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State of Enterprise 2.0 Collaboration Survey by Chess Media Group

Gran Canaria - Caldera De Los Marteles in the WinterIf you have been following the #e20 and #socbiz hash tags in Twitter over the last few days (You should!, if you haven’t started just yet, if you would want to keep up with what’s happening around Social Computing within the Enterprise) you would know how the folks from Chess Media Group, with my good friend Jacob Morgan being the main instigator, are conducting a rather interesting study on Enterprise 2.0 and Collaboration where they are gathering input from 2.0 practitioners to share some further insights, going through a short questionnaire, of the state of Enterprise 2.0 and Social Business within their own firms. It’s worth it. Every bit of it. Have you completed it then? Not yet? You should.

It’s a rather short survey that will take you no more than 5 minutes to complete, but, at the same time, and like it usually happens in these cases, the more of us who get to spend a couple of minutes going through it, the much more accurate and relevant the results would be for us all. In it you will bump into questions around Enterprise Structure; Enterprise Maturity in the Organisation; Sponsorship, Ownership, Business Drivers and Adoption; Financial Performance and Satisfaction. Very insightful, to say the least!

All of the responses will be treated as confidential and, of course, they will not be used for other purposes. Then once the survey is complete they will be working on the results and publish them accordingly with us all. The rather interesting thing about this Enterprise 2.0 survey is that, as a token of gratitude for taking the time to complete it, you would have access to four different Enterprise 2.0 case studies from businesses who have already implemented Enterprise Social Software. To name, Booz Allen Hamilton for the Federal Government, Océ, Intuit and Vistaprint. Lots of great insights in each of those, I can tell you! (Look forward to the opportunity when I can spend some time blogging a bit about each of them, too!).

This piece of research by the Chess Media Group is eventually sponsored by both the Enterprise 2.0 Conference and the Social Business Forum and I would want to strongly encourage you all to take a few minutes today to fill it in and share your input across. I have already done that with my IBM hat on and I, for sure, would be looking forward to the final results, as I would bet there would be plenty of new insights with which we would all be capable of fine tuning our own 2.0 experiences behind the firewall.

Yes, indeed, and it would only take you 5 minutes. So for your upcoming next coffee / tea break, don’t you think? 🙂

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