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IBM Lotusphere 2008 – Highlights from Second Day – Monday 21st

I know I was initially supposed to provide some sort of semi-live con-blogging experience at Lotusphere while I was there, but I must say that with all of the excitement of meeting a bunch of the folks I have been hanging online with for a while and also trying to digest some of the super interesting announcements made there, it didn’t give me much  a chance other than to jot down a few thoughts, which I am then converting into highlights for each of the days from the event itself, hoping to expand further on it as time develops further. So here is the first of a long blog posts detailing some of the major highlights I went through and experience during this past week attending what, to me, has been one of the events of the year! No doubt!!

Here is how I saw it and experienced it …

And here we go with the Second Day highlights, well, Day 1, really, of the IBM Lotusphere event in Orlando that I’m attending this week. As you may have seen already, there have been plenty of different blog posts put together already around the different sessions people have been attending already, so I am just going to continue posting what, to me, have been the highlights of this second, well, first day of the event. I’m not going to provide as many detail as you would have expected, having read other blog posts, more than anything else, because yesterday I decided to share my thoughts directly through my twitterings, from the different sessions I attended, and I think it was good enough with that Twitter storm than just putting everything together.

So without much further ado, here you have got some of my highlights from yesterday’s event. I do realise that most of the presentations are going to be shared online already and will probably be coming back and forth to them and link to them accordingly, but here is how my day went yesterday…

LotuSalon session with Ze Frank, Jane McGonigan and Golan Levin

The day started with a new type of session held at Lotusphere for the first time called LotuSalon, where three panelists gave a little bit of an introduction on what they are doing and then time for some intensive Q&A on a wide range of various topics. As you may have seen from the heading the panelists this time where: the one and only, Ze Frank, where he shared some of superb stuff he has been doing over the course of the years. Of course, he talked about The Show and how the Internet is changing the way people participate and engage in different group activities as part of the various communities they associate themselves with.

Then Golan Levin where he was actually showing a number of the different visualisations he has been doing and which are shown at his own Web site. Some amazing stuff going on in there as well. Check out some of the stuff related to sounds, specially. Really worth while to be honest.

And, finally, the third panelist was Jane McGonigan, who was rather inspirational sharing her insights on how the gaming industry is taking over the corporate world in order to help knowledge workers improve the way they share their knowledge, collaborate and socialise. Some really good stuff in there! I twittered quite a bit about it with some really good quotes from her on how games are changing the workforce for the better. May be referring back to them as I get to blog some more, once I find out where the session will be posted online, if it gets posted.

From there onwards, lots of great questions and interactions from the audience, covering topics such as the role of gaming in helping our kids socialise with their peers, how art is being influenced by the Internet into making it much more participative, wonderfully chaotic and rather stimulating. Also commentary was shared on the lack of life from bloggers … heh I’ll let you figure that one out! 😉 And from there onwards we came to a close of the session, session that was incredibly energising and inspiring and that got us to a superb start of a busy day.

Main Tent Session with Mike Rhodin and Bob Costas

From there onwards, we got off to a quick break and ready for the main tent session. They were actually two main sessions, one after the other, to accommodate the high expectations from everyone attending and must confess that those expectations were met and big time!! Unbelievable show with a wonderful musical start and with plenty of announcements, demos and major news taking place. I’m going to keep it short on this one, since I have twittered extensively about the entire session, but I can honestly say that there have been some massive announcements that I will be touching base on over the next few days… For the time being check out the Twitter storm on the subject or have a look at Ed Brill‘s & Alan Lepofsky‘s takes on it. Oh, and if there is anything from those announcements that you would want me to cover first, by all means, feel free to drop a comment and will cover them as soon as I possibly can.

Stay tuned for plenty more to come up!! Yes, that is right. One of the things that I will be doing from here onwards is that I will be sharing with you folks some more extensive information details on plenty of the different announcements made. So very shortly you will see me talking about the joint partnership with RIM for the mobile workforce, also IBM and SAP’s joint product development called Atlantic, Notes 8.5 on the Mac (Which I am just about to install over the next few hours and something I have been looking forward to big time!), Notes 8 Composite Applications & the integration with Google gadgets, Lotus Symphony, Sametime 8.0 as we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Sametime IM client, Lotus Foundations, Lotus "Bluehouse", Lotus Mashups, Lotus Connections v2.x, Lotus Quickr, and the list goes on and on and on… Yes, I know, plenty of good stuff for me to talk about! 🙂

IBM Adoption of Social Software Booth

After the main tent session and with all of that excitement building up, it was time for me to actually do some work. One of the reasons why I was going to Lotusphere this year was to actually do some booth duty with the rest of my new team talking to various different folks about how IBM is adopting a number of different social software tools, in order to help drive collaboration, knowledge sharing and innovation into a new level.

