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Global, Local, Personal

Gran Canaria - Santa Lucia and Surroundings in the WinterOver the course of the last couple of years I have taken the chance to blog, every so often, about one of my favourite video series that has surely changed the perception of the real impact of the Social Web, not only within the corporate world, but also within our own society as a whole. Of course, I am talking about the Did You Know? series of video clips that keeps re-surfacing every now and then. One other interesting outcome of those clips is the good amount of spin-offs that abound all over the place on the Web, like today’s inspiring video that I thought I would share over here to kick off another week at work. It’s all about going Global, Local, Personal.

It lasts for a little bit over 4 minutes and it was originally presented at the Elisa ICT Symposium 2011 conference event in Helsinki, Finland. And apart from painting together a rather interesting landscape of the impact of the Internet, and the Social Web, in our lives, both at work, and in our personal relationships with others, whether co-located or not, the rather interesting part of the video clip is how it evaluates the impact of current trends like Cloud Computing and Mobility to set the stage of how we will be using the Internet in the next few years… More instrumented, intelligent, interconnected than ever. More integrated, even, into our daily lives.

What really resonated with me from the video itself though was the main theme permeating through these three keywords: Personal, Local, Global. Personal from the perspective of how critical context is as “the new battleground for business” (Couldn’t have agreed more with it!) and how we can probably no longer ignore it, nor neglect it, in a business environment as perhaps one of the most critical success factors for employee empowerment.

Local from the perspective of how that context is king and how through the use of social networking tools we have got that opportunity to localise our knowledge having access to globally available information. And, finally, global by helping introduce a concept I have grown very fond of over the course of years, specially, internally, at IBM: global integrated enterprise. Global companies helping define the next generation of the corporate environment for the 21st century combining nicely both that global reach with that local flavour of flattening organisations through the extensive use of social computing tools and, eventually, arranging work through networks and communities instead.

Not a bad start of the week, don’t you think?

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