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Did You Know? Social Networks in Spain

Who hasn’t heard about the now incredibly popular series of video clips shared in YouTube, amongst several other places, under the heading "Did You Know?" to share some further insights on the kind of significant impact that social computing and social networks are having not only within the business world,[…]

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Did You Know? On Convergence and Technology

I am sure you would still remember that blog post I put together not long ago where I mentioned an interesting YouTube video that was making the rounds under the title Social Media Revolution (See "Welcome to the World of Socialnomics") and which I thought was coming pretty close to[…]

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Did You Know? Living in Exponential Times

And since we seem to be immersed with the visuals today, here is another YouTube video that will surely make you think on the topic of the impact of Technology and the Internet in our society. You may remember the series Did You Know? (Which I have been blogging about[…]

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