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Top 10 Reasons to Ban Social Media in the Organisation! — Really?

Gran Canaria - Santa Lucía de Tirajana in the SpringOh, dear, it looks like the Hippie 2.0 side of me wanted to stir the pot some more and come about before the usual blog post later on in the week. I guess there are times where you bump into a couple of links here and there that surely make you think about things twice and spark that brighter side of you that just wants to grab your attention for a couple of minutes, before going back to business. Well, it happened again! This time around with the Top 10 Reasons to Ban Social Media in the Organisation. If you haven’t watched that YouTube video yet, don’t wait, stop what you are doing right now!, and get yourself ready to enjoy 3 minutes of pure laughter, good fun, and a wicked sense of humour!

Yes, that’s right! A wicked sense of humour on a Tuesday? My goodness! What happened? That’s just so inappropriate! Can you imagine having fun at work for three minutes on a week day? What would your boss say about that? I bet before you know it, they would come along and ban ALL access to social software tools outside the firewall, because they all think you are goofing off, wasting your time (And that of your colleagues, and the business altogether!) or just simply because they feel they have lost control over you, or their message. I bet they would be thinking you can’t be trusted, because you are not generating enough business revenue for their enjoyment and eventually they would be questioning why you keep bothering…

So, why not? Why can we not have fun @ work? Wouldn’t that make us all much more content with the working environment we are part of? Wouldn’t that help us build more trustworthy personal business relationships with those who we collaborate and share knowledge with the closest? Wouldn’t that eventually help us become more effective at what we do? (Haven’t we realised just yet that we are already spending more than one third of our lifetime purely at work?) I am not sure what you would think, but I bet it would!

If you don’t believe me, here are a couple of links that my Hippie 2.0 side brought to me earlier on today. The first one shared through Jane Hart‘s blog post under the same title, which points to this YouTube video clip:

The title and the first couple of paragraphs from this blog entry say it all quite clearly. There you have got the top 10 reasons why every business should ban social media from their organisations… Ok, ok, do you really think so? 😉 I bet for each of those reasons you could come up with half a dozen that would counteract each and everyone of those arguments.

What? You can’t come up with those many reasons to provide a consistent argument on why every business should be adopting social software tools? Oh, dear, not to worry! I have got some good help for you in here. Go to this particular link (Sorry, not going to say much more about it, you would have to click on it!), get yourself with a cup, or two, of coffee or tea, get your mouse and fingers ready and start clicking away! I can guarantee you within the first few click, click, click, you will come up with a whole bunch of rather solid and varied arguments that will help you address plenty of those concerns with banning social media. Yes, I tell you! I can guarantee you that! But you would have to go into the Web site and click away, ok? Here it is again

Ok, let’s wrap up this blog entry… Did you have enough good, rock solid, arguments already to convince your organisation it makes sense to dive into the world of social networking for business? Still not? Goodness! It looks like a tough one, right? Well, fear not! Let me get my Hippie 2.0 side out and about once more and share with you one last link, which is another YouTube video, that lasts for a bit over 2 minutes, and which I am sure will do the trick for you, no matter what! If not, judge for yourself and watch through it:

It’s from Gary Vaynerchuk, from a couple of years ago, and under the suggestive title of "New Media is the tipping point where Good finally beats Bad". It’s amazing to see how spot on Gary was over two years ago, don’t you think? Tremendously accurate, in my opinion, and surely right on the money! He, too, would make for a perfect Hippie 2.0, I bet! And you? What about you? Want to join us? You know, the waters are lovely, the conversations are just getting started and we are happy to wait for you… Whenever you are ready … Whatever the time it takes you …

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  1. Here Here!

    Remember that the average time you can work concentrated and effectively is somewhere between 60 and 90 minutes, what should you do to relax and get ready for another burst of work? maybe social media is a great way to recharge and add value for your work!

    great post!

  2. I really enjoyed it Luis! This guy’s video might go viral, plenty of people out there willing to believe it and overlooking the tongue-in-cheeck start

    It inspired me today to compare Social to the Trojan Horse in a comment back to Spiro – and now I’m writing a blog post on Achilles and Troj 😉

    Loving the contageousness of it all!

  3. Great post, but I think far too many people will/do really believe that top 10 list of why to block social media and won’t see ANY irony in that. I’ve certainly heard people really say and believe these things.

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