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Exploiting the Power of the Word to Communicate Better by David Tebbutt

David TebbuttA little while ago my good friend David Tebbutt put together a blog post under the heading Unearth, Write, Polish, Share, where he was mentioning how he was pretty much ready for a new adventure to kick in where he would be "helping others to be better communicators". And he mentioned how good it felt altogether. I can’t blame him, more than anything else, because he has been doing that for a few years now. And still going strong. However, all along he probably has been doing that in his (very little, I am sure) spare time, but with that blog post the great news is that he does it now full time. Welcome to Tebbo Towers, as he jokingly stated back then!

We do need more David Tebbutts in this world, for sure, although I bet he would differ with that statement. I have known David for a good number of years now and if there would be a motto out there that would describe him quite nicely it would be something along the lines of "exploiting the power of the word".  Time and time again we have engaged in conversations where there is always something new that I learn. There hasn’t been a single chance where that hasn’t been the case. Quite the opposite! Even back then, at the beginning of this year, when I was going through one of those phases of redefining the purpose of this blog. Remember? Back then, like I was saying, he offered to help out and provide me with some very helpful tips that I do hope folks out there reading this blog now would notice from what things used to be a couple of years back, for instance!

And he did that because he genuinely wanted to help out a good friend in need for some advice on how to spice up his own writing and communication skills to make them much more enjoyable. And although I cannot say whether he succeeded or not, I guess you would all be better judges on that than myself, I can certainly vouch that still today I pay plenty of attention to all of the things I learned from him during those conversations.

That’s why I’m extremely happy and excited to see how he has decided to move further on with his career on this front and has just recently launched a new gig, on his own, where he is on a new, exciting, and intriguing mission trying to provide an answer to this tough question: "Are your customers and prospects getting to know you properly?" And he does it already providing a hint or two of what he is up to with this answer: "They’re going to use search and the Internet whether you like it or not".

I can imagine how plenty of you folks out there, reading these few words, would be agreeing with me that it surely is an exciting journey that David has already started. And, as such, he has modified his Web site to reflect the new set of services he will be working on from now onwards. Now, I am not going to reveal much of what those would be like, but certainly under headings like Unearth, Polish and Share, amongst several others, I would strongly encourage you all to have a look and find out plenty more for yourselves! It will be worth your time, I am certain.

Thus, like I was saying earlier on, if you are one of those businesses that are still contemplating and evaluating what your Internet presence should be like and wouldn’t know where to start, I could certainly recommend you get in touch with David; there are probably very very few other people out there in the IT industry with such an extensive and knowledgeable experience that could help you get all set up and ready to go in a very short time! Even more, if you already have that online presence, whether it is a traditional one or one where you are trying to immerse yourself within the social computing world (Blogs, wikis, microblogging, or any kind of 2.0 editorial / Web activity…), David would be one of those folks who would train, coach, and provide you with plenty of advise  on how to keep things going and make them much more engaging for you and for your costumers, which is what really matters at the end of the day, don’t you think? Because after all "they’re going to use search and the Internet whether you like it or not"

Best of luck, David, on your new adventure! I am sure you will continue to shine; perhaps in a different way, but certainly continuing to make a difference in the communications & editorial world! Really appreciate your coaching, training and facilitation over the course of the years and your innate talent to always find the fine words to deliver the right messages! A leading example we should all aspire to! Don’t change, please! 🙂

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    1. Hi David! Oh, you are most welcome, my friend! Thanks for dropping by and for spotting that spelling mistake! You see? Once again, you came to the rescue! Appreciated, my friend! Enjoy it and keep having fun! 🙂

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