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State of the Internet 2010 – What Is Social Media?

Gran Canaria - A Winter Day in GuayadequeI love it when after having had a rather difficult week at work for multiple various reasons last week, where a total amount of 30 hours of meetings and conference calls made it even worse, you finally catch up with your breath, raise your social periscope up again (After a few days’ absence), and you bump into a couple of rather interesting video clips that surely keep you entertained for a short few minutes to remind you what being a Social Software Evangelist is all about: making a difference in this world! Or, at least, trying to! 😀

So today I thought I would share the links to both of those video links, so you could have a look at them yourself, sit back, get yourself a cup of coffee, or tea, and enjoy them. If you are into Internet and Social Media statistics and interesting facts, both of them would be your thing, to say the least.

The first one comes from Phil Bradley‘s blog, which I bumped into from a recent tweet from my good friend David Gurteen, and that reads "State of the Internet 2010". The clip lasts for a little bit less than 4 minutes and it shows plenty of really interesting statistics and facts about our own use of both email and social networking tools up to 2010. If you folks have been following with interest my initiative of living "A World Without Email", you will enjoy it… I am sure (hehe):

JESS3 / The State of The Internet from Jesse Thomas on Vimeo.

The second video clip is a YouTube one from VisibleTechnologies that tries to follow up along the lines of that series of clips explaining "What Is Social Media?" and which surely presents some interesting facts as well on our use of such social tools; some of which would probably need updating a bit, since the video is over a month old and things surely have improved since that time. But still worth while going through it. It lasts for a little bit over 5 minutes and you would be able to watch it directly from here or the embedded one below:

Hope you enjoyed the videos, just as much as I did! And fear not, I am now back into my usual regular blogging after the last couple of days of being absent from this blog. Yes, of course! It’s good to be back! Which would also give me an opportunity to catch up with some of the comments that people have been sharing across in previous blog posts. Hang in there! I will get through them during the course of the week! Many thanks for sharing them across and for adding further up into the conversation! Greatly appreciated, as usual! 🙂

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