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Social Learning: Learning Never Ends…

Gran Canaria - Santa Lucía de Tirajana in the SpringEarlier on today I gave a presentation to a bunch of fellow colleagues on the topic of microblogging / microsharing, behind the firewall, trying to describe why people should embrace such social tools in order to help increase their efficiency and improve the way they communicate, collaborate and share their knowledge effectively. We talked as well about a good number of other business benefits of using social tools that I have been mentioning over here over the course of time; and one of those benefits is, without any doubt, that one of Learning, specially the concept of Informal (Social) Learning.

I am sure that, if you have been involved yourself with social software tools for a while, you would probably agree as well with the notion that one of the strongest key elements behind engaging in social tools is the actual learning that takes place all around. Whether it is due to serendipitous knowledge discoveries or just plain socialising there is always a good chance that there won’t be a single day where you don’t learn a single thing. Probably quite the opposite!

That’s why when I was providing that education session on microblogging I couldn’t help thinking about a recent YouTube video clip that I bumped into thanks to Jane Hart‘s recent blog post (under the heading “Social Learning : the video“), which she shared not long ago, and which talked, rather nicely, about this very same topic! In the same fashion as the Did You Know? series of video clips, the smart folks from LAB SSJ in Brazil put together this Social Learning clip that lasts for nearly three minutes and which I thought would make for a perfect fit to include it over here in this blog.

Now, I realise that I don’t get to talk many times around the topic of Learning, but it still remains one of my lifetime passions, given my education background where I graduated as an English teacher many moons ago. So it’s nice to, every so often, come back again to such topic and share some more of those golden nuggets, specially when they touch other areas that I am rather passionate about, like social networking and knowledge sharing.

If I were to describe the content of the video clip, I think I would do a pretty good job by just quoting a single sentence that was mentioned on the YouTube link, as part of the description itself, and which, I am sure, when you read it, it would click immediately with you on what you are going to expect from nearly three minutes of inspiring messages, quotes, and whatever other gems that permeate throughout the clip itself. Yes, it is that compelling and, if not, judge for yourselves:

“The message reinforces the social nature of learning, showing that even when mediated by technology, we essentially learn from our interaction with others.

Yes, indeed, at the heart of the whole purpose behind what social networking is all about, don’t you think? What a perfect way to end up one of those weeks where I am leaving behind a bunch of meetings galore and a few fires here and there and where I truly needed to be reminded why we are all in here, after all: Learning never ends …

Now you know as well why I can’t wait to start reading The New Social Learning book by Tony Bingham and my good friend, the always insightful and inspirational, Marcia Conner. Yes, I have just received a copy of it and will start reading it shortly. I bet I’m off to learn plenty more about how social networking and social software tools are helping shape up, for good, how we learn in whatever the environment, switching the focus from the traditional curriculum kind of driven learning activities of formal learning  in to a more people driven (informal) learning environment where conversations are the curriculum.

Yes, indeed, have a good one everyone! 😀


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