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Social Media Revolution 2010 – Back to Blogging!

Gran Canaria - Municipio de MogánLike I mentioned on my last blog post over here, I was hoping that after the Enterprise 2.0 conference event in Boston I would have an opportunity to share a bunch of blog entries sharing some of the major highlights from the event itself, as well as some of the key learnings I went through over that week. And all of that while I was taking a few days off, while in Barcelona, Spain, as I was preparing for another event that I’m sure I’ll have an opportunity to blog about shortly. Obviously, as you may have noticed … that didn’t happen! So here I am again recovering from another blogging hiatus. Hopefully, the last one for a long while!

That’s right, it’s been a bit over two weeks that I haven’t blogged over here and guess it’s now a good time to come back, as I am back home, settled in, caught up with the usual swing of things at work and, finally, have got a chance to continue writing again. There may well have been a couple of reasons why I didn’t have a chance to blog during that time, specially after #e2conf. But I must confess that just one of them really hit me. Rather negatively! And big time!

That’s going to be the subject of the next blog post though that I will be sharing over here. However, for now, I thought I would go ahead and share with you folks one of those interesting links I bumped into while I was away that will sort of re-introduce, very lightly, the upcoming sets of articles I would want to share with you folks to help bring things back on track.

As I have mentioned a couple of times already, I’m a big fan of the Did You Know? series of video clips that clearly detail what’s been the impact of Web 2.0 technologies not only within our working environment, but also in our societies in general. And from there onwards the various different versions that have come out, or spin off, from there onwards. Well, there is a new one out there. An updated one from 2010 already!

Check out Social Media Revolution 2010. It’s a YouTube video that’s been making the rounds over the last few days and already grabbing some nice momentum. It lasts for nearly 3 minutes and although some of the statistics are a bit out of date, most of it is still rather relevant and although it would have very little use for us Enterprise 2.0 folks, it’s still an interesting perspective worth while watching for what’s to come with regards to Enterprise 2.0 itself: i.e. that so-called merge between E2.0 and Social Media to provide a unique overall 2.0 experience. But more on that later on, when I put together some of those highlights from #e2conf, because that was one of my takes from the conference this year …

For now though I’m going to keep things short over here, sharing with you folks that video, so you can start playing it below right away and get ready for the next ones coming up, because something tells me this Social Media Revolution 2010 somehow is not going to be the last of this series of video clips coming along, don’t you think?

Here we go for the one for today to resume my regular blogging activities…

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    1. Hi Veronica, thanks for the feedback comments and for dropping by! Glad you enjoyed the video clip! Have been looking into your blog as well and you surely have been sharing lots of great insights! Very nice! Subscribed to it! 🙂

      Needless to say as well that whenever I bump into videos like that one they will have a space on this blog; too much fun to miss out on them, don’t you think? hehe

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