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Knowledge Is … All About Working Smarter, Not Necessarily Harder!

I love it when it happens! You know, that “Serendipity Doing Its Magic” thing. It just happened once again! Earlier on today, as I was recovering from the @RWW effect, I was catching up through my Twitter timeline stream and I bumped into two wonderful YouTube video clips that come from two completely different worlds, yet, they are so well interconnected with one another that it is rather amazing how wonderfully well they combine each other’s powerful message: Knowledge is all about working smarter, not necessarily harder!

Those two video clips will take you about three and a half minutes to go through; I know, very short, very straight to the point, but incredibly inspirational. The first one is coming from IBM under the heading “IBM Business Solutions: CIO Collaboration Tools for a Smarter Planet” and it lasts for nearly one minute. Don’t worry, this blog post is not going to be one of those marketing pitches on how wonderful blah blah blah blah. Just follow the drift for a little while longer and watch it over here with the embedded code below:

Right, that wasn’t too bad, was it? Ok, you have watched that one already and you saw and heard a good bunch of interesting data of how unproductive work seems to be nowadays. You could probably say that it is not even knowledge work altogether, right? Well, what if it were. What if it were, but with a different twist to the whole equation? What if we would have that unique opportunity of injecting both smart collaboration and open knowledge sharing into the mix? How could we make it happen, you may be wondering, right?

Well, have a look into the second YouTube video I bumped into earlier on today and which I think would perfectly pave the road towards that smart collaboration that is mentioned on the first video clip as well. This time around this clip is the inaugural video from the 3rd International Conference on Managing Knowledge for Space Missions and you will be able to see it over here. It lasts for a bit over two and a half minutes and it starts with that brilliantly provocative heading of “Knowledge Is…“.

Now, I am not going to go much further into this blog post and spoil all the fun. I would encourage you all to click on PLAY on the embedded code below and in just a couple of words I will summarise quite nicely what you are about to watch further: be inspired!

You will probably have to watch it twice to capture all of the evocative messages, as you watch them pass by and let them stick around inside your brain, but, I tell you, this video is one of the more inspiring ones I have seen in months! And I am surely glad that it made my way today, because it surely confirms, if you have been reading this blog for a while now, how, indeed, Knowledge Is All About Working Smarter, Not Necessarily Harder. Because, after all, “knowledge is … passion and desire to learn!

Passion for Knowledge (!!)


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    1. Hi Jeremy! Thanks a bunch for the heads up and for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the video clip! When I first bumped into it I thought it was just too cool and inspiring not to share it across! Even the theme lingering behind the scenes! Just brilliant!

      Glad you also enjoyed it and thanks for spreading it around! 🙂

  1. Watching the knowledge is video I can’t but help think of the KM and opening Lotusphere videos from around 99-2002.
    Even the work the web video was about collab, sharing, ideas, et al.
    Another reason I love Lotus and work with it every day.

    1. Hi Keith! Appreciated the kind comments and the connection to LS Events back in the day! Yes, indeed, pretty amazing, eh? In fact, I recall having blogged about a couple of other videos from Lotus back in the day that would still resonate rather strong in today’s current knowledge sharing and collaboration environment, which comes to confirm how, after all, we may not be re-inventing anything new with the emergence of social software within the enterprise… Who would have thought about that, eh? 😉

      Thanks for the feedback and glad you enjoyed the video clip as well! Keep spreading it around!

  2. There is no time for cut-and-dried monotony. There’s time for work. And time for love. That leaves not one other time!
    In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.

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