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Gran Canaria - Roque Nublo & Surroundings in the SpringAfter the wonderful and mind-blowing commentary that folks have been leaving behind yesterday’s blog post on "Forget Social Strategy, Think Social Philosophy: Hippie 2.0" – still savouring plenty of the absolutely delightful additions, retweets, follow up blog posts and whatever other link love (Thanks ever so much to everyone who have helped spread the message around! Greatly appreciated! I will be responding to all of the comments shortly, and getting some freak flags, too! Hang in there!) – I thought that for today we would go for some well deserved Friday fun, don’t you think? You know, it’s the end of a long week at work, the weekend is just about to kick off and the summer weather is just gorgeous! So why not? Let’s do it! Let’s get TweetFired!

Over the last few days, over at IBM, a bunch of us, regular employees, have been updating our Social Computing Guidelines with some new details after the latest developments on new trends in the Social Computing world from the last time we did go through that revision. If you have been reading this blog for a little while already, you would remember how last time we updated them was around May 2008. Thus revising them again every couple of years seems like a good enough time to see how things have developed over time.

We are now done with that review exercise with plenty of great input put together through a blog post, as well as a wiki page, and we are readying, at this very moment, to publish them some time next week. Once they are out, I will surely be putting together a short blog post to point folks to them to see the latest updates. So, I know you may be wondering … what has this got to do with having some Friday fun after all? Aren’t we supposed to be talking about TweetFired!

Yes, we are! It’s that I thought it was just too funny to think about the last few days where we have been working on those revisions of the guidelines and then I bumped into a rather hilarious YouTube video clip a couple of days back, under the title TweetFired, and I just couldn’t help thinking making a connection between both of them!

It’s a nearly a 4 minute long brilliantly witty and pretty hilarious animation that sets the stage, quite nicely, on where we are going with all of this social networking for business. And even though it’s rather humourous, there are plenty of golden nuggets, references and little hidden details that surely make for a fun and entertaining watch! Just perfect for that Friday fun and a good start of the weekend altogether!

Thus without much further ado, here it is the embedded video, so you can start playing it right away…

Have a good one everyone! 😀

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  1. A hilarious exaggeration of a line that is definitely shifting. You are what you say/do.

    Recordings can be witnessed and interpreted out of context. Proceed with appropriate caution.



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