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Trip to Boston to Attend and Present at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference

Gran Canaria - Municipio de MogánIt looks like, in this blog, I am going through one of those phases that pretty much resembles the Guadiana river. I show up. I don’t. I show up. I don’t. Goodness! I need to stop that before I go insane myself! I am now, finally, back again into my regular blogging activities!

I guess the main reason for that to happen has got to be how incredibly hectic things are at work nowadays. If my last blog post I was sharing with you folks how busy things were in general; well, last week was no different. First due to a rather interesting and very fruitful business trip to Madrid for a customer workshop on social software adoption as well as host my first face to face reverse mentoring meeting with an executive at work. Have been having a few virtual ones, but this was the first one where we could talk in front of each other’s faces. Nothing beats the face to face contact, for sure!

And then, towards the end of the week, due to an IBM internal micro-jam, on the topic of Web Digital Plan Jam that basically kept me buzzing around for three days non stop! But I guess that would be the subject for another blog entry, where I could share some further thoughts on those subjects. For now though, getting back into the swing of things again with the blog and really excited about next week. Why? Because, once again, it’s Enterprise 2.0 conference time in Boston, folks! Yay!

As you may have seen already all over the place, next week several hundred Enterprise 2.0 enthusiasts will be heading to Boston to attend what’s probably *the* most relevant conference event of the year around the subject of Social Computing within the Enterprise, and that keeps growing bigger and bigger by the year. And this time around it is no exception.

I’m pretty excited about it all, since I’ll be heading to Boston in the next few hours; in fact, by the time that I may get connected to the Internet again I will probably be in that wonderful city already, trying to catch up with the multiple interactions and networking activities going on in preparation for the event that starts next week Monday.

Like I said mentioned already, a whole bunch of the industry thought leaders in this Social Computing space will be there sharing their insights, participating in various events, delivering their keynote speaker sessions, panels, breakout sessions, workshops, demos, etc. etc. And I just can’t wait to meet up with the good bunch of them I have been following over the course of the years and which, just in itself, will make the entire trip worth the time and effort. So many good friends to catch up with! So many new good friends to meet up in the carbon for the first time! WOW! I am not sure where I am going to get the time to meet them all and catch up with them, but one thing for sure is that I have already come to terms with the fact that I won’t be getting much sleep next week. Oh well, for a good cause, I am certain!

I was planning on sharing some further insights where I would comment on the overall agenda of the Enterprise 2.0 conference event and everything, but I see how this blog post is already starting to become far too long. So I think I’m just going to do that in another blog post where I will be sharing with you folks what my agenda is going to look like, i.e. what sessions I will be attending, what others I may not be able to attend, but which I will be interested in following up further on, and, finally, make some suggestions on other sessions that folks who read this blog may be interested in. Should be quite an interesting activity coming up shortly…

For now, though, just to let folks know that regular blogging activities will resume from here onwards. In fact, I have got a bunch of blog posts that I would want to share before the conference starts next week Monday and it would be interesting to see how many I can sneak in, just seeing how plenty of the folks I want to meet while in there, are gathering together to get good reality checks; starting with the World Championship of Football (Or Soccer, whatever term you would prefer to use!), currently taking place in South Africa (GO Spain!!! hehe) and, of course, my dear Lakers (GO Lakers!!) who have been fighting to retain the title in The NBA Finals for a few matches already (And still some more to go!) and who are playing, you guessed it right!, against the team whose hometown I’m going to be spending the entire week over at!!

Now, don’t you think that’s an interesting experience on its own? On all grounds! Thank goodness there would be plenty of good friends who are coming along who are also rooting for LAL, so, at least, I will be in good company 😉 avoiding getting myself in some kind of trouble hehe Naaahhh, not to worry, too much excitement building along on what’s about to start in a couple of days with the Enterprise 2.0 conference, thus I’m sure the distractions will be rather frequent!

But, for now, I am going to leave things over here as is, as I prepare my way into putting together a couple of other blog posts on some interesting stuff I have bumped into over the last few weeks, as well as what lies ahead on this incredibly exciting week about to start!

Are you ready? I surely am!

(Oh, did I mention how my entire team, the BlueIQ Team, will be there as well? In fact a bunch of us will be speaking at the conference on various topics, but feel free to reach out to us if you would want to catch up with us all and learn plenty more about social networking within the Enterprise, social software adoption and what IBM has been doing in this space for a few years now. Happy to exchange any experiences, know-how, key learnings, lessons learned, etc. etc. over a drink or two, of course!)

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