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Trip to London to Participate in SOMESSO / Headshift’s Social Business Summit

After I came back last Friday from a couple of recent business trips to both Madrid and Barcelona to speak at the Lotusphere Comes To You events, and while still recovering, slowly, from a nasty cold I caught on the plane back home, I’m starting to get ready for my next business trip; taking place next week Wednesday and heading to London for Thursday’s SOMESSO / Headshift Social Business Summit. And, as you can imagine, I just can’t wait for it to start! Here is why …

But, hang on, before I dive further into what I will be doing at the Social Business Summit, just wanted to let folks know that I’m already on the process of putting together a couple of blog posts summarising my experiences from last week’s business trips, with keywords like lack of connectivity (Nothing new!), physical social networking for the win!, Social Enterprise, Collaboration, cloud computing, and a vision. Hopefully, I may be able to sneak them in over the course of the next couple of days and if not I will do so when I get back from London the week after this other event. So stay tuned! (For now, if you just can’t wait to hear about what they were like, check out the live tweeting I did under @elsua_b for a taster).

Right! So why am I heading next week to London, you may be wondering, right? Well, a few weeks back Lee Bryant, CEO and co-founder of Headshift, part of Dachis Group, invited me to participate on the upcoming SOMESSO / Headshift Social Business Summit that will be taking place next week, on March 18th, where I will be moderating one of the panels: the one on Internal Use of Social Software, where I will try to share some further insights on what IBM has been doing for nearly three years now with one of its most successful social software adoption programs: BlueIQ.

It surely promises to be a rather interesting one, since I’ll be moderating a discussion where I will be sharing some of the various good practices we have been putting in place to help IBM accelerate its own adoption of these social tools; I am sure the interactions and conversations from those folks attending such session will also be rather insightful, as I’m certainly hoping they will be adding their two cents of how their own organisations are tackling the important topic of adoption of social computing (Both inside and outside their firewall(s)). If there would be a single word I could use at this point in time without revealing too many details just yet it would probably be "Interactivity!". So that would give you an idea of where we would be heading… Oh, but let me add another one as well though: "Provocative!" 😉

Good starting points, don’t you think? Well, that’s just the beginning! It will be a whole lot better than that! I tell you. If you haven’t seen it just yet, I would suggest you take a look into the agenda of the event and this other particular blog post that Lee himself put together and which would help set the context of what will be happening at the summit. From the agenda you will be able to see how both Jeff Dachis  and JP Rangaswami will be the keynote speakers, to kick things off to a superb start already, to then finish off with the invaluable contributions of the many delegates attending the three themed workshops (Internal Use Cases, External Use Cases & Market / Ecosystem Use Cases) helping establish and identify the necessary changes and actions, as well as challenges, to progress further into that "Social Enterprise" concept that a bunch of us have been talking about for a little while already…

Then at the end of the day, each of those three themed workshops will be reporting back providing a comprehensive picture of the current state of things and where we will be heading with social computing inside & outside the enterprise to define the next generation of interactions and models of engagement amongst knowledge workers, customers and business partners. As you can see, I just can’t wait for it to start! So much to share, so much to learn from, so many conversations and discussions to dive into; in short, now you know where my excitement originates from and why I am really looking forward to participating in this Social Business Summit.

More information details about the Summit can be found over here, as well as the agenda itself, which contains the details on how people can sign up for the event, if you are interested in attending (Got anything better to do on March 18th? 😉 hehe).

As usual, depending on how things go on the connectivity front, I may be able to live tweet some of the various sessions I will be attending and then share with you folks follow up blog posts with highlights from the event. I currently plan to be there on Wednesday, while I prepare the workshop itself, and staying till Saturday morning, when I get back home, so if you fancy getting together for a drink or two, or lunch / dinner, etc. etc. give me a shout and get in touch!

Can’t wait to see folks over there! … Just three more days … 🙂

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    1. Hi Rick! Oh, wonderful! That would be great! Glad to hear you will also be at the Summit next week on March 18th! Great stuff! Really looking forward to meeting up and catch up with things! Very good news!

      See you then! 🙂

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