So for a few hours every day all of us spent some time hanging out on that booth sharing our experiences on how we have been using social software, how our teams and communities in the wider IBM are doing it at the moment. Throughout all of this booth time we actually met quite a few people who were not only interested in social software, but actually asking the right questions about it, which is something that I thought incredibly re-energising as it gives a clear message of how more and more companies are starting to embrace social software and, in quite a few examples, rather successfully as well!

This was actually one of the main highlights from the conference event as it gave me the unique opportunity to get to know my colleagues, who are all over at the other side of the pond, but at the same time it helped me get a good overview of where things are with the adoption of social computing in the corporate world. Looking good so far!

Introduction to Web 2.0: Trends in Collaboration, Innovation, and the Changing Workforce with Carol Jones & Christopher Paul

After my booth duty time was finished, and after having had a superb lunch with one of the most impressive, and fastest growing, social computing ambassadors communities, I decided to spend the rest of the afternoon attending a couple of speaker sessions. Like I mentioned before, my plan was to attend any of those sessions where social computing and Web 2.0 / Enterprise 2.0 would be part of the main theme. And at this time I had the chance to attend my first one.

And no other than by Carol Jones (IBM Fellow and e-goddess) & Christopher Paul on Web 2.0: Trends in Collaboration, Innovation, and the Changing Workforce. I couldn’t tweet about it quite a lot, since at the time we had a number of different network issues, but I can tell you that it surely was worth it. For those of you who have been reading this blog most of the stuff may have been something you were already familiar with, but for those folks who are still getting into Web 2.0 and try to figure out what the fuss & hype is on social computing it is one of those presentations that certainly helps knowledge workers find out what it’s all about and how to get the most out of it.

In it you would be able to see how popular concepts like blogs, wikis, syndication, social bookmarking, ratings, comments, etc., etc., get mixed with others which are starting to pick up inside of the corporate world, i.e. mashups. Like I said, if you are already familiar with Web 2.0, there may well be not much you would have learned, but if you were new to the whole area of social computing, their presentation was probably as good as it would get. Something like Enterprise 2.0 Basics!

I know that the presentation materials are available for download for those folks attending the event, so it is on a server where folks need to authenticate, so not sure whether I can share it online over here or in Slideshare, but will have a look and see if I can make it available there already. Nevertheless, it was worth it.

Enterprise 2.0: The Future of Enterprise Collaboration is Now with Mike Gotta & Karen Hobert

Right after Carol’s & Chris’ session, there was another one that I surely was looking forward to, way before the event would get started, as one of the speakers is someone I know for quite a while from our blogging activities and I surely took the opportunity to meet them face to face while in there. Yes, I am talking about Mike Gotta (And his colleague Karen Hobert). They did a superb job and as far as I am concerned, it was one of the best sessions from the entire event!

Their presentation was, perhaps, one of the most realistic and straight to the point decks I have seen in months around the subject of Enterprise 2.0 and how the corporate world can start adopting, effectively, social computing. You know, there are folks out there who are very much in favour of Enterprise 2.0, then you have got those others who don’t buy into Enterprise 2.0 as representative enough to change the way things are operating already and then you have got Mike’s & Karen’s session, where they actually tried, and succeeded!, in providing a link, a bridge, between both groups and show in a critical, but constructive manner, how realistic Enterprise 2.0 is and how most companies can get things going.

Like I said, one of my favourite sessions from the entire event and a session that I am surely going to talk about separately, as soon as I can get hold of the slide deck and can share it as well separately. I know that Mike was ok with me sharing the deck, so expect to have it over here shortly. Oh, one other thing you are going to enjoy from that slide deck is how Mike & Karen have provided a really good bunch of tips and techniques on how to adopt successfully within the corporate firewall a number of social software tools: blogs, social bookmarks, syndication feeds, wikis, social networking sites, etc.

At the same time they spent some time talking about the different challenges that Enterprise 2.0 faces and how you can overcome them with a good set of recommendations they shared with us all during the course of one hour. Like I said, indispensable and highly recommended, to say the least! And not to worry, you will get your hands on it shortly, too!


