I am impressed. Very impressed.

You would be able to download the brochure from here, if you would want to read some more about it, but by the looks of it the list of speakers is very good. I have gone through the listing of the different sessions and there are some of them out there that I would certainly be looking forward to. Like, for instance:

  • Euan Semple’s "The Quiet Revolution – how social computing will change the workplace"
  • Lee Bryant’s "Informal Knowledge Sharing with Social Networking"
  • Duncan Brown’s "The Influence of Social Network Technologies: Who’s Influencing Whom?"
  • John Davies’ "Combining Wikis & the Semantic Web: towards Web3.0?"
  • Lloyd Davis’ "Creating an In-House (Social) Media Empire"
  • Stowe Boyd‘s "Social Media: Blogs and Participatory Culture"
  • James Lappin’s "Social Bookmarking Inside the Organisation: connecting people to people and to information"
  • Karen Eden’s "The bottom line: What’s in it for me?"

That sounds like a pretty packed up event, right? It surely does, but as you will be able to see it would certainly be worth while attending the event. Even more so since I have also noticed that one of my IBM fellow colleagues, Ian McNairn, will also be speaking on the subject "What is IBM doing with Web 2.0 tools, Concepts and Mash-Ups and Why?" to probably discuss and mention some of the different IBM Web 2.0 tools that I have been touching base on over here in the last few months. So I would be able to catch up with him again since last time we met each other was back in 2003, at an IBM Knowledge Management conference.

As I said, I am not sure just yet if I would be able to make it or not but one thing for sure is that if I manage to make it I will certainly be looking forward to it. Lots of great speakers, lots of great topics to cover, a packed up agenda and on top of that, London, one of my favourite cities. Can it get better than that ? I doubt it. Will you be there?

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Welcome to InnovationJam!

Well, after fully recovering from the user generated error from last week, here I am again, back in full force, ready to share some thoughts about some of the things that are going on in my mind at the moment. I must say that I mentioned earlier on that I thought I would go ahead and post something over the weekend but the weather has been rather nice to ignore it. So I didn’t. It looks like though the beginning of this week is actually going to be an exciting one and with plenty of events to look forward to. But perhaps one of them is the one that is going to catch my attention big time, even though not many people have been talking about it too much thus far. Yes, indeed, IBM is, for the first time ever, going to hold the first Global InnovationJam, an online event that lasts for three uninterrupted days where IBMers, business partners, customers and family members get to jam in and share their ideas in four different Forums:

The purpose of the event is to bring innovation forward in each of those different topic areas by allowing a huge amount of folks to chime in and share their ideas and collaborate with other folks, wherever they may be, in order to try to bring forward some of the best ideas for each different Forum. You can find all of the information about the Jam itself at the Introduction. You can read from there as well how then around the September timeframe there would be another follow up event in order to collaborate into how to bring forward into practice some of those best ideas that would get discussed over the next three days. Oh, yes, the Global InnovationJam starts later on today and although I usually don’t spend much time talking about IBM stuff I think that you would agree that this is one of those worldwide events that could change the way we see and do things. At least, given the nature of the four different Forums in place, that is what I expect is going to happen over the next 72 hours, starting later on today at 10am EST.

As you may have seen, this is not the same kind of event as the Habitat Jam that took place not long ago and where everyone could register and participate. In this particular case it looks like it would be only down to IBMers, their customers, business partners and family members. I would have wanted it to be open to everyone. However, I still foresee lots of great conversations and discussions will come out of the event. I am sure. And I will be certainly spending some time over there over the next three days just jamming in with the rest of the folks out there who want to help make a difference and bring innovation one step further. I will probably get a chance to weblog about the event itself once it goes live thus if you would want to read some more on it, stay tuned !

Also another reason why I will be hanging out at the Global InnovationJam is because I am really curious as to how IBM is planning to make use of Emerging Technologies, like weblogs, wikis and social bookmarking, amongst others, in order to help spark some more conversations to take place where different folks from different backgrounds get together to share and collaborate in moving forward with those ideas during the course of the next three days. Thus I better get ready and start preparing myself for the event of events, the one that will certainly help people make a connection with a relevant topic in today’s world and stick to it. So let’s jam!

