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The Smart Work Company — What We Do And Why

There are times when you bump into YouTube videos that surely give you shivers of excitement from some of the superb ideas that permeate throughout the video clip altogether. There are times when you bump into one of those short videos you just can’t stop playing them back and forth, trying to absorb every single nugget that comes out of them! There are times when you watch one of those and, after going through it, you never expect you would be so energised about the stuff that really matters to you, even if it comes from the most unexpected places. Well, What We Do And Why is one of those video clips.

It features a quick introduction by Anne Marie McEwan (Who I started following in Twitter a little while ago and from whom I have learned quite a bit so far), and in it she spends a little bit less than 5 minutes describing what her company, The Smart Work Company (Gotta love that name, too!), is all about and what their main mission is: help people, and their businesses!, become smarter at what they already doing through better ways of learning and managing.

If you care about Web work, about the next generation of knowledge workers, about the impact that social technologies are having in the current business world, about how meaningful the concept of networks is in helping shape the next wave of our leaders, this would be one video you would want to watch! Yes, indeed, it’s that­ inspiring and surely a treat to watch!

And you know the best part of it all for me? The narrative! It’s so beautifully told and with such a nice pace that it surely makes you stick around till the very end and when you are done you keep wondering where you could get more! Well, I guess that would be The Smart Work Company. I am sure that Anne Marie and her team would be incredibly successful with such important mission and if you ever wonder how it is all about working smarter, but not necessarily harder this video clip and its various messages clearly show, and lead!, the way!

Hope you enjoy it, just as much as I did …

Very very nice piece of work, don’t you think? 🙂

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