From there onwards we got ready to enjoy the rest of the evening taking part of JAMfest, one of those events that will surely get your feet going for quite a while and make jamming worth it all the way! As you may have noticed already, I took several pictures of the various sessions and events I attended today and some of the folks I got to know during the course of this day and in the spirit of sharing I have scattered around a number of them in this blog post with some of those highlights as well.

Finally, I guess if I were to mention a single highlight from that particular day I think it would have been the networking I surely engaged with from various folks I have been following for a while and whom I finally got the opportunity to meet up and share some more stuff in real life! I have said this many many more times, if there is anything that surely makes it worth while going to whatever event, it’s got to be the networking part of it. And in this particular case it does apply as well to myself and the wonderful day I spent hanging out with the usual suspects, yes, you know who you are. heh

Not going to mention any of them, just in case someone may get offended for not being mentioned! But suffice to say that in my Flickr stream for Lotusphere 2008 you will be able to see who they are. As time goes along I will be annotating each of the pictures and adding some tags. For the time being here you have got some more from that Monday 22nd! As you can see, a day not to forget not only because attending the first day of what it then became a wonderful event, but also because I had finally got the opportunity to meet up and hang out with some of the folks I’ve been wanting to learn some more from all along! Here is to another exciting day the morning afterwards …

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Back from IBM Lotusphere and Celebrating 11 Years at IBM!

After 27 hours in transit, I am, finally, home! Yes, that is right, after over a day of travelling I am now back, coming from one of the best conference events I have ever been to in my short career in the IT world: Lotusphere 2008!!! What a blast, indeed, folks! I mean, I had very very high expectations and everything about the whole event, after having talked to different people about it for quite a while, but this past week has been just incredible! So much so that on the way back I just couldn’t help thinking about the great time I had, the awesomeness from all of the folks I met while in there and the incredible amount of stuff I learnt all along. And all that probably helped me enjoy those 27 hours of travelling back since it didn’t feel like I would be too tired. Yes, I am sure, it was the excitement kicking in!

Anyway, you would remember how last blog post I put together over here was detailing a little bit on the highlights from the first day of Lotusphere, Sunday 19th. From there onwards things just went incredibly busy and massively hectic and just didn’t have much time to update the blog. Instead, as you would all imagine, I decided to dedicate my time to one of the activities I like the most about conferences: networking. And that’s what I did! And big time! Oh and plenty of twittering as well! Yes, I realise that I didn’t have a chance to say "Hi!" to a whole bunch of folks I would have wanted it to, but it surely was a good start to put together a face and a voice to those folks I have been reading or connecting virtually with for quite some time now! Priceless!! Hanging out with various different folks till the early hours of the morning, closing the bar brings back lots of good memories from previous conference events I may have attended.

Anyway, I am now back home already for a few hours and while I am trying to keep myself awake, since I don’t want to just get to bed too soon, I am starting to wade through various different blog posts I’ll be putting together about the Lotusphere event itself. Pretty much along the very same lines as the highlights entry I mentioned earlier on, so you can expect over the next day or so about four long blog posts on the subject. Then from there onwards, there is just so much I would want to talk about and mention over here from what I saw / talked about while in there, that I am probably going to spend a few days sharing further insights with regards to some of the incredibly exciting announcements that went live while in there! I am hoping that would be all right with you folks, if you see that over the next few days I may be talking a bit far too much on such IBM event, but I think it’s worth it.

Oh, and talking about announcements, I just realised that, while I was at Lotusphere 2008 in Orlando, I made one of those huge achievements that I never thought would have been possible. Yes, that is right. For someone who studied to become an English teacher it’s funny to think that earlier on this week, on the 20th of January 2008, I actually made 11 years working for IBM!! Wooohooo!! That is just huge!

That’s right! I started working for IBM in a contractor company back in 1997 and supporting the mainframe for the UK. Then from there onwards I managed to get into the training department from the overall project, and from there moving forward into Knowledge Management and Social Computing spaces. Till now. Quite an experience, I tell you! And fast forward to today, 11 years and still going strong!

With all of the stuff that was going on during the event I even forgot about my own IBM anniversary and didn’t blog about it. So, now that I have got a few minutes and in order to help me stay awake, here I am putting together these lines to wish me another 11 years of good and exciting work doing the stuff I have been enjoying for the last few years! KM, Collaboration, Communities, Learning and Social Computing!!

