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What the … Is Social Media Anyway?

Gran Canaria - A Winter Day in GuayadequeI love it when all of a sudden, and through one of my various social networks, someone comes along and shares one of those links to rich media that you know you are going to enjoy, not just from digesting its content, but also from the perspective of acknowledging you will be reusing it at some point in time in upcoming presentations you may do on the topics you feel rather passionate about, specially in the area of social software adoption. "What the HELL is social media" is one of those videos …

If yesterday I blogged about how important both people and passion are for a successful adoption of social networking for business, both inside and outside of the firewall, today I thought I would share with you folks a link to a YouTube video that, if anything, permeates some of that very same passion from all over the place! indeed, go and watch "What the HELL is social media". If you are into social computing, you will enjoy it; if you are not, it may convince you this time around…

It’s a little bit over 2 minute YouTube video that explains, quite visually, 10 main different reasons why knowledge workers should be paying attention, and care!, about social media, social software, or whatever other related term. Yes, I realise there are differences between all of them, but the main key concepts would still remain the same.

And those key concepts are the ones mentioned throughout the video clip itself. Created by Kama Glover and Tim Fogg (And compiled and edited by Peter Kerwood) it will be one of those videos that I am sure you will be using rather extensively from here onwards in those upcoming workshops, where you could sneak in a couple of minutes of visuals right before you start your events and get people on the right track from the very first moments. And jazzed up quite a bit in the process, too! I know I will, even if I don’t agree with statements like this one: "[On Facebook] It has won the social networking war". Well, maybe it’s still a little bit too early to say, don’t you think? 😉

Here is the embedded video so you can hit PLAY and starting going through it. Then let me know through the comments if it would, indeed, be one of those videos you would reuse for an upcoming presentation on 2.0 that you may be working on already … or not. I would be curious to know what you thought about it and whether it’d help get some of those 2.0 messages across…

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  1. Luis
    Glad to have found that video – a very accessible introduction to where we’re at with social media. The Facebook statement is interesting – not sure I agree either – but I was pretty impressed when I saw for example that Farmville (a very popular Facebook application/social game) is getting 80,000,000+ (yes 80million!) active users now, with Facebook at 400 million users reportely. Staggering. See http://mashable.com/2010/02/20/farmville-80-million-users/

    The other video from Socialnomics about 6 months ago now, is impressive too. You’ve probably seen it:

  2. Great video, thanks for sharing. I still have clients who don’t understand why they need to invest in social media, so every additional bit of persuasive content really helps!

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