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Getting Real about Enterprise 2.0 by Oscar Berg and Henrik Gustafsson

Gran Canaria - Roque Nublo's SurroundingsMy goodness! Where has the time gone to his week? Geez, I can not believe that it’s already Friday afternoon and here I am again, after a short absence, hoping to go back into my regular blogging activities. What an amazing week! As you remember, in my last blog, post I mentioned how this week I was going to go to on a business trip to Seville, where I was going to meet up with a customer to talk to them about social software and the impact that it’s having within the corporate world.

Well, I’m now back and, after a couple of days of catch up, in between meetings and various other conference calls, here I am again putting together this blog post. The customer meeting went really well, perhaps one of the best sessions I have held so far in my mother tongue, Spanish. I think I will need to start recording some of these so I can then share some further insights in upcoming blog posts, but somehow it is always a tricky situation, isn’t it? So many things to think about, including whether customers would be OK, or not, with these recordings.

Hummm, I need to find a way to address that. For instance, the conversations with this customer were incredibly powerful, and engaging, talking about the impact of Enterprise 2.0 in various key areas, such as privacy, security, time management, executive buy-in, etc etc. I need to find a way, indeed, to share some of these insights in future blog entries…

Anyway, Friday afternoon already and what a better way of resuming my blogging activities than to point you folks to one of the best presentations on Social Computing within the Enterprise that I have seen in a long while! Yes, indeed, I will be sharing with you a link to a slide deck that surely captures, quite nicely, plenty of the spirit of what is happening within the enterprise 2.0 scene all along.

It is one of those presentations that when I first went through it I couldn’t help nodding, slide after slide, about how many key valuable points it brings forward. Now, I realise how for a good number of people it may be seeing as some kind of fluffy feel-good kind of presentation, but, I tell you, if you have been involved with social computing for a while this goes beyond the fluffiness, and it’s just too good to miss out!

No, I’m not denying that fact that it may well be perceived as too benevolent in describing the many changes that enterprise 2.0 is helping provoke within the corporate world; the interesting thing though, at least the one I’ve found that most striking, is the one that details quite nicely a good number of the problems that businesses face today, and all of that, without providing a single statistical metric to prove it. It doesn’t need it! You will need to watch it to see what I mean…

The presentation was put together by both Oscar Berg and Henrik Gustafsson, from Acando, and it is titled "Getting Real about Enterprise 2.0". It has already been shared in Slideshare (Oscar blogged about it over here as well) and you can view it directly from this link. It has got 50 pages loaded with plenty of golden nuggets and precious little gems…

Like slides #5 (People as the platform); #7 (With a powerful quote from Jakob Nielsen on what social software is all about); #9 (One of my favourite slides which depicts, quite nicely, our own human basic needs…); #21 (On social capital, which we still haven’t dived in good and well enough, in my opinion as one of the various key success factors with the adoption of social software); #22 (Something I have been saying for years with regards to "hidden talent"); #30 & #31 (On knowledge and what makes us share it across with other knowledge workers); #33 (Ahhh, no comment on that one… you will see what I mean, when you see it hehe … but spot on!); #45 & #46 (With some practical lessons for both business and IT); and so forth.

I tell you, far too many insightful and thought provoking ideas worthwhile sharing across. "Getting real about enterprise 2.0" is one of those presentations that surely highlights what are some of the various different challenges facing the enterprise, right as we speak, as well as providing plenty of hints on various paths of addressing each and every one of those different challenges.

Yes, I realise, like I said above already, you may consider it’s all fluffy stuff. Maybe. I, however, would prefer to flag it as "getting down to business and provoke the change", if we would want to go through that transformation we all know needs to happen within the corporate world to survive in the 21st-century knowledge economy. And this presentation sets, quite nicely, a number of the directions we can all follow… but only if we would want to. It’s like I have been mentioning all along, is our choice to make a change. It’s our choice to make a difference. It’s just a matter of whether we would want to make it happen or continue with things as is…

(I refuse to think that’s where we would want to be in the next few years… How about you? Are you ready to leave behind your own comfort zone?)

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