Of course, regular blogging activities will resume for this particular blog shortly, once I am done with my mail backlog, or, and stay tuned, because I’m also preparing an entry on how I am going to get rid of e-mail in 2008 to share my knowledge and collaborate with other folks using social software tools… But that’s a story for another blog post…

(It’s good to be back again!)

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IBM Lotusphere 2008 – Orlando, FL. – 20th to 24th January – I’ll Be There! And You?

As you may have well already read over at Dennis Howlett‘s Irregular Enterprise blog, or through my various twitterings, this coming Saturday I will be travelling again to the US to attend my first conference of the year and must say that I will be starting with an awesome event that I have been looking forward to for the last couple of years. Yes, indeed, this coming Saturday, and till Friday afternoon next week, I shall be in Orlando, Florida, attending IBM‘s Lotusphere 2008!!!

To say that I am incredibly excited about the whole thing is probably an understatement, because I know I am off to a wild ride (Never better said!)!! This time is going to be a special occasion as well, since I will not be presenting at the event itself. I will just be splitting my time in attending as many of the sessions as I possibly can and hanging out at the "Social Software @ IBM" booth where I will be talking to a whole bunch of customers on the topic of social software, social computing and how IBM is making use of such tools to improve the knowledge sharing and collaboration across the enterprise.

At the same time I will be spending quite a bit of time demoing, while talking, of course, some of the most interesting IBM social software tools that have been coming along over the last few months, as well as giving folks a teaser about a couple of them that haven’t seen the light publicly just yet, but of which you will find out some more about very very soon! One of them, specially, is the one holding me from sharing the slide deck and pitch I did at the recent IBM iForum event in Zurich that I have been talking about quite a bit. Stay tuned because that one is coming up shortly as well! Thus if you are around and are willing to spend some time seeing what’s going on in that space come over to the "Social Software @ IBM" booth and say "Hi!" 🙂

As I get myself more and more exposed to various different details, I shall be sharing them over here. However, there are already tons of materials available all over the place that you can check out to see what the event is going to be like.  As a starter check out the Technorati tag for the event: Lotusphere2008. Then you can head over to Planet Lotus, which I am sure is going to be raving with commentary throughout the event (Already got started!). There is also a Ning space built up for the occasion as well as a Twitter channel. And the list goes on and on and on…

Also, and while you are busy trying to figure it all out, you may want to check out the link to the Tracks and Sessions to see some of the outstanding materials that will be presented throughout the few days the conference lasts. I would be, of course, very interested in following up with all of the different sessions related to social software and social computing (InsideLotus – Lotus, Portal and Collaboration Software has actually put together a very nice summary in this case, if you would want to read further on it right away).

Oh, you may be thinking that checking out all of the different sessions and tracks through the Web site is not really that friendly, right? Well, here is Genii Software coming to our rescue and putting together a superb Lotus Notes database with which you can navigate through the entire event and find the sessions you would be interested in! Here is another link to one of the most recent blog posts on the topic where you would be able to read some more about it. This would certainly become really handy, while I am stranded in airplanes for over 20 hours this coming Saturday, don’t you think?

Finally, there is one other thing that I would want to share further with you. Stay tuned for the various multiple updates that would be coming from various prolific Lotus bloggers, because I am sure they are not going to stop a single minute before, during and after the event. Special attention to Ed Brill‘s blog, Alan Lepofsky‘s, Chris Reckling & Ted Stanton’s InsideLotus, Mary Beth Raven‘s blog, Rocky Oliver’s Lotus Geek and The Taking Notes Podcast blogs, amongst many many others, because I am sure they will all keep you busy for quite a bit. Oh, and I, too, would be looking forward to Blogging community birds-of-a-feather, of which you can read plenty more over at Ed’s blog.

In short, it looks like it is going to be one of those events difficult to forget! Plenty of good fun all around! And since it is my first Lotusphere I bet I am going to enjoy it even more! More than anything else because I am seriously looking forward to meet up with a bunch of folks I work with in this distributed world day in day out, also meet up with some of the folks I have been reading of their blogs for so many years (It surely is going to be nice to put a face behind the quality writings); and finally get together on to some really good discussions with various different people on social software and social computing! What else can I ask for?