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Gautam Ghosh on Management – Knowledge Is Ignorance

Here we are, once more, another week with the LinkedIn Bloggers Yahoo! group blog boost just ahead of us. I must say that throughout all the different weeks where I have been participating providing a weekly blog boost to one of the other webloggers I have always been enjoying the experience as it has always allowed me to get to know some other webloggers out there who may, or may not, share some of the same interests that I am very passionate about. Either way, I have found it such a good exercise that most of the folks that I have boosted over here in elsua in the past are actually folks that I have started reading thr ough my RSS feeds ever since the boost and still keep going strong at it. Thus as you can imagine I am quite enjoying the experience as it allows me to engage in whatever other conversations with other webloggers  that I may not have had the chance to in any other way. Thus here I go again for this week’s blog boost.

I must say that this time around the selected weblog for the boost is actually a weblog that it is not unknown to me, since it is even part of my daily KM reading. Ever since I bumped into it by pure chance I have been subscribing to it and have found some interesting discussions that have certainly got me hooked to it and for several reasons. But let’s go with it first. The blog boost for this week goes to Gautam Ghosh on Management. by Gautam, of course. So what are some of the reasons why I enjoy reading his weblog on a daily basis? Well, to get started Gautam is also very interested in knowledge, and managing knowledge (i.e. KM); he is also bringing his HR management expertise into the table which makes it rather relevant to KM, specially in a time where a few people are starting to associate KM with HR.

He has also got some unique views in several subjects that I am also passionate about, like weblogs, wikis, and the rest of the so-called Web 2.0 hype. He is also located in India so that brings some intriguing contrasts that certainly take worldwide weblogging into a new perspective as far as being part of a global conversation around KM related topics. And the list goes on and on and on.

If you didn’t have enough with all that as to why you should subscribe to Gautam’s blog if you are interested in the KM world, here you have got three links to three of his weblog posts that I have found quite entertaining over the last couple of months and which would certainly be worth while a look:

Thus as you can see, there are many reasons why you would want to check out on Gautam’s thoughts over at Gautam Ghosh on Management. Ever since I have subscribed myself to it I have been enjoying some challenging and refreshing new thoughts on how KM is perceived within the management business world and it certainly puts things into perspective as to how wide KM can be in the first place. I am sure you would be subscribing to it shortly, pretty much like I did when I first bumped into it.

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Social Network Tools and Their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis – London – September 2006

A couple of weeks ago I was talking about the upcoming Collaboration Technologies Conference 2006 that took place in Boston a few days ago, and which, by the way, I will start commenting on some of the sessions now that most of the folks I follow up on seem to have finished sharing their views on the event. So today I thought I would also let you know about another upcoming interesting event that I am sure quite a few folks over here would like to know as well. I am not sure I would be able to attend it but I would think that plenty of other folks may be interested in it.

Thus here we go. Through a couple of colleagues at work I have just received an e-mail about an upcoming event taking place in London, UK, around the topics of weblogs, podcasting, instant messaging, RSS and wikis .Yes, indeed, about the whole social software pack.

The event is sponsored by Unicom and you can find more details about the event over here: Social Network Tools and their Business Application: Blogs, Podcasting, Instant Messaging, RSS and Wikis. As I mentioned already, the event will be taking place on Ethan21st of September in London and here is the initial write up about the conference:

"The payoff for the new collaborative tools is that they support workers in doing the right things and thus producing a better end result. However, in some contexts, such as collaboration with partners an d other third parties, increased openness and collaboration raise anxiety about issues of security and confidentiality.

This conference looks at the new technologies in a business setting, with overview presentations and case studies. There will be a strong emphasis on the practical aspects. You will find out the different applications of each technology and their relative merits and drawbacks, and how to choose between increasing numbers of new offerings.

The conference is chaired by David Green, founder of the Green Knowledge Community and himself knowledgeable in these technologies"

And here you have got the list of benefits from the event:

  • "Learn how Blogs and WIKIs change the traditional models of managing knowledge and how they can support purposeful social networks
  • Hear about the practices of those who are achieving real business success in online social networks
  • Find out the role of podcasting and RSS feeds to target customers with clearly defined interests
  • Explore the benefits and downside of business use of Instant Messaging
  • Gain practical advice on dealing with threats to security and confidentiality"

Not bad, eh? Yes, I know, on the contrary. What I really like about the event itself, and why I would feel sorry if I cannot make it, which I am not sure is going to happen, is the pretty impressive list of speakers they have piled up for the event, with folks like KM thinkers Euan Semple,  and David Gurteen, amongst others. Apparently, it even looks like the event is organised / supervised by David himself. Good stuff.

