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The Mountain by Terje Sorgjerd

There is probably nothing better, and perhaps even more adequate, than getting started another week at work with something really inspiring that can get you going off to a great start, don’t you think? That’s why as I am about to get things going with what promises to be another one of those rather hectic and buzzing weeks, I thought I would create this short blog post with a link to one of those video clips that has been making the rounds already all over the place, but that one cannot stop watching over and over again. Of course, I am talking about “The Mountain” by Terje Sorgjerd. Can you spare a bit over three minutes as you get started with your own week at work? Not to worry, it will be worth it, I am sure. It is that good and so much more!

Terje is already a well known photographer, and film maker, after the stunning “The Aurora“, which I can also strongly recommend you have a look into, if you haven’t seen it just yet, but this time around with “The Mountain” he has surely raised the bar on redefining the concept of wonderfully beautiful. A couple of weeks ago he visited Tenerife, one of the neighbour islands from Gran Canaria, where I live, and certainly one of my favourite Canary Islands as well, to “capture the beautiful Milky Way galaxy along with one of the most amazing mountains I know El Teide“. And the end-result would probably exceed the expectations from anyone out there, even the most demanding. If not, judge for yourselves… Here’s the embedded code of the video clip he put together with some fantastic music that surely fits in right along with the overall theme and be ready to be wowed big time!:

The Mountain from Terje Sorgjerd on Vimeo.

Pretty amazing, don’t you think? I have watched it a few times already, and I am certain you would do, too!; and cannot help but remembering a whole bunch of great memories from when I was there a couple of years ago, on a short holiday break, enjoying one of the most wonderful and humbling life experiences I can remember having visited a couple of times Mount Teide and its truly inspiring National Park . Back then I went a bit crazy and took a whole bunch of photos (That I have put together in my Flickr account under the Tenerife set), so I couldn’t help it this morning, as I was sipping my cup of coffee, to go through a bunch of those pictures in the context of Terje’s video and remind myself I need to visit the island, and father Teide, once again. So this year, I am planning already on coming back very soon for plenty more and I can certainly recommend that if you haven’t been there just yet, make some time to spend a few days there, because I can guarantee you it would be totally worth while the visit … and the stay altogether.

Tenerife - Los Roques De García & Mount Teide

Tenerife - Los Roques De García & Mount Teide

Tenerife - Los Roques De García & Mount Teide

Happy week everyone! 🙂

Update 26/04/2011: And my good friend Ed Yourdon just tweeted across this particular article, where it is mentioned how Terje put together the final video clip having to work with up to 2.4 terabytes of data, to create one of those gems that one learns to treasure and love more and more every time you keep hitting the Play button. Mind-blowing probably falls very short on the description of Terje’s hard work. Well done and thanks much, Ed, for sharing it across! Much much appreciated!

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