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Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish: Teach Every Child about Food

Oh, and talking about inspirational videos one gets exposed to every now and then. Here I am back again with another one; slightly longer (Nearly 22 minutes), but one of those that will not leave you indifferent. Forever! Of course, it had to be one of TED‘s videos; one that will surely make you think about it twice next time you go and grab a bite! I am sure plenty of you folks out there have seen it already and have been WOWed just as much as the rest of us, to put it mildly!

However, if you haven’t, I am going to keep this blog post rather short, so you can go and have a look into "Jamie Oliver’s TED Prize Wish: Teach Every Child about Food" and enjoy 20 minutes, approx., of pure genius, joy and inspiration! Whether you are well built or slim, whether young or old, whether you care or whether you don’t, this is one of those incredibly thought-provoking videos that will surely make you change and / or adapt some of the food habits you may have gotten used to over the course of the years and those from those around you.

And all of that coming from someone like me,  who keeps struggling to find the right balance, specially when travelling abroad and being away from home for a few days, but who, after watching the video clip, clearly sees the light at the end of the tunnel and is already on a mission to take on board some of the helpful tips shared throughout the video clip by Jamie. And, believe me, it’s worth it. Very much so!

Thus without much further ado, here is a little bit of homework for you for over the weekend, in case you may not be able to watch it in the next few minutes. Go and click on PLAY, sit back, relax, and enjoy one of those TED presentations that will help change your life forever. For good! For better!

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