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What’s Next for the Social Enterprise? – #SocBizChat

La Palma - Roque Los MuchachosTweet Jams. Perhaps some of the most exhilarating, intriguing, mind-blowing, inspiring, and fast pacing online events out there on the Social Web that typically happen in a rather short time span, with hundreds of tweets, from a handful of top-notch really good quality experts on a given topic sharing generously with everyone their insights, experiences, know-how, practical hints and tips and whatever else. End-result? An adrenaline rush of new ideas, trends of thought, connections and a massive number of serendipitous knowledge discoveries that can leave you with a wonderful aftertaste to confirm why the Social Web matters: hyper-connectedness of both ideas AND people.

My favourite Tweet Jam event, and for a good while now, has always been the one that the smart and talented folks from CMSWire host on a monthly basis under #SocBizChat. One not to be missed, if you can, as you will be exposed to some of the most innovative first thinkers on this whole topic around Social / Open Business. Take, for instance, the one that was hosted for June 2013, earlier on last week, where the following hot topic was discussed and covered widely: What’s Next for the Social Enterprise?

These Tweet Jams usually have got a bunch of questions proposed by the CMSWire folks themselves around a particular topic that a pool of experts then get to answer and provide their insights on over the course of that 60 minute timeframe. So, for instance, this month, here’s the list of questions that were proposed for the subject mentioned above:

  1. What 3 key elements define the social enterprise?
  2. Is it important to distinguish between internal social practices & external marketing or customer related social or are they one & the same?
  3. What are the key challenges still blocking adoption of social in the enterprise?
  4. What role does IT play in the social enterprise?
  5. Wide vs. Narrow focus — how should social tools be deployed and why?
  6. Do any elements of 20th century business work in the social enterprise and if so, which?
  7. What three words would you ban from the social enterprise conversation?
  8. What is your vision for the future of the social enterprise?

From there onwards, that’s when the good fun starts, because over the course of just a few minutes you will start seeing dozens and dozens of live tweets going by covering those various different questions, along with multiple on-the-side conversations on the overall topic, reaching the state where at some point it’s almost impossible anymore to follow it all up! A real blast I can tell you that!

There used to be a time where, in the past, I made use of TweetChat in order to keep up with the flows of conversations, but since it is not working any longer I recently switched over to the rather nifty and powerful tool called Twubs. And it does make a difference following it all up from the traditional desktop / mobile clients or even the Web interface. So I am sticking around with it for now as perhaps one of the best options out there.

The really cool thing about these Tweet Jams though is not really the quality of the superb interactions that happen throughout such a short timeframe of 60 minutes, which would surely keep blowing away your mind time and time again. But it’s actually having folks, taking the time afterwards, curating the outcome of the Tweet Jam, sharing their favourite insights learned or discussed making up for a wonderful aftertaste of the event that can go on and on and on.

Usually, folks make use of CoveritLive or rather Storify (Like my fellow colleague Colleen Burns) as the potential options that there may well be out there to curate those tweets further along and share along the Storify links. One of my favourites, from last week’s event, was the one put together by my good friend, Greg Lloyd, who did an absolutely phenomenal piece of work capturing the vast majority of those golden nuggets into this Storify that I can certainly recommend folks out there to sit back, relax, grab a cup of coffee, or tea, or whatever your favourite beverage, and read through it to savour Greg’s brilliant curating skills. It will definitely be worth your time, I can guarantee you that!

As you go through the curated tweets, you would notice how I, too, was one of the panelists participating in the event as well sharing my insights on What’s Next for the Social Enterprise and I thought that, to close off this blog post, I would go ahead and grab those tweets that I initially shared trying to answer each and everyone of the questions that were put together and that I referenced above as well. I know sharing those tweets over here would act a little bit like teasers, but I am sure they would give you an opportunity to decide if you would want to tune in for next month’s CMSWire Tweet Jam, which I can certainly recommend you attend AND participate virtually in an effort to keep improving the overall user experience for all of us by participating in it getting exposed to plenty more different and varied points of view that would help enrich the event to no end. So, without much further ado, here you have the embedded tweets I shared to answer each and everyone of those questions:

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