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The Social Revolution – Remember Us

Gran Canaria - Puerto de MoganWe live in rather interesting, intriguing, complex, uncertain and wonderful times. We surely do. We live in times of extreme negatives juxtaposing themselves with extreme positives. We live in times where the Social Web has become that amplifier of (global / local) events, of our passions, of our emotions, of an unnerving polarisation of opinions and beliefs, where tolerance, compassion, empathy and caring, some times, all shine for their absence. Just like in the real world. Where did we leave all of those characteristics behind in our human nature? Have we forgotten what makes us all, human beings, unique in this world, where we have been given an exclusive, uncompromising, cherished opportunity to enjoy and celebrate it accordingly? Where have we left behind our innate social nature? Is there any hope left? Please do tell me there is. Please. Do.

In times where the world seems to keep rejoicing on narrating rather painful and excruciatingly demoralising extreme negatives, I just can’t help but for the rebellious and hippie 2.0 side of me to come out and fight back in search of extreme positives. I guess there is a reality out there that we may not be able to escape, tame nor mitigate, even, in terms of the amount of pain and suffering one might get exposed to, or suffer themselves, but the thing is that I am starting to feel it’s everyone’s responsibility to fight back. There is hope. There needs to be hope. Otherwise, what’s the alternative?

I do apologise to those folks who may be reading this blog post today, as I am fully aware it may well not be the article they were expecting. I know this is the kind of philosophical reflection that’s very rare to see in this blog, but I just couldn’t help fighting back. Please bear with me. I need to get it out of my system. Then things will be back to normal, the new post-normal. Like I said, having seen the unnerving (That word again!) increase of extreme negatives we all keep getting exposed to in our daily lives, I want to strongly believe there is a different way. A much different way. A better way. For all of us. 

And there is, apparently. Phew! I am really glad there is. I surely needed this extreme positive to compensate. I guess serendipity just decided to do its own magic once again, right when one needs it the most. Earlier on this week, and coming through my Google Plus stream, I bumped into this absolutely delightful, energising, refreshing, inspiring, jaw-dropping, thought-provoking YouTube video clip, that I am sure that once you all watch it through in its entirety it will restore your own faith in humanity. It surely did for me. If anything, because of that strong sense of hope permeating throughout the entire clip of the true potential we can achieve with that amplifier effect that is the Social Web.

In an age of polarisation, balance is key. It will always be. And although I certainly realise that video contains lots of kool-aid about us, human beings, it’s also undeniable that we are more than capable. Yes, indeed, we are capable of the most horrifying things, BUT, at the same time, we are more than capable of the most wonderful things. And that’s the reason I wanted to share this blog entry across to perhaps use it as a gentle reminder for us all about what we are here for. Remember? We live in rather interesting times. For real. We should just seek each and every single opportunity we may have to make a difference, to have an impact, to share, not through those negative experiences, since they are always the easy way out, but focus more on the positive ones. The ones that allow us to understand the negative being turned into a positive.

Those experiences that the Social Web has helped us treasure over the course of time with that amplifier effect of what we could all achieve if we just put our mind and intent into it. That’s just what the Digital / Social (R)evolution is all about. And, if not, judge for yourselves. Hit Play, sit back, pump up the volume, watch AND enjoy what we are capable of. Today:


See? There is hope. We, too, can do better. Much better. All of us. No exceptions. I guess we just need to be reminded every now and then that right when an extreme negative happens there is another extreme positive in the making just right around the corner. And perhaps that is the intent of this reflection in this post, that, whether we like it or not those negatives may always be with us all, as part of our daily lives, but I guess it’s also going to be up to us to decide how we are going to amplify them, or not, by making a much smarter, sharable, responsible and thoughtful use of the digital tools at our disposal.

Welcome to the Social (R)evolution!

Happy birthday, mum! 😀 [I love you very much!]

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  1. Thanks Luis, for this contribution, related to Social Media and the positive possibilities we inherit from using our heart as much as our brains! More and more people understand enough about computers now, to know that what you put in defines what will be the outcome of that input.

    Enough scientific research confirms that our Brain works very much the same way. Our thinking is often key in how we relate to our experiences. And our emotions are strongly influenced by what we THINK is the truth, based on our upbringing, culture and other personal experiences.

    My perception of the world is, that most of us have an experience that lifts us into a positive mindset. When we love any living creature (our partner(s), child(ren), parent(s), pet(s),…) we generally experience a positive emotion.

    Getting to know a person, then liking that person and possibly starting to trust that person, has always been, and still is, at the heart of human communities.

    The more we connect with other people from both our family culture(s) and other cultures, the more we understand our differences and our similarities (http://i5m.nl/x/kh2f-02).

    Indeed I agree: “Balance is Key!”
    And where our mind, our thinking, our programmed routines, sometimes triggers negative beliefs, distrust and passionate opinions about something we read, please let us take a moment to contemplate and give our heart a chance to consider not only the negative interpretation of what we read. When the writer is someone dear to us, someone we trust, would we not consider a positive intention in the message? And when we don’t agree with that message, would we not take some time to find the right words for our personal opinion and feedback on that matter?

    Let’s use our imagination in creating the world that we all would like to live in. A world where competition is not best served with a military approach, but instead with sportsmanship. A world where we respect other living beings, however different they may be.

    “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination”
    (Albert Einstein)

    Let us all use our imagination to create the world we really enjoy to live in. The world we would Love our children to live in!

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