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Staying Healthy – 11 Ergonomic Tips for Avoiding RSI

One of the biggest challenges we, knowledge (Web) workers, keep facing over the course of time, as we get more and more heavily involved with knowledge work being carried out through both traditional and emergent collaboration and knowledge sharing tools out there on the Social Web, is the fact that,[…]

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Mac Tip #1: MacBreakZ – Healthy Computing Made Fun

If you have been reading this blog for a little while now, or if you have been following me online in multiple social networking sites like Twitter, you will know how for the last 18 months I have seen the light and have become the proud owner of a MacBook[…]

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Directory of RSI Software

Every now and then I always keep trying to collect a number of different online resources and helpful tips on something so important for all of us, sitting in front of our computers, as helping prevent RSI, that is, Repetitive Strain Injury. Far too many times I have been exposed[…]

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