Oh, yes, I got myself an extra battery for the MacBook Pro I’ll be bringing in with me, so it looks like I am all set! Let’s hope that the network connection would work as you would expect (So that I can blog about some of the stuff that would be going on during the event); that I get the chance to show the demos the way I intend to (Yes, indeed, I will be using the Mac for those, too!! 😉 ) and that I am able to find the folks I want to meet up amongst the several thousand people attending!! So if you are around in Orlando during that time (Starting this coming Saturday and till Friday morning) and want to say "Hi!" or go together for a drink or two while doing some massive social networking … stay in touch! You can comment on this blog post, contact me through Twitter, or Facebook, or the Ning Lotusphere space, or e-mail, or … well, you know where to find me 😉

See you there!

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What’s in a Name? – Knowledge Management 0.0 2008 Conference Event

Over the last couple of days my head has been buzzing around with what promises to be quite an adventure, for sure. Yes, indeed, I am talking about the "Next Generation Knowledge Sharing & Learning Online Conference Event – In Spring 2008?", which I blogged about a couple of days ago. Since that blog post, and after various conversations in Twitter, a number of different ideas and conversations have started to come together and by the looks of it, it sounds like the thought of a face to face event here in Gran Canaria is gaining more and more momentum by the minute. I am in the process now of checking a number of different things and how they could work together, which, for those of you familiar with hosting these kind of events I am sure you can relate to a great extent.

At this point in time, I cannot confirm anything at the moment, since I am just getting started with various different conversations trying to find out how we could make it happen, but the fact that we have got about 40 people interested thus far (And more coming up, I am sure) is a good enough start for us, I would think. I have been thinking that having an event with about 200 for the first edition may well be an interesting beginning and already having 20% of that target audience is a good enough motivation to keep moving things further. Or, at least, try to.

I am sure that, when the time comes, I will be probably asking for some additional help and advice on a number of different topics, but for the time being I thought I would bring up to you folks what I have been thinking as far as the title of the conference is concerned, so that you would have the opportunity to chime in and share your thoughts on it. I know that quite a few of you have already engaged on a superb conversation on a previous blog post I put together (Which I will be chiming in sharing some more thoughts on the topics discussed thus far) and somehow I have the feeling that you will like the title of the conference I’ve been thinking about: "Knowledge Management 0.0 2008 – Bridging the Gap" (Or "Back to Basics"). In short, "KM 0.0 Bridging the Gap".

How did I come up with such title? Well, like it happens in most cases. Through a serendipitous knowledge discovery. I was going through the superb Knowledge (News)Letter that David Gurteen gets to send around every now and then on some really hot topics related to Knowledge Management. In it I found a short reference to one of my favourite KM bloggers from quite some time now: Dave Pollard, where David pointed to, what to me, is one of the best definitions on what Knowledge Management is all about. And you all know how I feel on trying to define KM. Never have done it, and not sure I am going to start now!

But one thing for sure is that if you are into Knowledge Management, whether it is traditional KM or KM 2.0 (More on this later, by the way), I strongly suggest you have a look into one of the most impressive blog posts that Dave Pollard has put together on the subject for a little while now: KM 0.0 – Simply Enabling Trusted Context-rich Conversations among Communities that Care. I read the blog post a couple of weeks ago and had it in my drafts for a potential upcoming blog entry on the subject, but all of a sudden I had one of these ah-ha! moments when re-reading it that I just couldn’t help bringing it forward…

Dave just put together the very exact purpose of the conference I would love to make happen in 2008 in Gran Canaria. And all of that because of this particular definition on Knowledge Management:

"KM is simply the art enabling trusted, context-rich conversations among the appropriate members of communities about things these communities are passionate about"

Whoooaaahhh! Never thought I would feel so identified with a KM definition like that one. And one that clearly represents the spirit of the conference event I would love to host, if everything works out all right.

I know I still haven’t written down the blurb for what the main description of the conference event would look like, but after reading that quote and after reading Dave’s post, you know where I will be heading. Pay particular attention to the table he has put together on that entry on KM 1.0: All about Content & Collection and KM 0.0: (PKM): all about context and connection.

This is exactly why I am more than happy to call it KM 0.0 2008; back to the roots of how Knowledge Management was first envisioned a few years ago, as Dave has nicely indicated in this particular paragraph:

"At the request of several readers, I’ve pulled this all together in the table above into a framework for what some have called KM 2.0, but which I prefer to call KM 0.0, because it’s getting back to the roots of why and how people share what they know. It could also be called PKM — Personal Knowledge Management — because it’s about self-managed content and peer-to-peer connectivity."

I tell you, that blog post is just so spot on with the spirit of what I have envisioned for the conference event, based on the various different conversations taking all over the place and my own thoughts as well. So much so that I have contacted Dave on the subject and he is game for us to make use of Knowledge Management 0.0, a.k.a. KM 0.0, which is something that I am hoping to be re-using more and more over here, as, like I said, I am feeling incredibly identified with it.

