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Vienna – The K.I.S.S. Approach to RSS / Atom Feed Reading for the Mac

Tags: Mac, MacBook Pro, MBP, Apple, KISS, RSS, Atom, Feed Readers, Windows, Omea Pro, Mac, endo, NetNewsWire, Shrook, Google Reader, NewsFire, BlogBridge, Simplicity, Ease of Use, Productivity Tools, Vienna, Freeware, Knowledge Snippets, Knowledge Tools, Information Tools One of the things that I have been very conscious about this time around[…]

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Wikis, Blogs, RSS Aim for the Workplace – And about Time!

Tags: Web2Expo, Web2.0Expo, Social Computing, Social Networking, Social Software, Web 2.0, Enterprise 2.0, InfoWorld, Juan Carlos Perez, Innovation, Social Computing Adoption, Technology, Processes, People, Cultural Changes As you may have been reading already during the course of the last few hours, yesterday the Web 2.0 Expo got started with some[…]

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Adding RSS Feeds per Category or Why I Really Like WordPress

Tags: WordPress, Metablogging, Blogging Engines, RSS, Feeds, Syndication, Category Syndication, Blogging Tips, WordPress Support In the past, and in a couple of occasions, people have been asking me if I would be able to look into the request of placing RSS feeds per category in this particular weblog, so that[…]

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RSS for Newbies

Gina Trapani has actually shared a link, via Lifehacker, to a very good resource that I am sure I would be making use of it quite often in my quest to help more people understand a bit more and adopt this so-called social software hype. Indeed, in RSS for newbies[…]

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