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The Twitter Experiment – By Dr. Monica Rankin

After a couple of days off from my regular blogging activities, as I went on a business trip to Madrid for a couple of days end of last week to share some more thoughts and insights on social software adoption at an internal event, I am now back once more.[…]

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The Machine Is Us/ing Us – Transcending the Web

As you may have noticed, over the last few days I haven’t been blogging much over here in this blog, mainly due to lots of things happening while at work (Some of which I am hoping to be able to share plenty more about over the next few days…, specially[…]

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A Vision of Students Today – The Workforce of Tomorrow

There is nothing like getting started with another week at work by bumping into one video clip that you wish you would have been involved with big time. There is nothing like getting started with another Monday by watching and being inspired by, yet again, one wonderful video that clearly[…]

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Information R/evolution

Oh, boy, it sounds like this was one of those weeks where I should have been on holidays, because so far, over the last couple of days, I have been just as productive as I would have been if I were on vacation. Nothing. Zero. Nada. Yes, indeed, I am[…]

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