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Nancy White and Suzy – An Intro to Twitter

Gran Canaria - Meloneras in the WinterOver the last few days, perhaps last couple of weeks, I have been having, once again, that ongoing love / hate relationship with Twitter, inclining itself a little bit more on the hate side of things this time around. Unfortunately. Specially, with #newtwitter, seeing how the overall user experience has deteriorated quite a bit over the last few months with a clunky (not working) search engine, missing dozens of tweets from the main timeline, as well as a bunch of Mentions and replies not showing up at all, or sharing private DMs in the public timeline (Which surely does open up the door to some public embarrassment); not to mention the latest known issue of Twitter Lists stopping to work properly for a good number of days and still not being fixed. And the list keeps going on and on and on. Can you imagine your business having an Enterprise microblogging platform, whether internal or external, behaving in such way for days, if not months already? What would your customers think about it? How would your employees react towards not being capable of doing their job properly interacting with activity streams? How much longer can Twitter put up with providing such poor quality (customer) service, even more so when, not long ago, it killed the one and only reason from its own success from the very beginning a few years back? Inquiring minds would love to know …

But then again, every so often, something magic happens through Twitter, not because of the application itself, as we all know already, but, of course, because of the interactions AND conversations people engage with, and experience fully, while collaborating, learning and sharing their knowledge across with their various networks. Certainly, it’s thanks to those wonderful and precious little moments that one sticks around with Twitter for as long as those networks hang around such social networking site. But how long then? That’s an interesting and rather thought-provoking question (“Blogging, emailing and messaging aren’t owned by anybody. Tweeting is owned by Twitter. That’s a problem“) that Doc Searls, and a few others, have been wondering about lately…

However, and while Twitter tries to figure out what it wants to do with its customer base, whether to keep them loyal or perhaps forget about them altogether and let them go elsewhere, I would want to focus, for this blog entry, on that magical moment I was exposed to earlier on… through Twitter, of course. Indeed, earlier on today, the always inspiring Nancy White shared this tweet as she pointed out to a recent video clip where she is featured with Suzy, quite an special character!, as she explains in this blog post, spending a bit over 8 minutes talking about Twitter and why twittering makes sense.

Well, that video learning session on Twitter is probably one of the most delightful, “over the shoulders” mutual learning interviews, that you are probably ever going to bump into. Yes, ever! It’s an absolute delight, a true magical moment to watch, rejoice and experience fully. Stop doing whatever you would be doing right now, just hit the Play button on the embedded code below and, just simply, enjoy it! From now onwards, after having one of those wonderful little moments that makes everything worth it, every time that someone asks me about any education or learning resources available about Twitter (And twittering in general), any user guides, any rules, any good practices, any best advice, any …whatever, I am surely going to point them to this fantastic and stunning experience of watching “Nancy White and Suzy – An Intro to Twitter“:

Nancy White & Suzy – An Intro to Twitter from CommunityMatters on Vimeo.

Please, please, please, dear Twitter, go and fix your issues very very soon, so that we can all get to enjoy many many more magical moments like this one from today!

Yours sincerely,

One of your many Twitter addicts!

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  1. I’m smiling, Luis. It was one of those magic moments when I met Suzie last Fall…

    Re your observations about Twitter. I’ve given up hoping for, searching for, always experimenting with tools. They disappoint me. But the people. Ah there’s the magic. Here I am having a crap day and I see your link and you made the day better. That’s magic.

    1. Hiya, Nancy! WOW!! That was a rather fast response! hehe Thanks much for dropping by and for helping spread the magic of why building and nurturing these interactions and conversations helps construct better, and much more meaningful, relationships amongst humans, which has always been the main premise behind technology (The means to an end, i.e. connecting people!).

      Happy to read this blog post has brought a smile on what seems like a tough day. Not to worry, tomorrow would be another day altogether where some more magic will be happening! 😀

      Thanks again for the inspiration! And for the sharing!

  2. Great post Luis!

    Would you mind if I syndicated it for a new email newsletter I’m launching?

    Oh – ha ha ha.

    No, really, I’m not joking – will DM you :0)

    1. Hiya, Jemima! Many thanks for the kind feedback and for dropping by! That sounds like a wonderful idea! Of course, feel free to syndicate the content across! I’ll be more than happy and it would be a true honour! Yes, I know, sounds ironic it’s for email, right? Well, there are some folks who would still need to go through some adjusting, but till then we need to get the content out to them! So feel free to do so! And thanks much! Greatly appreciated!

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