Thus if you are going to be around in London during that time I can certainly recommend the event if you would want to know how Knowledge Management is surely moving into KM 2.0 in the Enterprise 2.0 world. Oh, and if you get to go and would want to share your thoughts on how it went feel free to drop by and append a couple of comments over here or just blog the event yourself on your own weblog, something I am sure you were probably thinking about doing it already, anyway, but just in case… heh

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Woophy – Where the World in Pictures Meets Everyone

Yes, folks, this is one of the places where I am going to be hanging out for the next few weeks. A colleague of mine at work just shared over in our internal weblogging network this really fine web site that I have been checking out for the last couple of hours and that has got me hooked. It is called Woophy and it puts together something so simple yet so effective: you get to share your favourite pictures from the different places you have been to, or that you would be interested in, or that you would want to share with others. In short, you get to share pictures in a world map. How simple is that? Yes, I know, very. And perhaps that is the actual beauty from the overall offering. Or is it perhaps the huge amount of great pictures that people have been sharing already? I tell you, once you start checking out the web site you would just want to chime in and share your best photos with the community of folks who have been hanging about all along.

Woophy has got also a news section where you can see what is happening with the service along with checking out on some of the great snapshots that people have been sharing thus far. I know it would be really nice if it would be having RSS feeds, and I guess that is coming, but certainly just checking out the news section will get you sticking around for some time. Then you have got the Forum where you can interact with other members of the community about the Woophy experience. There is even a contest whether they would be gathering “a collection of pictures portraying the diversity of life on our planet“, so that would also be a nice incentive to get you going. Although I am sure that after you have hanged out on the web site for a little while you would see that it is actually worth while the experience just browsing through the thousands and thousands of photos available already.

One of the nicest things about the whole experience is how you can actually help on the community building aspects by being able to leave comments on different pictures, or by actually rating a picture, or sending it to others or just simply by checking how many folks have already visited that particular snapshot. Pretty neat that instant notification of how much people are interested in your pictures or not. Then, finally, if you would be interested in a particular picture you have the opportunity to see it in full screen displaying up to 1280 pixels which actually makes for a very nice picture, at least, from the ones I have seen already.

As I said, quite an interesting offering that I would be spending some time on. Of course, I had to go into it and create an account: elsua. Thus you can get over there and search for all of the pictures I have been sharing already thus far. There will be some more coming up but for the time being I certainly want to recommend to you that if want to check some of the most amazing pictures head over there and start enjoying the Woophy experience. Oh, and not to worry, there are actually quite a lot more features available but I would let you discover those by yourselves while you head to the homepage. And then from there I am sure that you would be whoopying around like all of us for quite some time …

Oh, and in case you are wondering if I am going to stop sharing pictures in my Flickr account like I have been doing so far, that is actually not going to happen. At least, not for the time being. I will be sharing some of the best pictures I have shared in Flickr (And many more!) over there, in Woophy, but I will also continue to share some more as usual. Thus time to have some more fun !

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Thinking Home Business – Practical Business Weblogging and Social Networking

Here we go again with another LinkedIn Bloggers group blog boost. Indeed, like I have been mentioning a few times already, every week the group of LinkedIn webloggers actually gets to post an article in their corresponding weblogs about one particular weblog that gets selected and that we all get to boost by linking to it. Like I have mentioned elsewhere this is actually one activity that I get to enjoy quite a bit because it allows me to get to know other members of the community at the same time that it allows me to build a connection with different webloggers where we may share common interests in different topics. Pretty much a similar case to what I have mentioned yesterday when establishing a connection between communities and weblogs.

So this week I was really delighted to read that the blog boost is on Des Walsh‘s weblog Thinking Home Business. Reason why I am saying delighted is because I have actually been following up on Des’ weblog for some time now and every time that he gets to post something it will actually make you think a bit. Des gets to weblogged on a regular basis about different topics but the ones that I have been enjoying the most are about weblogging itself and social networks.

However, if there is a section that I have been enjoying quite a bit from Des’ weblog is his different weblog posts around the topic of Coaching. In fact, if you are looking for some really good tips on coaching related topics then I suggest you head over there and read some more about because Des has got a good amount of posts to get you started. Like, for instance, the one on Principles for a Balanced Life; a weblog post that I am sure will hit home with quite a few people who may be working remotely at different sites or from home as it basically puts things into perspective where sometimes it is actually a good thing to let it go and enjoy life. Just for the sake of it. Just to re-energise yourself once again. And why not? Sometimes it is good to get pushed a bit to make it happen.

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