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Reflections on Blogging and Real Life Distractions

Gran Canaria - El RincónA good number of people have been asking me offline over the last 3 and a half weeks whether I have finally abandoned this blog for good and moved into something else, since I have gone rather quiet as of late and no new blog posts have been making it thus far for a little while now. Well, my answer: no further than the truth. There is no way I’m going to give up on blogging any time soon! Thus, from here onwards, my usual regular blogging will continue for many moons to come … What happened then?

Well, in the last few weeks things have been incredibly hectic at work for me working on multiple initiatives trying to help accelerate the adoption rate of social software inside IBM (I’m hoping to be able to share some of those insights pretty soon, too!), at the same time that I have been doing a fair bit of travelling (3 trips in a week!) presenting at various events, including the cancellation of another business trip to Madrid to conduct a workshop on Social Software Adoption, which I will be going for next Sunday for a couple of days…

That business travelling involved putting together a good bunch of presentation materials, which, in between meetings galore for most times, as well as presenting at those events, have taken most of the time, specially the time I’d normally dedicate to blogging. Of course, I will shortly be sharing with you folks what all of that travelling was about, since there is a lot to share on each and everyone of them, but, as a teaser, they all had to do with Día del Emprendedor (Day of the Entrepreneur), a face to face event that took place over the course of one week in all of the Canary Islands and which, overall, was a rather unique experience that left a mark on me I never expected to have… And very soon you will know why.

With all of that frenzy happening at work, you can imagine how there was very little energy left to, on top of that, continue blogging away, right? So I needed to take a break, unwind from everything, recharge my batteries again, get back into the full swing of things… and I did that on the weekends, which I guess that’s what they are meant for, right?, specially when you live where I live 😉

So for the last three weekends I have been out of the house enjoying some stunning spring weather over here in Gran Canaria, taking with me my camera trying to grab some breath-taking snapshots of very special moments: those that help you understand and treasure how powerful it can well be being disconnected from everything and focus on the little things that matter…

And, boy, was it worth it? Every minute of it! I have been sharing a good number of those snapshots on my Flickr account already, but I thought I would share a few of those pictures over here so you could have a look into the kind of wonders and diversity I have been exposed to in the last couple of weeks, and why, time and time again, enjoying real life seems to have won over my usual regular blogging over here. With the good fine effect that I’m now back in full force wanting to share a whole bunch of really cool stuff I have bumped into during the last few days and which will keep me buzzing away for a long while still.

Thus, like I said at the beginning … no, I haven’t given up on blogging; not even a remote chance of that happening any time soon! Quite the opposite! Why would I want to mute myself? Why would I want to quiet down my voice, when there is just so much to share and learn from? Why would I want to kill the very same reason why I got involved with social computing in the first place a few years back? Just doesn’t sound right, does it? Yes, there may have been a few days where I have gone dormant but for a good reason. A chance for me to step back, relax, unwind, refocus and get ready for some more! And try to continue providing some good quality blogging that other folks out there may be able to enjoy reading, just as much as I do putting those articles together in the first place … And certainly visiting some of the places like the ones you are going to see on the pictures shared below helps… And a lot!

Gran Canaria - Maspalomas Dunes in the Sping ...

Gran Canaria - Charca de Maspalomas

Gran Canaria - Puerto de las Nieves

Gran Canaria - Municipio de Mogán

Yes, I agree, it’s good to be back! 🙂

Oh, of course, another year has gone by and, as you can imagine, I couldn’t miss it and let it go by just like that … Yummy!! What do you think? Fancy joining me again next year for one of these? Around mid-May? Get in touch!

Gran Canaria - El Tablero de Maspalomas en Fiestas - La Paellada

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  1. Luis, I agree that my blog is an outlet for my voice, and I don’t ever want to silence mine either. Hope I stay motivated to blog, too, after doing it fairly actively for ~3 years. This year, I’ve reduced the number as I’ve increased the number of tweets, and as I’ve been busy with full-time work and my part-time Master’s, but there’s nothing more soothing in the social media realm, really, than spending a luxurious amount of time with my blog.

    1. Hi Sarah! Many thanks for the feedback comments and for dropping by! I absolutely agree with you that having a blog where you could air some of your thoughts and share them across with other folks is as good as it gets, with regards to social computing interactions; it helps keep up learning something new every day and reflect on things from different angles and although some times we may run out of the writing muse, there is always a chance to come back!

      I have been blogging for nearly 7 years now and I must confess that my writing muse seems to stick around all along, because, if anything, I got tons of draft blog posts that I would want to share, but for which I just don’t have the physical time to do it! That’s why I keep a local file with all of those blog posts hoping that over time some of them may see the light, but certainly there is no lack of inspiration. Quite the contrary! So you can imagine how there are a few posts already piled up for me to share over here… hehe

      Thanks again for highlight the importance of having such voice out there on the Web and hope to speak with you soon! 😀

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