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How Much Worth Is Your Blog ?

A good friend of mine forwarded to me not long ago an interesting link that I thought I would share over here in my weblog to put things under perspective. So here it goes. If you go to the following web site: How Much Is My Blog Worth? and then enter a URL over there that you would want to know its worth, like your weblog URL, for instance. And then click on Submit. You will right after be able to get some results returned over to you that would indicate how much your weblog is worth. Interesting, huh ?

Yes, indeed, so I tried it out and according to that URL my weblog is worth

My blog is worth $1,693.62.
How much is your blog worth?

Which I guess it is not too bad considering that I haven’t been weblogging for an extensive period of time over here, in elsua. Thus, I am wondering what it would be like in say about six months now from or next year around this time. I bet that it will be up a bit. The good thing is that according to that site it will not depend on me, but on you, my weblog readers who might link back to me, or not. We will have to wait and see how it will shape up further but for now you may want to have a look and check how much worth your weblog is. See if the work you are putting together on a more or less regular basis does pay off in the end.

Oh, and if you want to see some astronomic figures about how beneficial weblogging could be to you, check out how much worth BoingBoing, Micropersuasion and Scobleizer are. Mind-blowing ! But fun !

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Best Definition of What Weblogging Is All About

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

A colleague of mine from work forwarded to me during the week a cartoon that as soon as I saw it I just couldn’t help laughing because of how true the story actually is. As the title of this weblog indicates this is probably one of the best definitions of what weblogging is all about and since a picture is worth while a thousand words here you have got the cartoon without any further comments:

Pretty good, eh?

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Balance – Where Could Collaboration Take You?

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

What I am about to share is, in my opinion, one of the best, most shocking, animations I have seen in quite a few years. It is a file that has been uploaded to YouTube and it is called Balance (An 8 MB download).

The reason why I really enjoyed this animation is because it just simply puts together one of the most fascinating messages out there: lack of collaboration or teamwork can be fatal to a project’s life. Indeed, whether you are working in a project with a particular team or whether you belong to a community unless you collaborate there is probably no space for you and the rest of the team or the community would probably let you know about it quite up front. The key to work in a team, a community or whatever other larger group is one’s own capability to collaborate, to share knowledge, to learn from others. And failure to do that will just make any project fail. Like you can see in this Balance animation.

As I said it is a bit disturbing as well but, hopefully, will bring forward a positive message with regards to how people should behave whenever they need to get involved with other people in order to produce something. Working alone will not take you anywhere. Working with others in a team / community as a team / community member will get you as far as you may have set up the limit for. You decide how far you want to go.

“Knowledge is Power”Sir Francis Bacon

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Resistance Is Futile – I May As Well Embrace It

(Migrated weblog post from LSR)

That is just the weblog title from one my weblog entries in my Intranet weblog that I shared earlier on today. Indeed resistance is futile and I am very excited about it. For quite some time now I have always been able to resist the temptation of getting my hands on an iPod. I have been delaying it over and over again thinking that one day I will get myself one, but it would be one day.

Well, folks, that day may be sooner than what I had anticipated. I decided to actually get one by XMas as a present, but after the weekend I spent in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Link in Spanish), specially in Las Canteras beach, I decided I cannot wait any longer. So yesterday I have placed an order to get my iPod (The 60gb one!) and they are preparing the shipment already. So I should be getting it in 3 to 7 working days. I can’t wait !

But the excitement didn’t just end up there. When I weblogged about it in my Intranet weblog, I was asking also some of my colleagues to give some tips about how I could get the best out of the iPod, what other online resources were out there and how people were using this cool gadget. And right away I got a whole bunch of replies from some regular readers of my weblog telling me a number of different web links I should check out. Here they go:

  • iPodLounge
  • Everything iPod
  • iPod hacks
  • CopyCod
  • iPodWizard
  • Winamp iPod Plugin
  • Diggnation
  • This Week in Tech

    They also provided me with some tips on how I could get the most out of my iPod and while I have been reading about most of the stuff I am just amazed at the huge amount of resources there is. And this is where all the excitement is coming from. Not just from getting the iPod delivered to where I live but also the fact that there are lots of helpful resources out there that I can check out or Google around. And this is really good news because I was kind of weary that I wouldn’t be able to navigate through the thousands of web links, tips, tricks, etc. etc. out there, but by the looks of it I am off to a good start, at least, from what I can gather with the links I mentioned above already.

    However, I want to let this weblog post open somehow and if anybody out there from the elsua regular readers thinks there is a resource related to iPods that I should be aware of, or that it may well be a must-have link, I would appreciate if you would let me know by appending a comment or contacting me offline. Also I would be interested in hearing how you folks may have been using this great gadget in unsual ways, other than to store music, podcasts, etc. etc.

    Yes, indeed, I know, this is another newbie who has just succumbed to the temptation and will be assimilated by the iPod but I am planning to have lots of fun in the mean time. And you will get to find out later on as we go along how I am using it to continue gathering my thoughts around Knowledge Management, Collaboration and Communities (Got some ideas already ;-)) … Apart from having some additional good fun ! The countdown has just got started !

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    (Migrated weblog post from LSR)

    When was the last time you saw a really funny advert about the impact Opera is having in the end-users web browsing experience(s)? Hummm … exactly! That is what I thought. Quite some time ago (if ever). One of the key items that Opera needs to continue working really hard on is promoting its usage as one of the best alternatives out there as far as Internet browser suites are concerned. And in doing so sometimes you need to spice things up a bit or continue stirring the pot a whole lot more, always trying to look for alternative ways of delivering strong messages.

    Take, for example, Funnyfox. A relatively simple web site with three, really funny, small videos that will certainly help you stick around with the idea that FireFox is a web browser worth while a try, even if it is just to see if you would get the same kind of effect as in the videos themselves. Each of them has got its own catch, something that will make you remember them for some time and what is the message they are trying to deliver? Indeed, FireFox is a cool browser to try out and enjoy its experience.

    So what is Opera doing in this space? I can certainly imagine that the Opera Blogs may well help in spreading out the message, however, sometimes you need to do things with a twist in order to get your audience listening and getting your message. Maybe it is time to see Opera’s logo go for a real spin and fly higher up than ever before. Getting the message out is a good thing, but most of the times getting the right funny message will actually be much more effective. At least, Funnyfox has made it and its messages will stick around for a while.

    So Opera are you ready to take on the challenge ?

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    The Biggest I Have Ever Seen So Far

    (Migrated weblog post from LSR)

    I have just had one of the best weekends in a long while, more than anything else because, apart from hanging out with some really good friends of mine, I have witnessed, for the second year running, one of those activities that just make you drool all over the place for quite some time. Indeed, the town where I live was having some celebrations as part of some local festivities and this year, like in previous years, the event to close such a fantastic week was to invite everyone to a wonderful paella. Everybody from the village and outside of the village was invited to participate from this amazing culinary event.

    The paella was meant to be for about 7,000 people. Indeed, 7,000 people !!! And although I didn’t get a chance to measure how long the diameter must have been I would think that the paella may have been close to about 15 meters wide. WOW! That is a huge paella, isn’t it? Well, just to show what it was like this week I am sharing in my Flickr account some of the pictures I took. Needless to say that the whole event was just magnificent ! The paella was good, the atmosphere was just out of this world and everybody had enough to eat for quite some time. So next year, of course, I am going back for some more. Opportunities like this to enjoy such a joyful event do not come across to you very often. So next year I am hoping I will be weblogging about this same event and will probably be sharing some pictures, too. But for the time being enjoy these I took while we were eating. Enjoy them !

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