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Enjoying a Disconnected Life in an Interconnected World

Gran Canaria - Caldera De Los Marteles in the WinterAs much as we all love being interconnected with our family and friends, our peers, our customers and business partners, etc. etc. through the Social Web, there are plenty of times when you know you probably should disconnect a bit to look around and treasure those precious little moments that one gets to enjoy in life, specially when living through those tiny things that really matter. Those that bring you a smile or two to your face in content and appreciation for what you have around you. Well, I am having, at this very time, some of those very same moments, as, once again, I hit the road and go for my next business trip to Barcelona, Spain, but taking some time off, this time around, to disconnect from things, connect in the physical world with those around me, re-charge my batteries a bit and get back for more! The end-result? Priceless!

That’s the main premise behind this week’s inspiring video that I bumped into a few hours back and which I thought would be the perfect kick-off for another week at work, where I’ll be travelling for most of the week, but that I’m hoping to keep up with some more blogging as the week develops. The thing I am hoping though, is that, as the video clip tells in a good number of rather compelling stories that I, and you, too!, find some time to disconnect from everything and find that space where you can not only treasure the moment you are experiencing, but also enjoy being the company of those around you who matter, because, at the end of the day, isn’t that what life is all about?

Here is that mind-blowing short video clip that will certainly do a much better job than myself describing what I meant with the original blog post title “Enjoying a disconnected life in an interconnected world” and which I think would make a perfect start for another exciting week:

Then, once our batteries are fully charged and we are ready for more, we just need to move into the next step,  the next challenge, which is when technology would help influence changes in real life in anything we can / do / want… Getting there? Most probably. Only time will tell … the truth is that it’s already started and there is no way back! Now more than ever! #nolesvotes

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