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“elsua’s ragbag” – The State of Social Collaboration

Gran Canaria - Meloneras in the WinterI need an online ragbag. I need, and pretty badly, a Web based ragbag, easy to use, fast enough to interact with on the go, pervasive, available at all times through multiple venues (Including mobile), where I can dump things quickly and share them across with others, or make them available for future reference for upcoming blog posts, clippings or whatever else. I am seriously starting to get tired of having multiple local text files with hundreds of links, golden nuggets, precious little gems that only me is benefiting from, therefore with a rather restrictive value altogether. I need to do better. I need to start curating all of that content a bit more socially. I need to stop using those text files and start looking for something a bit more innovative and lasting (Yes, Twitter is no longer an option in this regard, I am afraid), where not just me would be benefiting from sharing those knowledge snippets. Thus, finally, jumping the shark, once again!, allow me to introduce you, over here, the re-launch of elsua’s ragbag“.

Yes, that’s right! For the third, or fourth time (Can’t remember anymore), that I have tried in the last few months I am going to make use of my Posterous site, once again. Although this time around with a slightly different twist. Instead of having the flavour of sharing entries that were more or less elaborate to a certain extent, I think I’m going to take a little bit more of a chaotic approach to it all and start using it again with that flavour of a ragbag: “a miscellaneous collection“.

Indeed, a collection of everything that catches my attention; of everything that I find somewhat interesting and that I would think may well be worth while sharing across with the mission to abandon my locally stored text file(s) for good, whether it’s a snippet or a clipping to an interesting blog post, or from a Web site, or a video, a learning resource, an interesting and relevant presentation or those little precious gems that one bumps into every so often, I am hoping that “elsua’s ragbag” will be the new home to all of those serendipitous knowledge discoveries, as my good friend Ana Silva beautifully explained in a brilliant blog post, just recently, over at “Embrace Change, Embrace Serendipity“.

It would also help me serve as an excuse to check out Posterous, once again, and see what other improvements and enhancements it’s had over the course of months, since the last time I checked it out, specially, as I am starting to have that feeling of being left out from other social networking sites given a good number of recent negative happenings around them. Yes, in a way, trying to figure out whether Posterous can help serve the purpose of a refuge from some awkward behaviours that other major social networking sites have been going through over the last few months, couple of years already. Who knows… it may stick altogether this time around … for good! We shall see…

For now, I feel that strong urge to give it a try, once again, and see how this new experiment goes. Here is the RSS feed, if you would be interested in subscribing to it. If you are a Posterous user already, you can connect with it, too! by subscribing to it directly from the site, and I thought that perhaps I could get things going now with elsua’s ragbag by sharing one of the snippets I have bumped into earlier on, worth while mentioning it over here as well, specially since it talks about the subject of “Social Collaboration“:

(Click on the infographic to enlarge it…)

Rather interesting, don’t you think? Well, these are the kind of tidbits I am hoping to be sharing across from here onwards… Let’s see whether this time around I can make it stick. Bring it on then!

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