Thus what do you think? Nothing concrete, of course. I know how touchy the selection of a title for a conference event is going to be like, but this is what is in my mind at the moment. And would love to hear your thoughts, opinions, ideas, suggestions, etc. etc. on the topic. Would KM 0.0 2008 work for you? Go ahead and share your thoughts over here, or contact me offline or carry on further the conversations with me in Twitter. After all, this is not just my conference, but our conference. And now it is your turn to weigh in your two cents 🙂

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Next Generation Knowledge Sharing & Learning Online Conference Event – In Spring 2008?

While I am just about to finish editing the audio recording (And fine tune the slide deck that will go with it) from my pitch on Social Computing @ IBM at the recent IBM iForum event in Zürich, and while trying to wrap up everything at work since tomorrow is my last working day for the remaining of the year, earlier on today in Twitter a crazy thought came up from James Dellow after I mentioned in one of my twitterings how one of my abstracts for a conference event, taking place next year, on the state of social computing, was rejected. From there onwards, Dennis McDonald also jumped in, along with Steve Collins, Kelly Drahzal (a.k.a. Kellypuffs), Mark Masterson, Nancy White, LittleLaura, Ryan Boyles, Thomas van der Wal, Ryan Lanham and Jasmin Tragas so far. And before we knew it we had a whole bunch of folks in Twitter interested in the overall event (Plus those who contacted me already offline!).

Look at that!?!?! Who would have thought that Twitter would have such a huge and immediate impact where a bunch of folks passionate on a particular topic, i.e. social computing, will be gathering together into participating on an online conference event around the subject of Knowledge Sharing and Learning and the impact social software is having in both of them? Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

From there onwards, we were all thinking about a potential title and theme for the conference. Nancy White came up with some really good comments on a potential direction: "I have been struggling with "what it is" And it is not just personal. It is organizational. KS, knowledge creation and application. And yes, some management" and so did LittleLaura: "like the idea of KM and IM and info architecture, importance often gets forgotten with all the hype of modern media these days!", along with Kapil Gupta with some really good suggestions: "I only saw part of your conversation about nextgen KM conf, but sounds like you need is something like a barcamp for KM -in SL maybe?"

And in just a matter of minutes things are starting to pave out quite nicely. No, we haven’t finalised a title yet, nor a theme for the overall conference event. So far we have agreed it would be best to host an online event, pretty much like the rather impressive and superb eLearning Technology – Corporate Learning: Trends and Innovations that Tony Karrer, and a few other folks, helped put together not long ago and which I will also blog about in the near future (Catching up with the recordings and blog posts at this moment in time).

But before we move forward on to figuring out the next thing (Establish the final title of the conference, overall logistics, online venue, themes and speaker sessions, etc. etc.) and seeing how not many of the folks who get to read this blog or James Dellow’s ChiefTech are actually hanging out in Twitter, I thought I would poll you folks over here on whether there would be any people out there interested in having such event taking place, some time during the course of 2008, perhaps in the spring. Still to be decided, indeed.

What do you think? We haven’t figured out just yet either how long it would be taking, but I am sure that we could come up with some suggestions in here on the overall length of the conference, and the final format. For now, just querying the folks who get to read blogs on social computing, knowledge sharing and learning topics, plus anyone else interested in the subject. What do you think? Feel you would be able to find some time during spring next year to participate in such an event? Rather as a speaker in whatever the three fields (Or, whatever other you would feel would be relevant for the current trend of discussions held thus far), or as an active participant? Either way would work for us.

Well, here is your chance to weigh in. Share with us below, as a comment, or contact me offline, whether you would want that event to take place or not, whether you would want to participate as an speaker or not, whether you may be able to help volunteer some time to help out with the logistics and whatever else. Like I said, this initial blog post is a little bit to touch base on exploring the potential of hosting such online event to help shape how social computing is impacting Knowledge Sharing / Knowledge Management and Learning in the corporate world.

Thus go ahead and share those comments with us! A simple Yes / No would do as well. No need to elaborate much more right now, if you wish to. Just getting a sense on whether it would be worth while pursuing or not… What do you feel? Fancy joining us altogether to shape the way we are embracing social software within the corporate world to dramatically change the way we share our knowledge, learn and collaborate with other knowledge workers?

Then let’s do it! Let’s make it happen!

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