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Social Media Revolution 2011

Gran Canaria - Degollada De Las Yeguas in the WinterWhat an amazing and exhilarating week altogether! I am now back from the Social Business Forum conference event in Milan (Check #sbf11 for some amazing live tweeting), that took place on June 8th, and my head is about to explode with plenty of new ideas, new experiences, and lots of great new stuff learned and acquired around Social Computing and Social Business, both with internal and external flavours, along with a whole bunch of new friends, as well as that token of gratitude and contentment of having met some good old ones and doing a proper catchup in real life with most of them and what they are doing. If you ever want to re-energise yourself or charge your batteries to keep living social #sbf11is a good one example of how it can be done! Highly recommended, for sure! No doubt!

Now, as you can imagine, I have got a whole bunch of things that I would want to talk about over here, in this blog, not only related to the overall content and outstanding quality of the speakers, along with the connections made through that couple of days, but also from the perspective of tech conference events in general. Lots to share. Perhaps, a quick note to get things going, have a look into the Social Business Forum Slideshare channel, where you can find already a whole bunch of the slides used by the speakers (Here are mine, of which I will talk about shortly as well…).

That would be a good starting point, indeed, while we are also awaiting for the recordings to come along. In my case, and while I’m putting some structure together into those upcoming blog posts with plenty of highlights of the event itself, I thought I would drop by over here today and share with you folks another gem that Erik Qualman has just released a couple of days back as part of the now famous Socialnomics initiative. Welcome to the Social Media Revolution 2011!

As usual, it’s one of those fun and interesting video clips that lasts a little bit longer than two minutes, while it goes through, rather quick, some amazing trivia around the social media landscape and its impact within both the corporate environment and our society as a whole. The clip itself is worth while having a look at, specially, if you are thinking about using some of the many nuggets included in it for your next upcoming presentations. So I thought it would be the perfect intro, and teaser, for the next round of blog posts with those highlights from the Social Business Forum conference event, as well as a great start of the weekend over here as well, which is just around the corner!

Hope you enjoy it, and do get ready for a massive update with plenty of good highlights from what I learned on one of the Social Business events I have enjoyed the most in the last few months, not only because of the content and the overall event itself, but also because of the networking and the various human elements behind it, and you will see what I mean with that very very shortly …

Have a good one everyone!

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