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Life in a Connected Day

Gran Canaria - Pozo de las Nieves in the Winter Following up further with that series of blog posts I started a couple of weeks ago, where I would begin another week at work with an inspiring video clip or a story to share across (Remember The Mountain?), I thought I would get things going this time around not with one of those clips, but two of them actually! That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Specially, when both of them are trailers to upcoming films that will be coming out later on this year and that I just can’t wait to go and watch. More than anything else, because I think they would be rather special, if only judging by the teasers that have been making the rounds out there in the last few weeks. And, secondly, because both of them have got a lot to do with plenty of the topics I get to talk about over here every so often. So how about if we get started with “Life in a Connected Day“?

That’s right! The first clip is the wonderfully delightful trailer of the upcoming documentary film produced by Ridley Scott, directed by Kevin MacDonald and with film editor Joe Walker, called “Life in a Day” and which tries to portrait what a regular day is like in our human existence on this planet. If anything, the film, after just watching the trailer, is going to be leaving quite an unforgettable mark in us all. Without a single doubt! If not, judge for yourselves hitting Play on the embedded code shared below:

The second video clip I wanted to share across with you folks is another one very apropos of the topics we have been discussing over here for a long while now around social networking, social networks and sensing how connected we all are with people around us eventually. The trailer is from the upcoming film “Connected” by film director Tiffany Shlain and, after watching it, the video clip, I mean, I can surely guarantee you that not only would you feel very identified with the main theme permeating throughout the clip, but I am sure you would also be looking forward to watching it, just as much as I am myself. Here is the embedded code so you can start playing it right away, too, while you mark your calendars down for later on this year…:

Yes, I know! There are just far too many films I am looking forward to watching during the course of the summer and the fall, not to mention over the Christmas period, but there are a couple of them that I just can’t wait to watch them really soon. The sooner, the better! Like I said at the beginning of this short post, there is probably not many interesting and exciting things out there to watch other than “Life in a Connected Day“, don’t you think? I am sure I will be writing some more about both of them, specially, after I watch them, even though I realise it’s not something that I get to blog about much over here, but with these two I think we can all make an exception, don’t you think? 😉

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  1. Hi Luis!
    I like very much this kind of post,
    I love both trailer and like you, I’m also looking forward to watching them!
    thank you for sharing such inspiring thins!

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