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The Frontier Is Everywhere

After 26 hours in transit, I am finally in Orlando, FL, well rested and with everything ready to participate and attend IBM’s Lotusphere 2011 event from January 30th till February 3rd. However, after such a draining travelling experience (You probably don’t even want to know all of the details…) I knew I needed a bit of inspiration to kick off what I am sure is going to be one of those weeks difficult to forget in a long while! So what a better way of being inspired, and powerfully wowed, than by NASA itself, don’t you think?

If you would have 3′ 12” to spare, I would strongly encourage you all to stop whatever you are doing at that precise moment, and focus your full attention on this YouTube video clip that’s been making the rounds for a little while now and which, I am sure, is going to leave you speechless, to say the least. It’s one of those short golden gems, put together by NASA, that clearly demonstrates who we are as human beings and what we are here up to over here in these confines. And if you then connect it with the recent worldwide events that have been taking place it surely makes you wonder what exciting times we are living at this historic moment, just like any other one that needs to be lived and fully experienced all the way. Thus, if you can spare those three minutes, hit play and get inspired!

I told you! It’s one of those videos to save for later; for those tough times one gets to bump into every so often in one’s lifetime to help you refocus back on what we need to place our efforts on. Just this morning, as I was waking up in Orlando readying for #ls11, after a rather exhausting day of intense travelling yesterday, it was just what I needed to get me going on to an unforgettable week about to start and a rather exciting 2011!

Carpe diem!

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      1. Hi Ken! Thanks a lot for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Yeah, it looks like it is a pretty similar video clip, at least, plenty of the wording is, but the imagery is different and I know the one I mentioned above was put together by NASA as I have seen it already last year, but didn’t think of bringing it up till today, when I needed to watch it again.

        I am glad you have also added Michael’s contribution as well! Pretty amazing imagery coming along, too! 🙂

    1. Buf, tell me about it, Sameer! This is one of those videos to watch and enjoy to the fullest! It’s a clear mark of what I was referring to on my Three Wishes on us becoming more human. Humbled and full of inspiration, that’s all I’m saying! 🙂

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